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[New Fanfiction] Hands of Fate #4! -Marvel Fanfiction-

Hands of Fate: Issue 4
By: Luca Baldassarra

S.H.E.I.L.D. Gym Facility

Young Loki sits in the S.H.I.E.L.D gym facility with Captain America. Captain America stares at him intently, listening closely to what he has to say about Mephisto’s plan and the strange occurrences going on in New Asgardia.

[Young Loki slowly recounts everything that has happened to Cap. Cap listens closely, warily.]
Young Loki: The history of the nine realms is being unwritten Steven Rogers. We face powerful magic, so powerful in fact that the songs of the Thunderer, my brother Thor, have been forgotten. Whatever foul forces are at work mean to move in quickly and silently. I cannot stand by and let this happen. I need your help!

[Cap rises from the bench, his face serious]
Captain America: It sounds as if this Mephisto character is behind all of this, but his allies are not exactly pushovers. Doom and a Ghost Rider? Besides that, how do you know about all this? I guess what I’m trying to say Loki….is why should I trust you?

[Young Loki’s face is flushed with anger]
Young Loki: You think my intentions are false Steven Rogers? You think me in league with Mephisto?

[Cap stands over Young Loki, tense]
Captain America: You don’t exactly have a perfect track record there son. Or at least, your older self didn’t. I’m not new to magical threats, but there isn’t much I can do to help you. I’m just a soldier. You’d be better off finding Dr. Strange or maybe even Iron Fist.

[Young Loki stares back at Cap, calming himself]
Young Loki: Look beyond yourself Steven Rogers. Whatever powerful magic that has taken hold of Asgardia and Midgard has left you unaffected as myself. I suspect your brief time wielding Mjolnir may be the source of this resistance.

[Cap is intrigued]
Captain America: Explain.

[Young Loki leans back and sighs, visibly frustrated. A hint of sadness appears on his face]
Young Loki: Would that I could Steven Rogers. All I know is that you and I may be the only beings within all the nine realms that….that still remember. That still remember the heroic sacrifice my brother made for us all. That still remember the hero he was.

[Cap stands for a moment, then reaches into his duffle bag]
Captain America: Loki, I want to show you something. Something Thor left behind.

[Cap places a small metal shard in Young Loki’s palm. Loki stares at it, confused.]

Young Loki: What is it?

[A smile appears on Cap’s face. He stands with his hands on his waist, pleased]
Captain America: It’s a fragment of Mjolnir. I was the only one of the Avengers who was able to carry it. If what you’re saying is true, then this proves it. If Mjolnir thinks you’re worthy, then so do I.

[Staring at his palm in utter astonishment]
Young Loki: I’m…I’m worthy of Mjolnir?

[Cap picks up his shield]
Captain America: Don’t just sit there son, what’s our next move?

Diner on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Night

Meanwhile in a remote diner on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Alejandra the Ghost Rider sits alone eating a meal.  It is evening and there is no guests in the diner except the staff and Alejandra. A cloaked figure enters. Sitting at the front counter on the opposite side of the diner.

[Alejandra is deep in thought, barely touching her food.]

Alejandra (thought): I don’t understand. I felt him. I felt his energy. Then suddenly he just vanished. Where did he go? Where is Johnny Blaze?

[The lights flicker for a moment, and Alejandra’s thoughts are interrupted briefly. She pauses then dismisses the occurrence. She reaches for her cup and realizes it is empty.]

Alejandra: Excuse me. Waitress. May I have another coffee please.

[Silence. Slightly annoyed Alejandra straightens in her seat.]

Alejandra: Excuse me waitress? Could I please get some coffee?

[Looking up, Alejandra spots the clock hanging on the wall has stopped.]

Cloaked Figure: She can’t hear you. No one here can. We need to speak in private Alejandra.

[Rising in Ghost Rider Form, Alejandra draws her flaming sword and points at the mysterious figure.]
Alejandra(Ghost Rider Form): Whoever you are, you just made a serious mistake by trying to talk to me. Whatever you did to these people, undo it, NOW!

[The figure pulls back their cloak revealing themselves to Alejandra.]

Dr.Strange: “Worlds undone. Threads tangled and broken. Chaos comes in fire. Look to the stories. Find the Hand. Act. “ This is the warning I was given by the spirits of the Astral Plane. This is why I have come to seek you, Alejandra the Ghost Rider. I need your help.

[Alejandra keeps her sword raised. Her eyes fixed are on Dr. Strange.]

Alejandra: What do you want from me sorcerer?

[Dr.Strange summons a small orb, in it’s smooth reflective surface floats an image of Damian Hellstorm fighting Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze.

Dr.Strange: Only you can stop him Alejandra. Only you can fight Johnny Blaze. Damian…has fallen.
Mephisto. Mephisto is the source. You must understand, we’re running out of time.

[Alejandra returns to her human form, her face expressing a mix of annoyance and concern for the image she just witnessed.]
Alejandra: How do you suggest I do that sorceror? You wish to storm hell, fight the demon and his armies head on?

[Dr.Strange dismisses her arrogant comment and lifts his hand, which is glowing with a soft golden hue. From Alejandra’s jacket pocket, a small length of chain rises, the link on one end broken.]

Dr.Strange: Not quite. I had something more subtle in mind. This chain, this is the key to stopping Mephisto. This chain will help us save Johnny Blaze.

How will the chain stop Johnny Blaze? Young Loki the new God of Thunder?! What is going on with Mephisto, Dr.Doom, Damian, and Johnny Blaze? More answers next issue as Hands of Fate draws towards it’s epic conclusion!

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It's Tuesday Night, let's look at some Shadowlines Inks! Aug14 2012

Hey there everyone,

       Just got home from my day job, and my inbox was full of nice surprises. Frost is still cranking out Shadowlines #5 art, to my immense delight. I thought I would share some of his work with you with another Shadowlines sneak preview!


I am currently working on some new fanfiction for Marvel 2012, I will post it as soon as it's finished. Until next time, take care!

-Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra

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My comic Shadowlines, Issue #5 Preview!

Hey there all,

Just a quick update today. Haven't been writing much fanfiction lately, but only because I have been preparing my comic for the upcoming comic convention in Toronto in the weeks ahead. I will be exhibiting my comic, Shadowlines, at FanExpo Canada (August23-26). My artist, Frost Llamzon, has been working incredibly hard along with me to get Issue #5 ready for the con. We are both very excited for this issue and we hope that our readers will enjoy the changes we've made to the comic.

Here is a free preview of the comic:

If you are interested in checking out Shadowlines, you can get a free copy of Issue #1 digitally at and all of the issues are available online on our store. I will be posting a new picture everyday until FanExpo for you guys, and hopefully I'll be able to get more fanfic out in the coming days. Back to work for me, hope you guys enjoy!

-Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra

P.S. If you read the Shadowlines #1 free digital comic, let me know what you think!

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[New Fanfiction] Hands of Fate #3 -Marvel Fanfiction-

Hands of Fate Issue #3
By Luca Baldassarra

In the Nevada Desert, the fight between Damian Hellstorm and Johnny Blaze rages. Blaze is in Rider Form, but has no control of himself. He is possessed by the Demon Lord Mephisto and the powerful artifact he holds known as the “Hand of Fate”.


Ghost Rider raises his chain, silently meeting Damian’s charge. Damian charges toward the Ghost Rider, his trident raised. The two exchange blows, Damian’s trident colliding with the red hot metal of the chain and leaving long cuts along the Ghost Rider’s body. Though deflecting the fatal blows, Damian is still overwhelmed by the brutal chain strikes and suffers long gashes along his torso and arms.

Johnny Blaze (thought): It’s like a fog. A choking, endless fog. Images flutter by, barely visible. Sounds are distorted. Screams. Muffled screams. I can feel the pain. Like hot knives, slicing through me. Am I bleeding? Please, just make it all end…

The two opponents exchange blows for what seems like hours, endlessly. Ghost Rider breathes in deeply and exhales black fire from his jaws. Damian skilfully dodges as a nearby boulder is melted from the unholy heat. After dodging, Hellstorm keeps his distant, trident at the ready. Damian Hellstorm is breathing heavy, his coat is tattered and he has long scars scattered across his body. The Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, stands in front of him silent and foreboding. Long gashes are scattered across his body, flaming blood oozing from the wounds. Despite the damage, he is completely unaffected. Damian is near exhaustion.

Damian (thought): I don’t understand…..he should have been finished. I’ve hit him with everything I have. I practically skewered him! I’m running out of time…and options. Do I really need to kill this monster? Do I really need to kill Johnny Blaze?

Blaze…I’m not going to warn you again. Whatever control you’re under, fight it. Fight it with everything you have. Don’t let that bastard control you.

Ghost Rider (in a low raspy voice): Mephisto. Mephisto demands….I…I serve Mephisto.

The Ghost Rider’s chain lashes out at Damian, catching him off guard.

Damian: ARGHHHH! Damn you Blaze, you weak minded--GAHHHHHH!

The searing heat of the chain burns into Damian’s flesh. Ghost Rider slowly walks towards his victim, tugging at the chain with each step. Damian vision slowly blurs from the pain. Ghost Rider stands over his defeated opponent, silently staring.

Damian: Go on then….end it. Just know that this is all on you now Blaze. It’s all your fault.

The green portal that Ghost Rider arrived on suddenly begins to churn and spin, creating a vacuum. Ghost Rider loses balance as he is being tugged toward the vortex. The struggle loosens the chain’s hold and Damian breaks free. Gathering his strength, Damian shoves Ghost Rider into the portal, and he is consumed by it. The portal flickers as Ghost Rider passes through, closing immediately after. Damian collapses, completely exhausted from the effort. Behind Damian, his saviour stands shrouded by the now darkened desert.

Damian: What took you so long Strange? The bastard almost got me back there. This is much worse than we thought…Mephisto is using some powerful magic….incredibly powerful. We need to find a way to stop him, fast.

The shrouded figure steps forward, slowly revealing himself. His dark green cloak trailing behind him, snapping in the night air.

Dr.Doom: Indeed demon, Mephisto is a much larger threat than you could possibly imagine. That is why I have come. Now, surrender to Doom.

=Meanwhile, in a SHIELD safe house, Captain America trains alone in a large gym. The near-silent gym filled with the sound of his heavy breathing and grunting as he spars with a punching bag. Captain America slows his pace and casually walks over to his bag, reaching for his towel. His expression is calm as he pats himself down. He straightens and looks into a seemingly empty corner of the gym=

Captain America: You have about five seconds to step out of the shadows and tell me why I shouldn’t replace my punching bag with your face.

The once empty corner begins to shimmer, and out of the darkness Young Loki appears.

Young Loki: To be able to sense me through my illusion spells is no small feat Midgardian. Thor’s respect was well placed for you. Please excuse my intrusion, I mean no harm Steven Rogers. I am--

Cap’s hand slowly reaches for his Shield which leans against the gym bench nearby.

Captain America: You’re Loki. Thor’s brother. Well…a copy of the original. Somehow. But that still doesn’t explain why you’re here and why I should let you stay.

Young Loki’s expression is mixed joy and confusion. His voice is taken back.

Young Loki: Do you speak true Steven Rogers? Do you remember Thor-Odinson? Do you remember my brother?

Captain America’s expression is puzzled.

Captain America: How could I forget Thor, after his sacrifice. What’s your game Loki?

Young Loki steps towards Cap cautiously. His face is serious.
Young Loki: No games Steven Rogers. If only such were the case. Great danger has come to Midgard, a threat that threatens all the nine realms. I’ve come seeking answers…that only you can provide.

Why has Dr.Doom taken Damian Hellstorm? What does Captain America know that Young Loki is seeking? What is happening with Dr.Strange, Alejandra, Mephisto, and across the nine realms? Find out in HANDS OF FATE #4!

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[New Fanfiction] Hands of Fate Issue #2 -Marvel Fanfiction-

Hands of Fate Issue #2
By Luca Baldassarra

In the Throne Room of the All-Mothers, Loki stands in audience explaining to the rulers of Asgard the terrible news he has discovered about the History Tomes in the libraries of Asgard. Ikol is perched high above his young self, shadowed in the highest parts of the room, unnoticed.

Young Loki: Blank. Blank from cover to cover. Entire histories lost to us, knowledge that we may need in this dire time.

All-Mother Gaea: This news is indeed dire Young Loki-
All-Mother Freyja: -but how much knowledge have we lost since you discovered this news?-
All-Mother Idunn: -can you be sure that this is the work of outside forces?

Young Loki: What other forces could want to rewrite Asgardian history?

The All-Mothers pause for a moment, gazing at one another.

All-Mother Gaea: Your predecessor was not one who would have deeds-
All-Mother Freyja: -that would be looked upon most favourably by the students of history-
All-Mother Idunn: -and very few Asgardians have access to these tomes without our knowledge.

Young Loki’s looks at the All-Mothers with growing suspicion

Young Loki: You think I would commit such a crime? Why would you? Why would I?

All-Mother Gaea: It is simply in your nature-
All-Mother Freyja: -mischief is something we simply expect from Asgardia’s most revered trickster-
All-Mother Idunn: -just know that we take care to observe all our children closely.

Young Loki: But I have done nothing wrong, I’ve come to warn you of this foul magic!

Freyja’s eyes glow for an instant, and an image of Loki speaking with Mephisto appears before them, hanging in the air.
All-Mother Freyja: Idunn speaks true Loki. Would you care to do the same?

Young Loki face grows flushed with anger

Young Loki: What I do, I do for the good of Asgardia. For the good of all its inhabitants. In the memory of my brother Thor!

The All-Mothers sit in silence from Loki’s outburst. Then look at one another, confused.

All-Mother Gaea: Who is this Thor you speak of?
Young Loki: Surely you jest All-Mother Gaea. You expect me to believe you know not of the mighty Thor? Son of Odin? He who slayed the Serpent and saved us from certain doom?
All-Mother Idunn: The All-Mothers do not forget their children. We know of no such hero, no matter how great you say his deeds are.

Young Loki is shocked momentarily by what he has just heard. He collects himself and once again addresses the All-Mothers.

Young Loki: Forgive my outburst All-Mothers. I forget myself.

All-Mother Gaea looks over Young Loki suspiciously. She lets out a low sigh.

All-Mother Gaea: We will forgive your actions this time. However, see to it that you stay out of trouble Young Loki. We know not what you spoke of with Mephisto, but know that the eyes of the All-Mother’s remain vigilant, and if we suspect that your schemes threaten Asgardia-
All-Mother Freyja: -you will know our wrath to be most-
All-Mother Idunn: -unpleasant.

Young Loki: If you’ll excuse me All-Mothers.

Young Loki leaves the Asgardia throne room, a flurry of thoughts racing in his mind, but one comment stands out among all that he has heard.
Young Loki (thought): How could they have forgotten Thor?

----Meanwhile in the Nevada Desert----

Damian Hellstorm stands with his trident in his hands. The corpses of several demons lay scattered around him, and in front of him a lone demon pants heavily, blood seeping from several wounds on his body.

Damian: You may be all that remains of Blackheart’s forces from his attempt to bring Hell to Earth, but I’d be willing to bet you still have ties to Mephisto.

Demon: Whoever I serve, I serve loyally to the end. What makes you think I would tell you anything I know Damian Hellstorm?

Damian: Believe me demon….I want nothing more than your utmost resistance. I find the forcing to be much more enjoyable than the learning when it comes to your kind. You’ll be talking soon enough.

Demon: Spoken like a true Demon Lord. *spits blood in the sand* Do your worst Damian Hellstorm.

Damian’s eyes begin to glow red, when suddenly a green portal opens behind the demon.

Demon: What? What kind of trick is this Hellstorm?

A fiery chain lashes out of the portal and wraps around the Demon throat. The Demon claws at the chain in vein, as it begins to glow from red to bright orange to a brilliant white.

Damian: Oh crap….not him. Not yet.

The Demon’s head is severed from his body, the neck charred from the chain. The head and body slowly sear from the burn. Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider Form emerges from the portal.

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze): Damian Hellstorm. Lord Mephisto sends his regards.

Damian picks up his trident, his eyes still glowing red.

Damian: If we do this Rider, controlled by Mephisto or not, I won’t hold back.

Ghost Rider (Blaze) draws his chain back, the Demon’s body now smoldering from its heat. He slowly walks forward spinning the chain at his side.
Damian: Fine then. Let’s get started.

Damian throws off his jacket revealing the pentagram on his chest glowing brightly, and his hair ignites into flame. He raises his trident and charges.

What has happened to the memories of Asgardia? How is Loki immune to the spells? Will Damian survive his fight with Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze? To be CONTINUED in Hands of Fate #3!

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My Interview with Stadium Comics at FCBD this past May

 It's definitely crazy seeing yourself on camera, but when that feeling goes a step forward by being the first video interview you've done for your own comic....that's just a good day. Had a great time at this event, hosted by Stadium Comics of Brampton,Ont. Great staff, great atmosphere, and most importantly great crowd. Whether it was talking shop with the other artists/writers, hanging out with the staff, or talking comics with the crowd, the day was perfect. If you're on the fence about taking the first step into making your own comic book, watch the interview, we discuss it. Trust me this experience is not as far off as you may think.


-Luca Baldassarra

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-New Fanfiction- Hands of Fate Issue 1 -Marvel Fanfiction-

Hands of Fate Issue #1
By Luca Baldassarra

Loki sits in a large Asgardian Library, Ikol perched on a bookshelf nearby. Sitting at a large table, surrounded by various tomes, Asgard’s resident trickster pours over the stacks while thinking about his meeting with Mephisto, the Demon Lord.

Loki: Tell me Ikol, how would you react to an offer of such magnitude?
Ikol: Mephisto cannot hope to attain that which he seeks without powerful magic. Within these tomes may lie the very hint we need to uncover what tricks he hides.

(Loki sighs, casually flipping the page)

Loki:  So you have said, many times over. Would we not simply be able to LOCATE the item with a meeting? Surely the Demon Lord would not deny welcome to his “valuable” allies.
Ikol: His enforcer Loki. The Rider. You would be wise not to take him lightly.
Loki: Well I cannot expect to take him darkly Ikol, after all his head is aflame.
Ikol: Cease this worthless prattle, continue your studies.

(Loki sighs, and flips the page once more. As he does so his expression changes from boredom to surprise. He stares astonished at the tome, and abruptly stands.)

Loki: Ikol. The pages…what has happened?
(Ikol lands on his shoulder)
Ikol: What is exactly that which is missing. This is worse than it appears….much worse. We’re running out of time.

----Meanwhile, in the Astral Plane----
(Google Translate what strange is saying “Latin-English“, enjoy.)

Doctor Strange: Dico me spiritus astral planum, quod magicis turbat fabricae re!
(Without warning Doctor Strange is surrounded by a golden ring. In his astral form he struggles to contain his shape. The Ring begins to spin and swing around him, creating a sphere.)
Voice in the Astral Plane: Fatum est infectum. Fila fracti sunt. Chaos venit in ignis. Respice ad fabulis. Sunt diriget novum Manus. Agere.

(Blinding light envelops him, and he returns to his body and is thrown back from the spell circle. Damian Hellstorm is in the room with him and helps him to his feet)

---Back in the Sanctum Sanctorum---

Damian: What happened Strange? You were screaming! Did the spell work? What did you learn?!
Doctor Strange: Legends….need to find new Hand….Chaos in Fire….we’re running out of time.
Damian: Chaos in fire? I do NOT like the sound of that….but what does it all mean?
Doctor Strange: The Riders, they are at the center of this. I know it. We need to find the girl Damian. Soon.

---Somewhere in the American Mid-West---

Alejandra is stopped on the side of the highway, and reaches into her jacket pocket. Alejandra pulls out a blackened chain fragment. The links are severed at each end, with a few links intact. She sits on her bike at the side of the highway, drinking a bottle of water. Alejandra closes her eyes and begins to pray to herself. When she opens her eyes, fire erupts and she transforms into the Rider. The chain links in her hand come to life and glowing red hot, point into the distance, down the highway. She returns to human form, and places the chain which is now smoking, back into her pocket. She climbs back onto her bike, and continues in the direction the chain pointed.

Alejandra (thought): Blaze…I don’t know what you are doing, or why, but when I find you we will end what we started. One way or another, there will only be one Rider. For your crimes against God, I will slay you and your master Mephisto. The power of Zarathos guides me.
(She accelerates hard, and continues down the road)

---In Hell, Mephisto’s throne room---

Mephisto sits on his throne surrounded by orbs. On the orbs the images of his allies Doctor Doom and Loki. On other orbs, Damian Hellstorm and Doctor Strange, Alejandra, and Asgard. He holds the Amulet in his hand, admiring it, as his eyes shift from the orbs to the surface of the piece.

Mephisto: Such a small insignificant artifact…with such great power. How could the Lord of Fear have hidden this away for so long? What do you think Blaze? Any insight?

Blaze stands silently beside the throne of Mephisto, in Rider Form, staring into the distance.

Mephisto: Yes, you are pretty boring like this. Not much conversation in you these days. Not unless I say so anyway. *The amulet glows brightly*

Johnny Blaze (in Rider Form): *Gasp* Where? Where am I?
Mephisto: Indeed, where in the HELL are you Blaze?
Johnny Blaze: *Instinctively reaching for his weapons* Mephisto! What have you done you evil piece of Fu--
*The Amulet glows brightly again, and Johnny reverts to human form, losing his chain weapon*
Mephisto: Now Johnny, don’t get all worked up over this. I wanted to show you something before I put the leash back on.
Johnny: My powers? How do you control them?! You gave them back! That was the deal!
Mephisto: No, no, Johnny. The deal was I give you your power back, and you STOP the girl. When that showdown didn’t end to well, I came back for you. After all, I couldn’t just leave you there, you are still very useful for my plans.
Johnny: Plans? I’m not apart of your plans anymore. *Looks over to the orb with Alejandra* Send me to Alejandra Mephisto. I’ll keep my end of the deal.
Mephisto: Oh no Johnny. The girl doesn’t need to be stopped quite yet, I still have need of her. Besides, I’m finally getting the hang of this fancy little trinket.
*Mephisto lifts the Amulet*
Mephisto: It’s called…the Hand of Fate. One of my servants plucked it out of Dark Asgard before the heroes destroyed it. Nifty little trinket…I’m sure the Lord of Fear won’t be missing it too much.
Johnny: Whatever it is you’re planning Mephisto. They’ll stop you. *Points to the orbs of the heroes* They always do!
Mephisto: What don’t you understand about Hand. Of. FATE! I’m not playing the same “game” anymore Blaze. No one is. When I’m done, everything will be different, and with you protecting me, no one will be able to stop it.
*The Amulet glows once again*
Johnny grits his teeth, and his eyes slowly fill with black. He transforms back into the Rider*
Mephisto: -smiling- Now then, where was I?
Johnny: ……

- To be continued in Hands of Fate Issue 2 -

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New Fanfiction! "Hands of Fate #0: Prologue" ft. on Marvel 2012.

Hands of Fate (Issue 0 Prologue)
Written by Luca Baldassarra

*From a nearby tree, we see Young Loki walking down a park path*

Young Loki sits on a park bench in Broxton, Oklahoma the sun rising in the horizon. Lost in his thoughts, Young Loki reflects on an earlier message he received from Mephisto, the Demon Lord of Hell. The message stated simply. “I would speak with you, young trickster. I have news of which would be most intriguing to a youth of such cunning and treachery. Meet me in six days, on the sixth minute of the sixth hour. Come alone.”

Loki (thought): Is it wise of me to trust a demon to be punctual? Rather, should I place any trust in one whom I have slighted so recently? I am nothing if not bold, though this sunrise is rather lovely. The birds sing such beautiful songs in scenery such as this.
*Leaning back in the bench and stretching*
Loki: Is it not a beautiful morning my silent friend?
*Loki hears movement coming from behind him. A rattling, clanking sound*

Mephisto (In human guise): Young Loki, it seems you have accepted my invitation. I should be thankful that you had the wisdom to avoid an unpleasant meeting.

Loki: *Looking past him to the figure standing behind Mephisto* I am told that I am quite mature for my age Demon Lord. Though I had thought we were meeting alone? Who stalks in the shadows behind you?

Mephisto (smirking): No one to be concerned with, so long as you have kept the secret of our meeting.

Loki: A child must respect the wishes of his elders I suppose. What is it you have brought to concern me with? If you wish to address the business of our last meeting, I apologize but that is quite---

Mephisto (serious tone): Do you feel it Loki? Do you feel the changes?

Loki (surprised): Changes? I must admit I know not of what you speak?

Mephisto (leaning on the bench): The nine realms are in flux. The All-Mothers have saw fit to alter reality. Midgard’s heroes….are easily deceived, but not beings such as us. I seek allies Loki, allies who wish to meet this change and find their place within it. Before it settles more…permanently.

------Scene change to Latveria, the Throne room of Doctor Doom-----

Doom: What would a Demon Lord possibly gain from an alliance with Doom?
Mephisto (laughs): I require those who have adequate magical knowledge Doom, and of the mortal beings you are quite formidable.
Doom: The Rider skulking outside, was he not once your enemy?
Mephisto (smirk): We have reached an agreement ,his motives are not your concern. You need only know that the power he wields supports mine own. Would you join your might to ours?

----Scene change to the Sanctum Sanctorum where Doctor Strange and Damian Hellstorm meet to discuss recent events----

Hellstorm: I don’t like it Strange, Mephisto has appeared all over the world. He is planning something.
Strange: Is what you’ve discovered true? He travels with a Ghost Rider?
Hellstorm: My informants are not mistaken. You can’t miss that flaming skull Strange. But from what I understand, there are two riders now. The battle that happened a few weeks ago, it somehow brought them together.
Strange: They were fighting. The damage was devastating. The girl is incredibly strong, and Johnny Blaze….I have not seen him so distraught in all the time I’ve known him.
Hellstorm: So…it’s all happening then. Just like you saw in your visions.
Strange: The visions were clouded Damian, we don’t know exactly what is happening, we need--
Hellstorm: WE NEED to prepare Strange. We can’t be caught off guard this time, not like Las Vegas. (Referring to Circle of Four, by Rick Remender)
-silence between the two for a few moments-
Strange: I will prepare the initial spell work, in the mean time you must track Mephisto’s movements. Follow him as closely as you can, but stay hidden.
Hellstorm: I will find the girl, we will need her power for the days ahead.

------On the outskirts of Broxton, Oklahoma-----

Alejandra: Explain to me why I should not slay you where you stand Asgardian.
*Pressing her sword against Loki’s throat, she is holding him from behind*
Loki: Well, if you would kindly allow me to *uff* breathe for just a moment, I will do just that.
Alejandra: What do you want? Why did you ask me to come here?
Loki: To warn you, about the actions of your enemy. Mephisto is gathering allies, he has a plan that will change the world as we know it and he needs the power of a Ghost Rider to do it.
Alejandra: Mephisto needs my help? Why would I help the demon lord of Hell?
Loki: He doesn’t need you, because he already has a Rider of his own. Mephisto has possessed Johnny Blaze.
Alejandra: What? But how did he….Tell me everything you know Asgardian, right now.

*In a nearby tree, a magpie watches Loki and Alejandra talk.*

To be continued in “Hands of Fate” Issue 1.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Comic Book Day at Stadium Comics!

Hey comic readers,

If any of you live in the Brampton, Ontario area come out to Free Comic Book Day at Stadium Comics! I will be there signing, greeting, and meeting all who attend. The guest list also includes talented artists such as Marcus To, Vince Sunico, Paris Alleyne, "Fearless" Fred Kennedy, Adam Gorham, and MORE! It's a huge event and is going to be a great time for all. So check it out if you can! Did I mention biggest sale of the year on the entire store? Ya. I'll see you guys there.

-Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra

Monday, April 30, 2012

Victory or Death: WoW Fanfiction Part I

 Victory or Death Part I: WoW Fanfiction
(Image by Puly)

The rush of wind. The rustle of the tree branches’ swaying canopies. The clash of steel on steel.

“Who so boldly stands before Lantresor of the Blade?”, his gruff voice unhindered by the conflict.

The young orc stood before him, frozen in his stance, blade held motionless. His chest heaving. “I am Ronakada, survivor of the Burning Blade Clan. I come seeking answers.”

The older orc spit at him. “Survivor? There were no survivors. Just pretenders.”

The wind rises. Before Ronakada can reply the older orc’s body fades and disappears. “Wind-Walker.”

The young orc’s eyes dart from side to side. Panic sets in. “I cannot be defeated here. Not before I find the answers I seek.” His fear is set aside, replaced by anger and determination.

“I will not lose to you Blademaster! I will find the answers I seek! None will keep me from my ancestors and the true knowledge of the Burning Blade! Lok’tar ogar!” He breathes deep, and charges forward.

Thrusting his blade forward, the sword strike cuts through the shifting figure. Lantresor appears from the air, surprise on his face. Blood dripping from his mouth.

“Ronakada. Ronakada of the Burning Blade.” The injured orc places his hand on the blade impaled through his chest and smiles, “Lok’tar Ogar”.

Ronakada’s eyes grow wide as the blade arcs down and slashes across his back. From shoulder to hip, hot fire races across his body. His knees buckle and he can taste the earth on his lips. The clean earth of his ancestors. He lifts his head up, and standing over him is a second orc. Another Lantresor, identical to the one impaled by his blade.

“Another skill of the Blademasters’. Master warriors of the Burning Blade Clan.” Lantresor’s double vanishes into the air, and Ronakada’s blade falls to the ground. Ronakada’s vision begins to blur.

Lantresor smirks as he lifts his blade high into the air. “Victory…or Death?”

Lantresor’s blade bites into the ground.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ghost Rider Shattered Alliance #4 Marvel 2012 Fanfiction

Ghost Rider Shattered Alliance #4
By: Luca Baldassarra

[From the perspective of Johnny Blaze]

Alejandra’s Blade deflects Johnny’s savage chain strikes. She is slowly losing ground.

Johnny (Thought): I feel the heat. I can feel it washing over me. That familiar feeling takes over, and once again I let it take control.

Johnny’s chain wraps around her blade and he pulls it back, wrenching it from her hand.

Johnny (Thought): I stare into a twisted reflection. A young girl who thought she had inherited great power. She was wrong. Dead wrong. There’s nothing great about this power….but it’s mine all the same. Zarathos calls to me.

[From the perspective of Alejandra]

Alejandra is cornered and unarmed. Before her stands Johnny Blaze in Rider Form, and an unfamiliar feeling boils from within her. She is afraid.

Alejandra (Thought): This can’t be happening. It’s not possible. I am the Ghost Rider! Not him! How could this happen?!

She remembers the words of Sin. They echo in her thoughts. “When you touched my hammer, you touched fear itself. You lay there, in human form, because no matter how powerful the Spirit of Vengeance is in the end you are still human. Mortal. Afraid. Unworthy.”
Alejandra (Thought): The rider has chosen another. I have not proven myself to Zarathos. I am unworthy.

Alejandra stares at Thing lying in the distance, he is breathing in slow ragged breaths.

Johnny: It’s over Alejandra. Submit and we can get out of here together. I know a way to get you back to normal. Get your life back, the life you should have.

Alejandra looks at Johnny in Rider Form. He is swinging his chain at his side, ready to strike at a moment’s notice.
Johnny: Don’t make me end this Alejandra. I want to help you.

Alejandra (Thought): [Looking at Thing again] Ben Grimm breathes. He has survived. He has purged Angir from his soul and will live another day. He has faced fear and returned. Reborn. Worthy in the eyes of Zarathos, and the Lord.

Alejandra: No, Johnny. You are not here to help me. You are here to test me.
-Alejandra reaches out her hand and the blade laying behind Johnny rushes towards her. She grasps it in her hand.-

Alejandra: I do not know how you regained your powers Blaze, but know this, only one of us is worthy of the blessing of Zarathos. Only one of us can be the avatar for the Spirit of Vengeance. My whole life I has been spent preparing for that honour. When I defeat you here, Zarathos will know my worth again.

Johnny: Don’t do this Alejandra. Don’t make me do this.

Alejandra: (Rushing towards Johnny with her blade held out) HAAAAAAA!!!!

[From the perspective of Johnny]

Johnny (thought): Every strike sends a wave of pain through my arm. Where did this strength come from?

Johnny looks around and notices the bodies of Reed, Spider-Man, and Thing lying unconscious.

Johnny (Thought): I need to get her away from them, get her outside. There’s only one way…..this is going to hurt.

Johnny lowers his guard as Alejandra swing arcs downwards, the sword bites deep into his shoulder.

Johnny: GAHHHH!
Johnny’s fist clenches around her wrist, his other fist slams into her chest.

Alejandra: Ugh!
Johnny’s chain wraps around her and he slams her through the far wall, into the street outside.

Johnny steps out though the debris into the street, clutching his shoulder he rips the sword from his body and tosses it to the ground. Alejandra is brushing herself off.
Sirens can be heard in the distance. People fleeing away from the scene of a battle between the two.

Alejandra: One cut Blaze. One cut and I have learned all I need to know. You have not earned those powers, you stole them. Stole them from me, with the aid of dark magic. All this time you sought the soul that was stolen from you by that demon…but in the end, when you finally reclaimed it, you sold it off again to the same monster. Why? Why do you taint the righteous power of Zarathos? WHY?!

Johnny stands in silence, absorbing all that was just said. In his mind flashes images of friends and family lost through his life, of his time as the Ghost Rider, and finally of Mephisto smiling his smile of dagger teeth as he presented him with the amulet that gave him his powers back.

Mephisto: Go ahead Blaze. Do the right thing. Save the girl, become the Rider again. I’ll help you…just take this amulet and speak the words after you defeat her. Seal the contract and I’ll give that girl her life back, her soul, the soul of that village, all of it.

Johnny: Why? Why me? Why do all this just to make me a rider again? What do you have to gain from all this Mephisto?

Mephisto: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. You just don’t get it. You never got it. After all these years you never realized how much fun we had together. All the fights, all the demons, all the monsters, all the friends you lost. You never wanted this. Ever. This girl, she’s different, this is her reason for living. This is something she takes gladly. She doesn’t SUFFER quite the same as you, she‘s too stupid to see how bad she has it. In the end Johnny, if she isn’t suffering then she isn’t worth my time. I trust you’ll make the right decision.

-Places the amulet in his hand and fades into the shadows with his dagger toothed smile-

You always make the right decision. 

Johnny: Alejandra. I couldn’t let you make the same mistake I did. I couldn’t let that bastard use and abuse someone else. So I took his offer. I made the deal. To take you down, in exchange for my soul and you to live a normal life again. The chance you never got, that’s my gift to you. I’m sorry but this ends now.

-Johnny stands straight, flaming blood oozing from the wound in his shoulder, swinging his chain-

[Alejandra’s perspective]

Alejandra: You’re right Johnny. This is over, that cut you took at my blade will make sure of that. My blade is filled with the righteous power of Zarathos, the Spirit of Vengeance!

Alejandra holds her hand out, and a flaming chain shoots out of the wound on Johnny’s shoulder.


Alejandra: You never accepted him Johnny. You never learned of all the powers a Rider has. This flaming chain is your guilt. Your pain. Your sorrow. The grief of a man who has willingly turned to the hand of evil in his darkest hour. A desperate man.

Alejandra walking towards Johnny.

Johnny: The…..pain……how?… are you doing this?
Johnny is on his knees, convulsing in agony. The fiery chain slowly enveloping him, constricting him.

Alejandra standing above Johnny, she jerks him upright and slams him into the nearby wall. In the distance she notices Thing, slowly sitting upright. Dazed. She calls the blade from the ground nearby into her outstretched hand.

Alejandra: This blade has cleansed one soul today Johnny Blaze. Cleansed him of an evil taint through a trial of pain and purification. Though your actions are sinful, your motivations are pure. This blade will offer you judgement…..and I will pray that you survive it’s trial. For all you have done for me…for Alejandra….Johnny Blaze I offer you Divine Judgement. Feel my pain and the pain of others you have sacrificed yourself for, a thousand fold.

Alejandra stabs her blade through Johnny’s heart. A pillar of fire engulfs both of them.

Alejandra stands over Johnny’s body in human form. Her clothes are smoking, and there is black stains along the side of the building and the pavement around them.
Alejandra: If you survive Johnny Blaze, I hope we someday meet again. Whatever happens, I won’t forget you and what you’ve shown me. Goodbye.

Alejandra walks away from Johnny as the siren sounds grow louder and louder.
A black shadow forms under Johnny’s body, and he sinks into the ground. Disappearing.

In an office building, Nat Moro sits in an office chair with the outline of another figure sitting at the desk in front of him. A man stands in the corner of the room, shrouded by the shade.

Nat Moro: I did as you asked. I set the trap. I brought the demon girl here.

Mephisto: That you did. You did a good job, I can’t argue that. You fulfilled your end of the bargain to the letter. Quite impressive from a man who once lived in a gutter before the Asgardian invasion.

Nat Moro: That doesn’t matter anymore. I’m never going back to living that low. You told me you would make me rich beyond my wildest dreams if I brought you the girl and the other guy. Now it’s my time! Now I live like a king, and screw everyone who looked down on me like a pathetic beggar. Now I get the respect I deserve.

Mephisto: There is one thing you haven’t given me yet. A little something my friend here will collect from you before we send you on your way to caviar, country clubs, and fine European sports cars.

Nat Moro: What would that be?

-Johnny Blaze steps from the shadows, his eyes black and empty.-

Mephisto: Nat. I’m Mephisto. Lord of Hell. What do you think I mean?

-Johnny Blaze ignites, into the form of the rider-

Johnny: Nat Moro. Your soul belongs to Mephisto. I am his Spirit of Vengeance, and I have come to collect it.


-Mephisto looks on, his dagger teeth showing through his smile-

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #35! Green Lantern #8 and Wizard World Toronto!

Hey there comic readers,

    This week is a very important week for myself as an indy comic writer. This weekend is the first comic-con I will be attending as an artist. I shall be seated at the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con this weekend alongside many other great artists and writers. As expected I am experiencing a mix of excitement, nervousness, and general euphoria over the prospect of meeting and engaging with those in attendance. I am really hoping to have a great experience overall this weekend. I look forward to meeting people and introducing them to my work. So come and talk to me at Wizard World Toronto BOOTH 822! With that bit of news out the way let’s move onto to this week’s comic review, as always we start with my pulls for this week:

Comic Pull List Apr/11/12

Batman & Robin #8
Deathstroke #8
Green Lantern #8

Dark Horse

Lobster Johnson #4


Bionic Man #8


The Secret Service #1


America’s Got Powers #1
Secret #1
Thief of Thieves #3


Avenging Spider-Man #6
Carnage U.S.A #5
Journey into Mystery #636
Scarlet Spider #4
Winter Soldier #4


Saucer County #2

    This week is definitely the most diverse reading week I think I have ever had the pleasure of having. Lot of #1’s on my list that I had a really awesome time reading. I have been loving Thief of Thieves and just recently found out that AMC plans to produce a TV show based on it. With Kirkman involved, I am not surprised at all. Another great indy was Millar’s “The Secret Service” which had a really surprising start. Moral of the story here? Check out something new people, because good stuff is out there past the big boys, and it is waiting for you. Now as I say that, let’s move to this week’s comic review of Green Lantern #8!

Green Lantern #8 
Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Doug Mahnke
Colours by Alex Sinclair

    This story arc is definitely one that is highly anticipated by anyone who was a fan of Johns’ “Blackest Night” story. During his telling of the War of Light and the resulting prophecy of the Blackest Night, Johns’ introduced the mysterious and elusive Indigo Tribe. After months of waiting, Lantern fans are finally being spoon-fed the answers to their mysteries. Like a fussy toddler, I for one am getting quite impatient but at the same time waiting anxiously as I giggle and smile for more. Yes, I am a big Green Lantern fan, and this issue was a pleasure to read. In fact, I reread it, twice. Every turn paging moment was an adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Johns’ delivers some great story telling with this issue easily immersing the reader in the mystery of the Indigo Tribes’ home world. There were times when events in the pages didn’t seem to make sense to me, and I am sure seasoned Lantern fans may share my confusion, but don’t worry because it just adds to the fun. As always Mahnke’s art compliments the story so well. At this point I can’t imagine GL with a different artist. When I close my eyes and imagine, it’s Mahnke’s pencils all the way. Don’t doubt it, you have to see it to believe it. Bringing colour to that world, we have Alex Sinclair to thank, and thanks he shall receive. In a Lantern book, colour is somewhat important, and Sinclair knows how to make them stand out. This creative team is doing great job on this title, it is definitely something I look forward to each month. Overall, part two of the Indigo Tribe story arc was great. Despite my criticisms over certain situations in the book, I cannot deny that I enjoyed the issue and look forward to the next one indefinitely.


- Johns, Mahnke, Sinclair and the rest of the creative team have been doing a fantastic job on this book. Easily one of the best comics DC is putting out right now.
- With the mystery of the Indigo Tribe becoming gradually clearer, nothing is ever clearly said but LOTS is shown and left to think about.
- That ending. Not unforeseen, but still awesome.


- I can’t get over the ring usage this issue. To me, it is something that is controversial, but I feel it could be argued either way. Essentially, it is something that can be debated and that leaves holes in the story for me.
- Like I stated above, few things were actually clearly explained while many things were revealed. For some people this could be upsetting.

Cosmic Rating: 3.5/5

    That’s it for me this week. Lot’s to do and prepare for this weekend. I will take as many pictures as I can of our booth at the con, and hopefully have awesome stories to share. Until next time, take care and happy reading!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #34! Venom #15, easily one of the best Marvel books right now!

Hey there comic readers,

    This week we will be going straight to the good stuff. Instant comic review time, but first let’s look at my pull list:

Comic Pull List: Apr/4/12


Batman Detective Comics #8
Green Arrow #8
Red Lanterns #8
Stormwatch #8
Swamp Thing #8


Hell Yeah #2


AvsX Issue #1
The Amazing Spider-Man #683
Venom #15
Wolverine & the X-Men #8

Comics I enjoyed this week? Swamp Thing #8, Amazing Spider-Man #683. Check em’ out!
Comics I was disappointed with? Red Lanterns #8, Green Arrow #8, Hell Yeah #2. Just felt really choppy and dull.

Moving on to the review, this week we take a look at the work of the talented Rick Remender in Venom #15!

Venom #15
Written by Rick Remender
Pencils by Lan Medina

    This is the issue that brings us out of the “Venom goes to Hell” story and back into the non-mystic story telling that we normally see from a Venom comic. What a time to be reading this comic. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the “Venom goes to Hell” story, but this issue reminded me of why Venom has a solid place on my comic pull list. I would even go as far as saying that Venom is one of the best books Marvel is putting out right now. Rick Remender really gives us a great starting issue to the new story arc. I really love how Remender is able to take the time to flesh out Flash Thompson’s character so well. Flash is a man leading a secret double life. On the one side he is a patriot, serving his country by wearing the Venom suit and fighting it’s enemies. On the other side, we have Flash just being Flash which is not at all easy by any means. What really keeps me interested in this book is seeing how much these two lives overlap and influence each other. Flash is quickly becoming a great character as Venom, something that I can see becoming a lasting character within the Marvel Universe. Oh and did I mention Eddie Brock is back? Ya. Eddie Brock is back. Very pumped for issue 16. On the art side of things, we see Medina bringing us some great pages. I really like how he gives Flash’s face a tired, worn look. Definitely fits well with the events going on in this issue. Overall, I need to stress how much I am enjoying this book. Remender, Medina, and the rest of the Venom creative team are doing such a great job on this book that I feel that they should be getting much more recognition for it. Do yourself a favour and pick up this book now!

Cosmic Rating 5/5


- We see Flash dealing with the challenges of living a double life, real interesting character development in this issue. Remender is doing a great job fleshing out his life inside and outside the suit. Great stuff.
- Medina backs up this rich story with some great panels. Love the scenes involving Eddie Brock and the Avengers. Awesome stuff really kept me absorbed from page to page.
- Literally travelled to Hell and back without missing a beat. This issue is seems like the start of some great story on the way, I for one can’t wait to read it.


- Admittedly, this book ties together the plots from many other books. To get the complete story of what Flash is dealing with, you need to have read Carnage U.S.A, Amazing Spider-Man, and Secret Avengers. YOU CAN GET BY WITHOUT IT, and if all else fails just head for the nearest internet search engine.

    That will be all for this week’s comic review. With Easter and the Wizard World Toronto coming up in the first weeks of April I have been a pretty busy guy so not a lot of interesting stories to tell. Until next time, take care and happy reading!

Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #33! New Guardians #7 and Comic Shop Convos!

Hey there comic readers,

    I had myself an interesting discussion at the local comic shop today. One of the employees at the shop was asking me how things were going with my comic. I told him about the first few weeks of selling my comics to stores, the experience of talking with people about my work and meeting other creators, and how I feel my writing has changed since my debut. The last question really stuck in my mind, and was by far the hardest to answer. I realized that as much as I would like to receive feedback on my writing, I don’t really get as much as I would like. It’s a tough position I find myself in. I have never studied creative writing formally, so all of my writing is based off of my knowledge of comics and story telling that I have interpreted from my own reading selection. So I resolved to search online for more online communities that review or critique writing, whether it be through new short stories or just submitting older work. I definitely am hoping that by doing this I can get some definitive answers to where and how I can improve my writing so that moving forward I can keep getting better at it. I am not saying that I am a bad writer. I have been told by a number of people that they really enjoy my writing and look forward to more of it, I just like to be super critical of myself and not settle easily. Nothing worse than thinking that you can’t improve, what a terrible mindset to embrace. At least that’s my opinion. Anyway, enough of that, time to review some comics. Let’s check out my pulls for this week.

Comic Pull List Mar/28/12:


All-Star Western #7
Aquaman #7
Batman The Dark Knight #7
Green Lantern New Guardians #7
The Flash #7
Teen Titans #7


Avenging Spider-Man #5
Ghost Rider #9


The New Deadwardians #1

    Really enjoyed “The New Deadwardians”. I was surprised how absorbed I became after I started reading it. Didn’t have huge hopes for this one since it was an undead story, but I admit that my doubts have been subdued so far. Leave it to Vertigo to give me some of the good stuff. Speaking of good stuff, Green Lanterns New Guardians #7? Yes indeed. This week’s comic review!

Green Lantern New Guardians #7
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Tyler Kirkham

    Really happy with what I saw in this month’s issue of New Guardians. As I have stated in the past, I had started to lose interest in this title. Initially I had expected this title to really showcase the “war of light” aspect of the team up. The initial events kind of supported this for me, since we basically saw Kyle Rayner being the unwilling recipient of every color ring. As the issues progressed however we saw this unlikely team of Arkillo, Munk, Fatality, Bleez, Saint Walker, Glommulus, and Kyle form together. It’s been an interesting ride so far leading to this issue. Issue #7 starts out where it left us in Issue #6, straight into the action. Invictus has definitely shown himself to me to be a character I can enjoy. Bedard puts a lot of effort into fleshing out his motivations and back story this issue, all the while connecting him to everyone’s favourite Orange menace. Between the history we get some great fight scenes, awesome pencils provided by Tyler Kirkham. Every Lantern gets their fair share of spotlight, with some great scenes showcasing the might of Invictus as well. Bedard and Kirkham have really opened my eyes to the potential this book carries for Lantern fans as well as comic readers. I would say you would be hard pressed to not find something interesting from this issue. Looking forward to the next issue and seeing what else Bedard has in store for this team.

Cosmic Rating: 4.5/5

- This issue was a great balance of action, history, and drama. Kept me interested throughout the issue.
- The artwork by Kirkham was great. Tons of pages full of action. Really liked looking at the New Guardians squaring off against all Invictus threw at them.

- Like I said, at one point I was disappointed with this title. That being said, for someone who wants to jump on board this title be advised that their will be a few issues of setup in this title. This may not be bad for everyone, but for me I felt that the pace leading up to issue #7 could have been quicker.

    That’s it for this week’s Cosmic Comic Review. Just letting you guys know that lately I have been really pumping out the creative stuff on my blog. I am putting myself through some writing exercises and basically doing my best to come out with as many works that I can every week. Check out whatever I post on my blog and if you feel so inclined give me some of your input. Would love to hear what you have to say. Until next time, take care and happy reading!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fan Fic! Ghost Rider Shattered Alliance Issue 3!

Ghost Rider Issue 3
By Luca Joriko Baldassarra

[On the terrace at the charity event]

Alejandra standing in front of Thing in Rider form, he is surprised at what he has witnessed but standing ready for a fight. Alejandra holds her scythe sword in her right hand, with a molten chain dangling from her left.

Alejandra (Rider Form): Benjamin Grimm. You are corrupted by a dark presence. You have been tainted by the Serpent’s touch. What I do now, I do to save your soul from damnation.

Thing: Listen lady, I don’t know how you got the Rider’s powers but what I do know is that you are not getting any where near those people inside with those weapons. Are we going to do this the hard way, or the easy way.

Alejandra (Rider Form): You know as much as I that there is no easy road to redemption Benjamin Grimm. I am prepared to do what is necessary to purge the evil from your heart.
<Spins the chain in her left hand>

[Inside the charity dinner, Spider-Man walks up to Reed who is talking with some of the guests.]

Spider-Man: (Puts his hands on Reed’s shoulder) Excuse me Ladies and Gentleman, I just need a moment of Reed’s time. (Pulls him away)

Reed: What do you need Spider-Man? Is something wrong?

Spider-Man: Ben doesn’t seem to be enjoying his night on the town Reed. He has pretty much taken over the security detail and doesn’t seem to be getting along as well as we thought with the guests.

Reed: I know what you mean. If I have to answer another question about how Ben has been since turning into that monster I’m going to…..sigh……Where is he? Maybe we can go cheer him up.

Spider-Man: Security told me he has been on the terrace for the last fifteen minutes. I’ll grab some drinks and meet you up there. Let’s see if we can turn ol’Rocky’s frown upside---

CRASHHHHH Thing crashes through the doorway leading to the terrace and falls into a table of food. He is smoking with black marks across his suit and body. His FF suit is patchy with burn marks shaped like chains.

Spider-Man: --down?

Fiery chains lash themselves around Thing. Guests are in a panic and escaping through the exits. Alejandra jumps down from the hole left from the Thing’s entrance, landing in front of him with her Scythe held up.

Alejandra (Rider Form): Benjamin Grimm, I will scour the depths of your soul. The evil that hides within you will be judged.

Thing: Listen, you don’t need to do this. The evil inside me is gone, the hammer is gone. I am not that monster!

Spider-Man: NO ONE IS JUDGING ANYONE! Especially some chick with a flaming skull and a leather jacket. I mean, C’mon, this is a suit and tie event.

Reed: Spider-Man, do you notice something about the Ghost Rider? That isn’t the one we know. We need backup, we can’t deal with this by ourselves.

Spider-Man: I sent the signal to Avenger’s Mansion before Thing hit the floor Reed, but forces are spread pretty thin nowadays searching for Cyclops and his supporters.

Reed: This is not good then, a Ghost Rider is not something we can take lightly. We’re gonna need help…

Johnny Blaze running, almost out of breath.

Johnny: STOP! STOPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

The bus he was chasing disappears down the road. Johnny Blaze is standing in front of a bus stop near the Cathedral. He is angry.

Johnny: HOW DO PEOPLE GET AROUND IN THIS CITY?! I got no Bike, no money, and now there is a young zealot of a Ghost Rider running rampant in New York and I can’t even get a break from a bus driver!

Taxi pulls up instantly near him and stops.

Taxi Driver: Need a ride pal? Just saw you chasing that bus. Figure you need to get somewhere, and I’m just the guy to take ya.

Johnny hops into the car, reaching into his pocket.

Johnny (thought): I don’t have much money on me to pay the guy, but I need to get into midtown. If I have to, I can bust a window and jump out. Hate to do it, but I need to find Alejandra before she strikes again.

Taxi Driver (smirking): Oh don’t worry Johnny boy. I’ll take you straight to your Rider girlfriend. But along the way we have a few things to discuss about our last deal.

Doors Lock and the seatbelts lash Johnny to the seat.

Johnny: Hey! What? What’s goin’ on?! Who are you?!

Taxi driver turns his head around, revealing dagger teeth in his smile.

Mephisto: A bit uncharacteristic of a demon of my position, but I needed a way to get your attention Johnny. You haven’t been fulfilling your end of the bargain since our last meeting. You wouldn’t be trying to get out of it would you?

Johnny (angry): Mephisto…I don’t know what you’re talking about. I stopped Alejandra from turning the world into a bunch of soulless vegetables. I did what you asked. The deal is done.

Mephisto: No Johnny, the deal is not done. I wanted you to stop her, and clearly she has not been stopped. I want you to kill her Johnny Blaze, kill the Rider and take her place. That was the deal. To see that you fulfill your end of the bargain, I will take you to her myself.

Taxi car drives into a nearby tunnel, disappearing into the darkness.

[Back at the charity event, Reed and Spider-Man have finished evacuating the last of the agents. Ghost Rider continues to fight Thing but Thing is now exhausted. Spider-Man and Reed Richards lay motionless, unconscious.]

Alejandra (Rider Form): Your friends. It appears they lack the strength to continue. Somehow you continue to endure, you are strong Ben Grimm. Stronger than you know.
Lashes Thing with fiery chains, binding him.

Thing: AGHHH!
Alejandra (Rider Form): You are ready Ben Grimm.
Thing: Just shutup and do it already.

Alejandra steps up to Thing, her blade held high over her head.

Alejandra (Rider Form): When this blade pierces your heart, you will experience all the pain and fear that your victims felt. My blade will cleanse your soul of the taint. If you survive, you will have atoned for your sins. Please Benjamin Grimm, have faith.

Alejandra drives the blade through Thing's chest.


Half of Thing’s face begins to change, morphing into the Angir Breaker of Souls.

Alejandra (Rider Form): No Demon. This soul has suffered enough, and now you shall endure his suffering a thousand times!
Alejandra twists her blade and rips it from Thing’s chest. Thing begins to glow an eerie deep green. The spirit of Angir, screaming leaves his body and Thing is exorcised. Thing collapses to the floor a gaping hole in his chest where the blade once was.  Alejandra transforms back to human form and stands over Thing. She stares at the blood on her hands.

Alejandra: Your sacrifice will not be forgotten Ben Grimm.
Johnny: No Alejandra. It won’t be forgotten.
Johnny stands behind her in the doorway.

Johnny: I’m gonna stop you. Whatever it takes.
Alejandra: How do you think you are going to do that? You’re human now Johnny Blaze. You gave up the Spirit of Vengeance. You have no chance against me. Just leave. Live the life you wanted so desperately.

A Fiery Chain grabs her bloodstained hand, Burning her skin.

Alejandra: Ahh! (grunting in pain) How? How could you?
Johnny (Transforming into a Rider): What….ever….it……takes!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #32: MEGA REVIEW! Batman #7, Nightwing #7, Amazing Spider-Man #682! How a "Night of Owls" goes to the "Ends of the Earth"

Hey there comic readers,

    I found myself extremely conflicted on the matter of which review I would write today. The biggest reason being, a lot of new stuff come out today. In a single Wednesday we had an assault of a lot of my favourite books that I am reading right now all at once. To get some perspective on what I am talking about let’s jump right into my pull list.

Comic Pull List Mar/21/12

Dark Horse

The Goon #38


Batman #7
Batman Beyond #2
Captain Atom #7
Catwoman #7
Green Lantern Corps #7
Justice League #7
Nightwing #7
Red Hood and the Outlaws #7


Smoke and Mirrors #1


The Amazing Spider-Man #682
Supercrooks #1 (Millar World)

    So if you have been following the latest major events coming from Marvel and DC you may be able to see why I was so conflicted this week. In terms of Marvel, this week marked the beginning of “The Ends of the Earth” story from Dan Slott in Amazing Spider-Man. In terms of DC, I witnessed the beginning of the “Night of Owls” story coming out of Batman and Nightwing #7 respectively. I gotta say, all three books were awesome reads. At this moment however, I have an obvious dilemma. Which one do I review?  After much deliberation, I have chosen to discuss BOTH. Yes. I am pulling out all the stops this week and reviewing “Night of Owls” found in both Batman #7 and Nightwing #7 as well as Amazing Spider-Man #682. Hold on to your hats people. We’re going in.

Batman #7
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo

    This is it. Everything that has been building since the beginning of the New 52. Scott Snyder’s epic tale of terror. Snyder’s run at “breaking the bat”. Anyone who is familiar with the phrase knows that it is definitely not a simple task. Batman, a man without any superhuman features, is nothing if not one of the most respected heroes in the history of comics. Bob Kane’s Legacy is very much elevated to a status of near invulnerability. Gotham City. Batman’s city. An avenger fighting for sanity in a place that is shrouded in perpetual nightfall. Now what if you take that city away from him. Turn it against him. Make him doubt everything he has ever known and by doing so, shake his resolve to its core. This is exactly what I feel Snyder has been doing with Batman since issue #1. Taking simple flaws found in the caped crusader, and expanding on them until we have a certifiable weakness. The Court of Owls (his new enemies in the shadows) is entirely prepared to exploit those weaknesses in ways that we have never before seen. Fast forward to issue #7, and the chilling aftermath of Batman’s first real engagement with the Court of Owls has left him changed forever. That is as much as I am willing to tell about this issue. I am entirely happy with everything Snyder has done on Batman since the launch of the New 52. Its bold, refreshing, and gives me an intense feeling of suspense. I can honestly say that this is the most fun I have had reading Batman in a long time. With Capullo on pencils that story is translated word for word in eye absorbing art form. Capullo has a way of showing me a Batman that is visibly distraught and shaken. It’s a Batman I am not normally accustomed to looking at, but one that I would not want to see go anytime soon. A great creative team for one of the best books DC is putting out right now. No question on my mind, this book gets a well-deserved perfect rating from me.

Cosmic Rating 5/5

Nightwing #7
Written by Kyle Higgins
Art by Eddy Barrows & Geraldo Borges

    I am going to be completely honest, I have not been enjoying Nightwing as much as I thought I would. I am not going to say I hate this book, because that would be a gross over reaction to my previous comment. I just have not been able to connect to this Dick Grayson as much as I did when I was reading his time as Batman. This issue was the conclusion of current story line featuring the villain “Saiko” and Dick’s return to Haly’s Circus. Among other things, this issue has revealed many dark secrets about Dick Grayson’s past all of which being completely unknown to him until this issue. This issue also served to connect into the “Night of Owls” story, as well as connecting in small part to the events going on in Batman #7. A nice extra indeed. Higgins time on Nightwing has been, for me at least, somewhat boring. I think it is just that I could not take his villain seriously. Possibly because I was reading Nightwing beside Snyder’s Batman and just hoping that they would cross over eventually. In any case I don’t feel like I have given Nightwing enough credit. I caught myself hoping that Nightwing and Batman crossover more than actually caring about what was happening to Nightwing. It’s in this issue I finally caught myself at fault and took the time to go over all SEVEN issues of Nightwing again to get a better sense of the story going on. You know what I realized? Higgins is doing a great job. The Dick Grayson I am reading is a man torn by responsibilities and missed opportunities in this story. The way this issue ended definitely was something I enjoyed. Love how they interconnect and can’t wait to see how the story will adapt moving forward. Art from Barrows and Borges remains solid, providing a lot of great action in the panels of this issue. A great issue from start to finish, looking forward to seeing how this continues in the upcoming story event.

Cosmic Rating: 4/5

Amazing Spider-Man #682Written by Dan Slott
Art by Stefano Caselli

    Another highly anticipated story event finally arrives in this week’s pages of Amazing Spider-Man. Dan Slott has been giving us a lot of insight into what he is trying to accomplish in this event, and I think it definitely has gotten me pumped up to dive right into this one. In broad strokes, Dr. Octopus has found himself terminally ill. In one last bid for glory, he gathers the Sinister Six for his master plan. Together with their combined forced, this issue marks the beginning of that final plan and has forced Spider-Man to prepare for a final confrontation between himself and some of his greatest foes. Once again, I am supremely pleased with how this first part of the story was delivered. I was worried that the teasers given over the past few weeks would leave me with a feeling of disappointment after the first issue. I had convinced myself that the first issue would not be able to reveal enough to satisfy me. I am so glad at how wrong I was. This issue was great, full of action, suspense, and that Slott styled Peter Parker monologue that I have come to enjoy thoroughly. I must hand it to Dan Slott for making it so enjoyable to read, because it really is a great reading experience that I would highly recommend to any closet Spidey fan that is curious about jumping into comics. Stefano Caselli’s pencils have become another part of this book that just pairs together so nicely. Thoroughly enjoyed this issue from end to end, the art being no small part in that. The new suit was definitely something that I had been very excited to see as well, as I had done my best to avoid spoiling it for myself once I found out that it was coming in this story line. Such a great issue, and a great start to the “Ends of the Earth” event. Can’t wait for the next one!

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

    That was a big review. I can’t believe how much reviewing I got done this week. With story events as big as these just starting, I felt that it was necessary. Hopefully comic readers will enjoy the insight I have offered instead of just thinking TL:DR. Wouldn’t that be funny? Until next week then, take care and happy reading!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fan Fiction! Ghost Rider Edition "Shattered Alliance Event Issue #2"

 Long delay between postings, but this is Issue 2 of the fan-fiction Ghost Rider:Shattered Alliance story I wrote for Marvel 2012. Enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment!

Ghost Rider Shattered Alliance Issue 2
By: Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra

Alejandra riding her motorcycle on the FDR Expressway, in human form. She is weaving between cars traveling at break neck speed. Though she appears reckless, inside her mind she is thinking back to a moment in time, where she faced an evil that shook her to her core.

Alejandra <Driving her motorcycle> remembering her fight with Sin (Skadi Form):
“This is the weapon given to me by the Lord of all Terror. The killer of the God of Storms. To touch it…is to touch fear itself. It will change you…

Alejandra (thought): Rambling. Rambling of a sinner. That’s all it was…
<Alejandra hit’s the gas and the motorcycle accelerates into a wheelie and continues down the highway>

[Next Day at the Baxter Building, Morning]

Reed Richards: So it appears tonight there will be some sort of benefit dinner fundraising for the reconstruction of New York. A lot of top officials and professionals will be in attendance.

Spider-Man<Looking over the attendance list>(sarcastic): Aka. New York’s rich and famous, making pretty and noble for all the cameras. Funny, I don’t recall them having the same attitude during the attacks. But hey, when you have access to your own private helicopters why stick around for…

Ben Grimm(visibly distraught): They were scared Spidey. Everyone was. Do you blame ‘em? I mean I…

Reed Richards(concerned): Ben. I can’t imagine what you had to go through during that time, but its over now. You beat it. That “Thing” was not what you are--

Spidey: Soooooooo. What were you saying about security detail? I’m guessing the guests would feel a lot better knowing that they have the FF on security.

Reed Richards: Yes. The head of security has extended an invite to all of us on the team, and has asked if  we would not mind overlooking the security detail and procedures he has in place for the evening.

Ben Grimm(monotone): Sure. Sounds good Reed. If you guys will excuse me, I’m gonna go for a bit, get ready for tonight.
Spidey: Ya me too. How ‘bout we go get some lunch Ben?
Ben Grimm(anger): Alone. I am gonna go, alone.

<Reed and Spidey are taken back by the sudden outburst, as Ben leaves the room and the door closes behind him>

Reed(concerned): Spiderman. What are we going to do about Ben.
Spidey(sad): It’s not what we can do Reed. It’s what is Ben going to do about Ben.

[In a small diner in the city, Johnny Blaze sits at the drinking a cup of coffee and reading through the morning paper.]

Johnny(thought): Not much in the headlines today that I can use. May be that Alejandra’s trail has gone cold. That girl has been heading East for weeks now, how could she just disappea--

Diner Guest, Ricky(loud): I’m telling ya Joe, roasted to a crisp. Like some sort of freakin’ BBQ!
Diner Guest, Joe(skeptical): Right outside St.Pat’s? C’mon Ricky you usually have some pretty stupid stories but who kills someone in front of a church. For Christ’s sake…it ain’t right.
Diner Guest Ricky(angry): Why would I lie about something like that?!
Diner Guest Joe(angry): Why did you lie about paying me that fifty you owe me? Why did you lie about that scratch on my car the other day? Why did you lie about going out with my sister last Thursday?!

[Johnny standing over them]
Johnny(serious): Alright Ricky. What did you say happened? Outside a church?
Ricky(confused): Uh…ya. When I was out for my morning jog I went by the church like I always do and there was a couple of squad cars. They hadn’t even set up the tape yet. I got a look at the body, and it was a freakin massacre. Looked like something out of a movie.
Joe(angry): Please buddy, don’t encourage him.
Ricky(pointing at the TV): Look! Look! That’s it on the TV! Turn it up!

[Johnny and the other Diner patrons/workers all looking at the TV]
Reporter:…at the scene of a grisly murder scene here outside St.Patrick’s Cathedral. Authorities believe it to be the work of rival gangs, but investigations are still on going. It appears that the victims were lit on fire by their assailants, their charred bodies discovered early this morning by the clergyman. All masses have been suspended pending further investigation---

Ricky(triumphant): Who’s a liar now Joe?
Joe(moody): Ya whatever Ricky, you still owe me fifty bucks.
[Johnny leaves change on the counter and walks towards the exit]

Johnny (thought): She’s here. She’s in New York. She has to be.
[Looking at the New York skyline, overwhelmed]
Johnny(thought): But where is she going? Who’s next?

[Later that evening, outside the Rebuild New York benefit dinner]

Security Guard (into his earpiece): Another batch of guests have arrived. Going through security check now.
Ben Grimm (into earpiece): Sounds good. I’m going to make my way over to Sector 3.
Security Guard (into his earpiece): Roger.

[Spidey places a hand on Ben’s shoulder]
Spidey: Hey buddy. You do know that we just had to overlook security. Not BE security. We’re guests, remember?
Ben Grimm: No offence Spidey, but I don’t think I feel very welcome tonight.
Spidey: What makes you say that Ben?

[In the room, groups of people are staring at Ben and Spidey, muttering to themselves. Their eyes narrowed as they look at Ben Grimm.]

Ben(sad): Call it a hunch. (forces a smile)I’m gonna get back to patrolling. I’ll meet up in a bit for a drink?
Spidey(solemn): Sure Ben. Sounds good.

[As Ben walks off towards the balcony doors, Spider-Man looks on]

Ben [looking out at the New York skyline from the balcony view, the streets dotted with construction cranes from the rebuilding efforts] (hears a noise behind him and turns, to see a girl standing behind him)

Alejandra: You. You’re the Thing. Benjamin Grimm correct?
Ben: Ya. That’s me. (looks over her suspiciously)
Alejandra: I sense…great pain. Your soul cries out in anguish. I do not understand.
Ben: Ya uh. Listen lady, can I see some I.D.? You here with anyone?
Alejandra: I have been sent on a mission of great importance. I am here to cleanse New York of sin. I feel your heart weighed down by great sin Benjamin Grimm. [Ignites into Ghost Rider Form]
Alejandra (Ghost Rider Form): Your soul seeks atonement Benjamin Grimm. I offer you Divine Judgement.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #31: Green Lantern #7 and How I fail Time Travel!

Hey there comic readers,

    I was pretty excited today when I realized it was Wednesday. Over the past few days I have started to lose all sense of time because of the recent time change. “Spring Forward” I’ve heard people call it. Completely ruined my perspective of time and space. Yesterday evening I noticed the sun was out and it was past 7pm and I completely lost all comprehension of the world. It really surprised me for some reason. It’s weird how that works. During winter sometimes I feel like my  days are wasted since when I got home in the early evening after school/work/what not, its already dark. Then when the seasons change, I feel like my days are being put into fast forward after work. Regardless, when Wednesday rolls around, I always find time for new comics and this Wednesday was no exception. Let’s take a look at what I picked up this week:

Comic Pull List: Mar/14/12


Batman & Robin #7
Deathstroke #7
Green Lantern #7


Saucer County #1


Carnage U.S.A #4 of 5
Incredible Hulk #6
Journey into Mystery #635
Scarlet Spider #3
Wolverine and the X-Men #7

    This week I had a pretty good time reading my Marvel and DC selection. Scarlet Spider was exceptionally phenomenal of the Marvel books I grabbed. I really love what Yost and Stegman are doing on this title. The best way to describe it would be “Dark Spider-Man”, but check it out and try it for yourself. For now we move on to the weekly comic review, the highly anticipated Green Lantern #7!

Green Lantern #7
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke
Inks by Keith Champagne & Christian Alamy
Colors by Alex Sinclair

    There is a lot to be said about how relevant this issue was to fans of the Blackest Night story. The War of Light brought many new colors to the Green Lantern universe, each bearing its own significance within the emotional spectrum. One corps however, or tribe as they are referred to, was very much steeped in mystery even after the Blackest Night event. The Indigo Tribe, wielders of the Indigo rings of compassion, have not been explored until this issue. Johns described in earlier statements that this story arc would explore the mysterious Indigo Tribe and it’s leader Indigo-1. Now if you are a fan of the Green Lantern series like I am, you know how big the potential is for this story line. There is an array of reasons I can think of that help make this story arc something that could bring about some very crucial information for where Johns is taking Green Lantern in the New 52. Not only do we see the brewing tension among the GL Corps itself, but with the introduction of the Indigo’s we now have a very real threat to not only Sinestro but with the addition of an old nemesis, Hal as well. I must hand it to Johns on this issue, he sets up a lot of suspense for issue 8. In a sense that can be viewed as a negative, since nothing really happens in this issue other than a few bread crumbs being sprinkled in front of the reader, letting your mind wander at the information you have just been presented with. I have a lot of hope that this story arc is going to be great, considering how much demand there has been for insight into this Lantern Corps as well as the characters involved in the story line. True to form, Mahnke brings us more phenomenal GL pencils in this issue. Combine with inks from Champagne and Alamy, add a dash of colors by Sinclair, you my friends have the recipe for a great read that will have you set up nicely for what is to come. It’s hard to imagine that this creative team, who has done nothing to upset me since the relaunch, will have any trouble keeping me entertained moving forward in this story arc. Looking forward to the months ahead.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

- Johns sets up a lot of details in this issue and introduces a good array of plot points to move forward with in this story arc.
- Mahnke’s pencils are just what I expected. I love the scene where the Indigo’s arrive in front of Sinestro. Fantastic work.
- Let’s not forget Champagne, Alamy, and Sinclair. All the credit to them for helping bring life to every alien, construct, and our favourite heroes/villains in this issue.
- As I said before, I am a fan of GL. I had no trouble going through this issue more than once, and highly suggest that others curious about GL jump on here.

- Nothing really HAPPENS in this issue. As I stated earlier, it’s a setup issue, so don’t expect much in the sense of action packed fights.

    That will be all for this week’s review. I plan to pick up a bunch more comics in the coming weeks since I have located a couple of sales going on around the GTA. If you are interested in learning of some sales feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to get you the info you need. Thinking about grabbing some older stories from the Marvel and DC universes, and some Vertigo/Image titles. Any recommendations? Drop it as a comment. Until next week, take care and happy reading!

 Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra

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