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Cosmic Comic Review #34! Venom #15, easily one of the best Marvel books right now!

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    This week we will be going straight to the good stuff. Instant comic review time, but first let’s look at my pull list:

Comic Pull List: Apr/4/12


Batman Detective Comics #8
Green Arrow #8
Red Lanterns #8
Stormwatch #8
Swamp Thing #8


Hell Yeah #2


AvsX Issue #1
The Amazing Spider-Man #683
Venom #15
Wolverine & the X-Men #8

Comics I enjoyed this week? Swamp Thing #8, Amazing Spider-Man #683. Check em’ out!
Comics I was disappointed with? Red Lanterns #8, Green Arrow #8, Hell Yeah #2. Just felt really choppy and dull.

Moving on to the review, this week we take a look at the work of the talented Rick Remender in Venom #15!

Venom #15
Written by Rick Remender
Pencils by Lan Medina

    This is the issue that brings us out of the “Venom goes to Hell” story and back into the non-mystic story telling that we normally see from a Venom comic. What a time to be reading this comic. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the “Venom goes to Hell” story, but this issue reminded me of why Venom has a solid place on my comic pull list. I would even go as far as saying that Venom is one of the best books Marvel is putting out right now. Rick Remender really gives us a great starting issue to the new story arc. I really love how Remender is able to take the time to flesh out Flash Thompson’s character so well. Flash is a man leading a secret double life. On the one side he is a patriot, serving his country by wearing the Venom suit and fighting it’s enemies. On the other side, we have Flash just being Flash which is not at all easy by any means. What really keeps me interested in this book is seeing how much these two lives overlap and influence each other. Flash is quickly becoming a great character as Venom, something that I can see becoming a lasting character within the Marvel Universe. Oh and did I mention Eddie Brock is back? Ya. Eddie Brock is back. Very pumped for issue 16. On the art side of things, we see Medina bringing us some great pages. I really like how he gives Flash’s face a tired, worn look. Definitely fits well with the events going on in this issue. Overall, I need to stress how much I am enjoying this book. Remender, Medina, and the rest of the Venom creative team are doing such a great job on this book that I feel that they should be getting much more recognition for it. Do yourself a favour and pick up this book now!

Cosmic Rating 5/5


- We see Flash dealing with the challenges of living a double life, real interesting character development in this issue. Remender is doing a great job fleshing out his life inside and outside the suit. Great stuff.
- Medina backs up this rich story with some great panels. Love the scenes involving Eddie Brock and the Avengers. Awesome stuff really kept me absorbed from page to page.
- Literally travelled to Hell and back without missing a beat. This issue is seems like the start of some great story on the way, I for one can’t wait to read it.


- Admittedly, this book ties together the plots from many other books. To get the complete story of what Flash is dealing with, you need to have read Carnage U.S.A, Amazing Spider-Man, and Secret Avengers. YOU CAN GET BY WITHOUT IT, and if all else fails just head for the nearest internet search engine.

    That will be all for this week’s comic review. With Easter and the Wizard World Toronto coming up in the first weeks of April I have been a pretty busy guy so not a lot of interesting stories to tell. Until next time, take care and happy reading!

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