Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #29! Venom 13.4 "The Circle of Four" & How do you Indy?

Hey there comic readers,

    Definitely a late night for me this week. Could be the leap year, or maybe it has something to do with my schedule lately. It definitely seems harder and harder for me to find time to sit down and write. I think the amount of issues I needed to read this week was definitely a blessing in disguise for me. Let’s take a look at what I mean, here’s this week’s comic pull list:

Comic Pull List: Feb/29/12


Batman Beyond #1
Justice League #6


The Amazing Spider-Man #680
Venom #13.4

As you can see, not a lot going on with my pull list this week. The good thing that can be said is that all four of these titles were pretty awesome in my opinion. Justice League had some pretty great artwork and action. Definitely a good pick up for anyone interested this week. As for Batman Beyond #1, this is pretty much picking up where it left out pre-New 52. Anyone who is interested on jumping in on this completely in the loop should look into picking up the trade paperback that is available in soft cover at most comic shops now. With Amazing Spider-Man making its way towards the “Ends of the Earth” story event, that just leaves Venom 13.4, this week’s review title. As the fifth part in the Circle of Four story, this issue definitely has me ready for issue #14. Let’s check out why with this week’s Cosmic Comic Review!

Venom "Goes to Hell" #13.4
Written by Rick Remender
Other writers include Jeff Parker & Rob Williams
Pencils by Lan Medina
Inks by Nelson DeCastro & Terry Pallot
Colors by Marte Gracia & Antonio Fabela

    This issue is the fifth part in the “Circle of Four” story that started in issue 13. Now when I originally learned of “Circle of Four” I was a bit sceptical on how this was going to be. I have really been enjoying Remender’s run on Venom, and everything he has done with the character so far. I decided to give this “Circle of Four” a chance. To break it down, “Circle of Four” is a team book involving Venom, Red Hulk, X-23, and the new Ghost Rider, Alejandra. The team is working to stop the emergence of Hell on Earth. Other characters involved include former Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze, Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange, and Damion Hellstrom, the rogue son of Satan. With such a wide and varied cast of characters both good and evil, this story definitely will hit the right notes for those craving a story full of action and something different. Remender at the helm, along with support by Williams and Parker, have offered a great cast of writing for the team’s characters from 13 to 13.4 have done a great job of bringing this to the page over the last month. With a story involving Hell, you get some soul-searching from each character as they battle their own demons while working to stop Hell on Earth. The art from Lan Medina is not something I am crazy for to be honest. The fight scenes are done well and frequent in this issue as it is the fifth part in the mini-series. For me it just isn’t something I was crazy about, though to say I hated his art would not be right either. I will say this though, the last page was definitely something cool that I did enjoy. Overall, I am really pumped for the conclusion of the “Circle of Four”. Over the past month it has given me an interesting and entertaining read consistently. It is cool to see more spotlight on Alejandra, the new Ghost Rider and X-23, even more so since the news about their title cancellations. If you are into heaven/hell themed story and art, or just looking for an interesting read away from the ordinary, check out Circle of Four.
Cosmic Rating: 4/5

- Consistently good story thus far from this. Moving into it’s conclusion in issue 14 this is definitely a story to check out.
- This is a team book with an unlikely cast of heroes. The story thus far has offered some interesting developments and setup a lot to consider for the conclusion. I am interested to see where it all goes.
- This is a Heaven/Hell story, so pretty much anything goes. With the writers on board, who doesn’t like that idea?

- The art is nothing I was crazy for. I can’t really say it was terrible or took from the story a lot it just wasn’t something I was too fond of. Very dark and heavy inks.

    That will conclude the Cosmic Comic Review for this week. Another late night for me here to be certain. I actually have a favor to ask those who may be more knowledgeable than I at this particular topic. Currently I am trying to invest more of my reading time into Indy Comics. If you have any indy series you could recommend leave a comment for me on my Facebook page, or tweet me. I definitely want to start getting more diversity into my comic selection and really explore different writers that may be hidden outside the mainstream spotlight. Any suggestions you could make would be much appreciated. Until next week, take care and happy reading!

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Fan Fiction!!!! Ghost Rider Edition "Shattered Alliance Event Issue #1"

Hey there comic readers,

     I was debating posting this on my blog for the last couple days and I finally decided today that I would. This is fan-fiction I wrote for a website "Marvel 2012". The website itself hosts a bunch of fan-fiction featuring various characters from the Marvel Universe, all written by comic fans. Here is the site if you would like to check it out:

All of my work that you will find there, will be posted here on my blog eventually. Hope you all enjoy it. Here is Issue One of my Ghost Rider story arc, which takes place immediately after the Fear Itself Ghost Rider mini. Enjoy!

Reference for Readers:
ITALICS: Set up the scene for you
[bolded]: ACTIONS!
(thought): This is not being said outloud or to anyone
(transformed state): Will distinguish if the character is using their superpowers or not, e.g Rider Form


Ghost Rider : Shattered Alliance #1
“Snuffed Out”
Written by: Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra
Cover Art by: Josh “Jawsh” Moniz

>Johnny is sitting, staring at the ground. Pensive. Johnny is visibly upset, and his face is smudged with dirt.<
Johnny Blaze [narration]: For years I suffered from a curse. I ain’t talking bad luck, or gambling, or liquor either….though I guess in some ways you’d be inclined to think differently. No, I am talking about an honest to God curse. But those days are over….

Foreman: Alright new guy, back to work! We gotta’ schedule to keep, this rubble ain’t gonna clear itself.
Johnny: Sure thing boss….not like I need to rest or anything.
Johnny (thought): Just gotta’ work till I can buy a ticket outta this city.
[Johnny is clearing out debris alongside another worker]
Worker: So Johnny was it? What brings you to New York? I mean….there isn’t much left after those robot Nazi’s smashed up the place.

Johnny: I’m looking for a girl.
Worker: A girl? Your Ex I’m guessin’?
Johnny: Somethin’ like that.
Worker: Well, take my advice friend. No gal is worth wasting your time over, plenty of others out there for a good lookin’ guy like you. Besides, if you don’t know where she is chances are she took off like the rest of the people when the crazy Nazi’s showed up.
Johnny: Ya…thanks for the advice….[Thought:] That I didn’t ask for….

[Johnny is struggling to lift a fragment of a wall, that is stuck in the ground, worker look over after hearing him struggle]
Johnny: C’mon you stupid….Ugh!
Worker: That looks like it’s pretty deep, I’ll go grab the backhoe. [Worker reaches behind him][Worker arms extended handing a chain to Johnny]
Worker: Wrap this around it as best you can. Think you handle that?
[Johnny holding the chain in his hand, with a smirk on his face]
Johnny: Ya. I think I can manage.

[A limousine pulls up to the construction site. Johnny holding a wheel barrow full of debris looks over and notices it. Three men in suits step out the limo and survey the site.]
Johnny: What’s with the limo? They here to help out too?
Worker: Very funny. Those are the suits that bought up this land from the old owners. They are putting up new buildings and giving the people who lived here a new place to live. If you ask me, just goes to show there are still good people out there.
[Johnny looks at them suspiciously]
Johnny (thought): Free housing? No strings attached? I don’t buy it…
Johnny: I didn’t ask you. Let’s get back to work.
Johnny (thought): …there is no such thing as a fair deal.
[The men from the limousine stand in front of the site foreman. The foreman is nervous.]
Foreman: Mr. Moro?! What a pleasant surprise. What brings you and your colleagues here?
Mr. Moro: Just showing these prospective investors the site of the first of many housing projects throughout the city. Those Asgard folks really did a number on the housing of New York citizens, these men share my vision of bringing new affordable housing to the less fortunate members of our fair city.
Foreman: That is certainly a very noble project sir, and I am happy to be a part of supervising this site.
Mr.Moro: Let’s see if we can motivate these workers to get things done ahead of schedule. I’m sure someone who can manage that will find the people of New York to be very thankful.
Foreman: Y-Yes sir Mr. Moro! I won’t let them down!
Mr. Moro: Good man.

[The three businessman walk away from the site towards the limousine.]
[The three men sit in the limo, as it is driving.]
Mr. Moro: As you can see gentleman, the sites are more than able to accommodate the proposed building plans. We can have the first of the buildings completed within a few weeks time. The beauty of underpaid labour, and ridiculous pricing cuts from Uncle Sam.
First Investor: That’s all fine and well Mr.Moro, but how is it that I am going to be able to get the returns you’re proposing. Real Estate is fine and well, but the people who originally lived here have nothing. They’ll likely be back on the streets in a few months, leaving us with empty buildings to pay for.
Second Investor: Not to mention this city has been invaded, levelled, and threatened more times in one year than I can remember. These insurance quotes are absolutely insane!
Mr. Moro: Friends in high places gentleman,  friends in high places. I’ll have all the details at the meeting next week. You just come with your chequebooks ready. Now, let’s look into some lunch.

Johnny sitting at a table in a bar. Drinking. Newspapers are strewn across the table in front of him, from different cities across the United States.
Johnny(thought): Eighteen. Eighteen deaths. All of them the same way. Fire.
Johnny: Alejandra…
Johnny (thought): I have to hurry, get back on her trail. I have to talk to her, convince her there is a better way to use the curse. Before it’s too late…
Johnny gets up from the table, and begins to gather his things. The TV at the bar, is the only sound in the almost empty bar.
TV: …plans for reconstruction have been estimated in the range of $50-$100million dollars, a sum the taxpayers would be hard pressed to meet in these trying times. However, the actions of one New York businessman, Mr. Nathaniel Moro may be the glimmer of hope for many now homeless New Yorkers.
Johnny (thought): Glimmer of hope? More like glimmer of gold. I don’t need to be a Rider to figure out this guys angle.

Mr. Moro is on the TV being interviewed
TV: I wanted to provide the people who have suffered during the Asgardian attack a chance to get their homes back, better than they were before. In this great city, everyone deserves a home they can be proud of. My investors and I want to give back to this city that has given us so much, especially in this time of need.
[Johnny looks at the TV disgusted.]
Johnny (thought): More like kick these people while they're down. Bunch of suited vultures moving in to clean up the mess. City is on it’s knees, and people like you know how to keep it there.
[Johnny throws the money he owes on the counter, and heads for the door. The TV still playing on his way out. Mr. Moro is still talking on the TV interview.]
TV: After everything that’s happened we’re all lost, we’re all trying to cope with what we have been through. Now is the time to figure out who we are, and figure out where we want to go from here.
Thank you for those inspiring words Mr. Moro. For Channel 5 News I’m---
Johnny (thought): I need to get back on her trail. I need to find her…

Alejandra is sitting on her bike in front of the St.Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. She is holding a newspaper in her hands. The headline reads “Nat Moro, New York’s Hero!”
Johnny (thought): ….before she finds someone else.
Alejandra(thought): I will find them all. All the sinners will be judged, the sinners…
[Alejandra transforms into the rider, the newspaper ignites in her hands.]
Alejandra(Rider Form): …SHALL BURN!


    That's the end of Issue 1. I really enjoy writing these fan-fiction's more than I originally thought i would. It is nice to have characters with ample history behind them to work with. I have started Issue 2, and should have it in a week or two. I write the fan-fiction in my spare time so releases of newer issues will vary. I will do my best to be as frequent as possible. Hope you guys enjoy it! Comment!

Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra 

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Cosmic Comic Review #28! The Flash #6 and Comic Sales this weekend!

Hey there comic readers,

    We have arrived at yet another glorious Wednesday, so to celebrate we shall indulge in the spoils of new comics that were released today. If you went to go check out Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance this past weekend, you have my sincerest apologies. That movie ticket could have been a much more productive evening. Let’s face it though, not many individuals expected that movie to be the break out hit of 2012. But enough about comic movie regrets, lets get to this week’s comic pull list:

Comic Pull List: Feb/22/12


All-Star Western #6
Aquaman #6
Batman The Dark Knight #6
Green Lantern New Guardians #6
The Flash #6
The Ray #3
Teen Titans #6


Secret Avengers #23
Wolverine and the X-Men #6
Venom #13.3

    In my opinion I had a pretty good selection this week. I was fairly disappointed with The Ray. I was interested in trying it out to give the character a shot, but as of right now he hasn’t doing anything that really keeps me interested. The stand out issues this week outside the review choice would have to be Teen Titans #6 and Venom #13.3. Lobdell is pretty consistent when it comes to the Teen Titans, each issue has been progressing well and keeping the action and information flowing perfectly. I am really excited to see the upcoming event involving them and Legion Lost. As for Venom #13.3, I am really surprised with this “Circle of Four” event. I will admit I was initially put off because it was a .1, .2, .3 event numbering. This issue definitely put those doubts to sleep with the ending, I am very excited to see how they will move forward with that development. Check ‘em out when you get a chance! For now we will be moving to this week’s review issue, the highly anticipated debut of Captain Cold in The Flash #6!

The Flash #6
Written by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Francis Manapul

     I have a buddy of mine who is hands down the biggest Flash buff I know. This guy knows EVERYTHING about the Flash. A walking Flash history book, hands down. For some unknown reason he decided that after Flashpoint, he was done with Flash. If you are reading this Mark….I demand you read my issues of the Flash. Demand it. This issue, was not at all what I expected when I envisioned the debut/return of Captain Cold. I absolutely love what Manapul and Buccellato did in this issue. Captain Cold is one of the most interesting villains I have encountered in the DC Universe and for me this issue completely did justice to him for his debut in the New 52. A warning to Flash fans, some changes have been made, but to their defense I think these changes put to rest a lot of debatable questions surrounding the Captain and his powers. If you haven’t seen Manapul’s new look for Captain Cold, you can find it easily online with a simple keyword search. Great new look for the Captain Cold, as the above picture will show. In earlier Flash reviews I have commented that I feel that Manapul's art is well matched with the young Barry Allen we follow in the story. I feel like this new look for Captain Cold further emphasizes this change. I feel like I am looking at a young Captain Cold, as opposed to the same Captain Cold I would have encountered in Flashpoint. The character's authenticity is further emphasized for me in the issue when we get a glimpse at his motivation. Loved it. The issue is paced in a style that shows events that have already happened and then retells them from different points in time. Manapul and Buccellato haven’t forgot about the Speedforce limitations they introduced last issue and assert them in this issue that really sets the mood for the battle to come. The issue comes to an awesome conclusion that had me wanting more. I am very happy with how this title is moving forward and am really excited to see the return of the rest of Flash’s rogues in the coming issues. If you are like my buddy Mark, a huge Flash fan still on the fence about jumping into the New 52, do yourself a favour and take the first step. Flash Fact, you won’t regret it.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5
- Captain Cold returns, still a big player among Flash’s rogue with a few new tricks up his sleeve
- The Speedforce dangers continue, love how the boys are working this threat into the story
- Flash is juggling his social life alongside his superhero life in this issue giving a nice build up moving into the next issue

- If I had to find a problem, it would be the pacing of the issue. Like I said it jumps back and forth in time, some readers may not like that style. 

    That is it for this week’s Cosmic Comic Review. Some quick news for any comic readers who live in the GTA. Cyber City Comix is having its monthly sale this weekend Feb 25/26th, so if you are looking for back issues, collectibles, manga, etc. it’s a great event to check out. Here are the details:

Cyber City Comix (Warehouse Sale)
855 Alness St., Unit 20
(Corner of Dolomite Dr and Alness St, 2 lights SOUTH of Steeles Ave W, off Dufferin St)
Sat Feb 25: 12pm-5pm
Sun Feb 26: 12pm-4pm
Cash Only!!!
416 667 7592

I will try to keep any comic store sales I come across posted on my blog. I will do a helpful reminder on my twitter as well, @Lucacosmic. The sales are for those living in the Toronto or GTA area, unless the stores offer their sales online. Websites will be provided if I know they do. Until next week, take care and happy reading!

Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra 

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Cosmic Comic Review #27! Red Hood and the Outlaws #6 and Shadowlines in stores now!

Hey there comic readers,

    If you do not know already I am there writer of an independently produced comic book called Shadowlines. Shadowlines is my first comic book and has already printed four issues. Today was a big day for my first comic as it premiered for sale on the shelves of Cyber City Comix in Toronto. I am hoping this is the first store of many and it will mark the beginning of my comic writing career. If you want to check out my comic, you can do so at I would love to get some feedback on my work so far as every review helps me grow as a writer. Enough about Shadowlines for now, let’s move onto this weeks comic review. We’ll start by taking a look at my pull list:

Comic Pull List: Feb/15/12


Batman #6
Captain Atom #6
Catwoman #6
Green Lantern Corps #6
Nightwing #6
Red Hood and the Outlaws #6


Amazing Spider-Man #679.1
Avenging Spider-Man #4
Uncanny X-Men #7
Venom 13.2

    I was a bit disappointed with my pulls this week. The only titles I thoroughly enjoyed were Batman, Red Hood, and Venom. As for the others, the stories ranged from O.K. to not particularly interesting. I think the biggest disappointment for me was Captain Atom, which up until issue 5 I was very much enjoying and interested in. A similar pattern is starting to take hold for me on Nightwing and Catwoman. I suppose this is to be expected with a pull list as large as mine, but at the same time it serves to remind me that sometimes consistency is hard to maintain even with good writers like Krul and Higgins. There is also the characters to consider in the equation, as my main motivation to pick up Nightwing was because of how much I enjoyed his time wearing the mantle of Batman. All in all, it was quite hit and miss for me this week, with the three issues I mentioned above standing well above the others in my eyes. Which brings me to my next problem. Which one should I review? It’s definitely a DC title, I am certain of that. But which title? Batman or his former protégée? Let’s not mix things up, they are both great issues, beautifully written and masterfully conveyed in terms of art. Both those creative teams did a FANTASTIC job. I think Snyder and Capullo will be getting enough attention with out the need for my contribution to the fanfare though. That’s right, this week I am taking a look at Red Hood and the Outlaws #6!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #6
Written by Scott Lobdell and Josh Williamson
Pencils by Kenneth Rocafort
Colors by Blond
Letters by Dezi Sienty

    Allow me to be clear on this first point, this issue is a must read. It is probably no secret to most comic readers that this title has been one of the most controversial of the New 52. Most who disliked this title were disappointed or upset with how Lobdell portrayed one of the main characters, Princess Koriand’r, better known as Starfire. Let me just state, that I did not have a problem with this series from the start, as the press releases before Issue #1 suggested that this title would not be child friendly. For me, since the beginning of Red Hood and the Outlaws, I saw past the “bikini-shot” heard around the world, and what I was left with was an unexpected team of former heroes that had come together for reasons unknown. Fast forward to the present, and the reason why I chose this title as my review for this month. This issue is the issue you need to read to understand the Jason-Starfire relationship. This is obviously something Lobdell has been building too since Issue #1. I could not be more pleased. The insight provided by this issue has definitely put to rest the lingering doubts I had while reading through #4 and #5. It is clear to me that Lobdell has weaved together a strong underlying motivation that draws these characters together as a team, and with Williamson on the dialogue you really get a sense of authenticity to these characters that doesn’t feel forced or out of character. Once again Rocafort delivers some beautiful pencils in this title, providing that smooth and polished art that I have come to love. The same can be said about Blond’s colouring on this issue, most notably the final pages which are amazingly done. Overall this is a back story issue, it gives answers to the important questions about the team that readers need to know. With the quality of writing shown to me in this issue, I for one am excited to continue following Jason’s team through the New 52. Check it out for yourself.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

- The writing team shows critics why Starfire is more than just eye candy in this issue, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
- The team’s history is beginning to piece together with this issue, this is the issue you need to read to understand why Jason has Starfire on the Outlaws.
- This issue shows me why Jason deserves his own title. Great Job Lobdell and Williamson
- The art team brings it all home with the best pages I have seen this week from DC. Simply amazing work.

Bad (Just so you know)
- As a back story issue, this issue is not action driven. If that’s what you came for you may come away disappointed.
- It is issue 6, but these events take place before issue 1. Again, it’s a look into the history of the team so don’t lose sight of the BIG picture here.

    That will wrap up this week’s comic review. Hope you had a great week and I will see you back here next week for more reviews and more comics. Until then, take care and happy reading!

Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #26! Scarlet Spider #2 and How YOU can be a Hero!

Hey there comic readers,

    I like to think that one of the reason people enjoy reading comics is because the are fond of the idea of “heroes”. Heroes who are willing to do what it takes to do the right thing, whether it involves personal sacrifice, hard work, or protecting those they care about. I recently received news from a friend of mine that he will be taking part in the “Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer” in June. This ride is over 200km, with all money raised going towards funding cancer research. I believe that comic readers can truly appreciate how heroic the actions of my friend are, and as such I hereby challenge those reading this blog to do something equally heroic. Take the time to visit the link below, and donate to this great cause. Yes you may not know my friend, but my challenge is for YOU to do something heroic by donating to this great cause. I myself have already donated as an act of good faith and to help him out, I would love to see him reach his goal and hope that those who read this can help contribute to that goal. Here is the link:

Moving on to the blog, this week I was given a pretty decent sized pull once again, with a heavy Marvel pull for this week. Let’s take a look at the my comic pull list:

Comic Pull List Feb/8/12


Batman & Robin #6
Deathstroke #6
Green Lantern #6


The Bionic Man #6


Carnage U.S.A 3of5
Journey into Mystery #634
The Incredible Hulk #5
Scarlet Spider #2
Venom 13.1
Wolverine and the X-Men #5

    As I said, lots of Marvel that I was able to enjoy this week. Very happy with how Carnage U.S.A is going, and excited to see how it will all end. Circle of Four has been better than I anticipated, and I think I will be staying with it to the end despite my earlier scepticism after this weeks issue. Out of DC, I loved Deathstroke and recommend that anyone who hasn’t read that title reconsider ASAP. It is definitely one title in the New 52 that has consistently entertained me with very little to complain about, always interesting and entertaining, definitely an underrated book in the 52 right now. With all that said, let’s take a look at this week’s review comic, Scarlet Spider #2!

Scarlet Spider #2

Written by Chris Yost
Art by Ryan Stegman

    After the events of Spider Island, it was pretty apparent to me that the new Scarlet Spider would be Kaine. What I could not have expected however, was how enjoyable this title would be for me as a read. After Issue #1, I did not hesitate to add Scarlet Spider to my regular pulls. I think the most intriguing aspect of Kaine as the Scarlet Spider that Yost has done, is how much he resents the love/hates the label of “hero” and “Spider-Man”. Those who know Kaine’s history know that he has never had an easy life from the moment of his creation (something that is explored for those that don’t know in Issue 1 and 2). So After Spider-Island however, Kaine showed the Marvel Universe that he was more than willing to step up and risk his life to fight the good fight and save the day. In Scarlet Spider, we get to see the Kaine that wants to get out, get away, and get the life he has always wanted and deserves. On the flip side, we also get glimpses of the Kaine that is willing to be the hero, but not in the way we expect. The tag line for the new Scarlet Spider is “All of the power. None of the Responsibility.” and I think it truly is the best explanation for what Yost is doing with Kaine. This is a Spider-Man, but it is definitely not Peter Parker. So what does this mean for you? It means pick up Issue 1 and give this book a try, because for me Chris Yost is bringing us a very entertaining title. As for the art, the pencils by Ryan Stegman have brought some great action scenes in both issues. The fight in this issue was fantastic and really showed me that Stegman deserves to be on this title. Spider-Man fan’s will definitely like the art in this one, I am certain of it. It’s clear after two issues, that Ben Reilly will not be returning to take up the mantle of Scarlet Spider. But with Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman on the reins, I for one am happy to see Kaine take up the mantle and am excited to see where they will take him. Do yourself a favour and give this title a shot!

Cosmic Rating 5/5


- Believable Character in Kaine, this is a guy who is learning how to be a hero. NOT A PETER PARKER!
- Ryan Stegman shows us that he deserves to be on this title, great action scenes.
- Chris Yost has given us a great start to Kaine’s story and I am excited to see where this is going.


- That some people I know refuse to give this title a shot because it isn’t Ben Reilly. Don’t Knock it ‘till you read it!

    That’s it for this week’s Cosmic Comic Review. As I stated above, if you are interested in donating to my friends “Ride for Cancer” just follow the link provided and the instructions on the site. Any donations are very much appreciated by my buddy and go towards a great cause, a big Thank you in advance to all who donate! Until next week, take care and happy reading!

Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #25! ASM #679, the challenge that is Time Travel.

Hey there comic readers,

    As I stated last week I have been doing a lot of DC Comic reviews lately. This is not intentional I just found that either I had more DC titles on my pull and or the DC reads were just better than the Marvel reads for that particular week. I don’t see myself as a DC fan boy or a Marvel fan boy. I love all my comics equally, without discriminating against any one publisher over another. If anything I feel that I could stand to explore more publishers to get other perspectives and writing styles. I just wanted to get that thought out of the way, before any unsightly stigmas were attached to this blog. That being said, let’s take a look at the pulls for this week:

Comic Pull List Feb/1/12


Action Comics #6
Batman Detective Comics #6
Red Lanterns #6
Stormwatch #6
Swamp Thing #6

Dark Horse

Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi #0


The Amazing Spider-Man #679
Uncanny X-Men #6
Venom #13
Winter Soldier #1

    This week going through my Marvel pulls I was pretty satisfied. I was curious to start Winter Soldier as I have never really followed Captain America, but I was definitely not surprised that it lived up to the hype I was hearing throughout the day. With a writer like Brubaker at the helm of it, a man who has pretty much crafted Bucky to what he is today, one should not be surprised that this title has some momentum behind it. I look forward to continuing it. Venom started it’s “Circle of Four” arc, which at a glance did not really reel me in as I thought it would. I have loved Remender’s work on Venom to this point so I will be staying on it, but I really dislike the 13.1/13.2/13.3/13.4 style they are going with on this story, I want more Venom but not in this fashion. Alas let’s get to the review for this week, Amazing Spider-Man #679!

Amazing Spider-Man #679
Written by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos

    Now when you are reading a story involving time-travel, a story can get pretty backwards, forwards, upwards, and in most cases downwards pretty quickly. I am pleased to say this is not the case in this issue. Going back to a few weeks ago, when the story began in #678, I will openly admit the only reason I did not review that issue to begin with was because Mr. Slott had the luck of seeing that issue released alongside Batman #5. It was an extremely hard decision for me that week, but I felt that based on the usage of art that Amazing Spider-Man just wasn’t meant for the spotlight that week. Mr. Slott answers that decision, with some well-written vengeance. I had a blast with this story, it was short and sweet. This is a big deal, because the forces Slott has Peter Parker contending with can get pretty out of hand quickly in the hands of a gung-ho writer. I think the biggest strength in this issue, is the cast of characters, which range from Peter, to his Horizon buddies/co-workers, to MJ herself. This is a story of the “ultimate consequence“ scenario, something that Spider-Man cannot afford to let happen. Millions of people are on the line, and true to form Spider-Man is pulling out all the stops to make sure that the threat is stopped. Now if you’re expecting an issue with tons of action and crazy battles, you won’t find that here, not in the way you would expect. This issue (and the one before it) were a thrill ride for me, because Slott manages to give us enough stops, swerves, and pulls to keep us in our seat reading and guessing. Time-Travel was a great method for this and in the end served up a great surprise ending. As always I really enjoy the art from Humberto Ramos. Not to play down Caselli, whose art I also enjoy, but I just feel that Ramos is just a great artist for Slott. Slott nails the character so well with his wittiness and attitude, and Ramos backs him up with pencils that just extend that, it just looks and feels right to me. That’s just my opinion, either way its all great pages to me. Check it out, and get ready for Ends of the Earth!

Cosmic Rating 5/5


- Great two issue story, very fun read.
- A thrill ride, with an unexpectedly great usage of time travel
- This is a story for those who enjoy the big picture, some friendly neighbourhood food for thought
- Ramos brings it all home with some lovable pencils


- This is a “big picture” story, which may not be likable by all. I would advise that action junkies just sit back and get ready for Ends of the Earth…I think it’ll be a good one.

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