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Fan Fiction! Ghost Rider Edition "Shattered Alliance Event Issue #2"

 Long delay between postings, but this is Issue 2 of the fan-fiction Ghost Rider:Shattered Alliance story I wrote for Marvel 2012. Enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment!

Ghost Rider Shattered Alliance Issue 2
By: Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra

Alejandra riding her motorcycle on the FDR Expressway, in human form. She is weaving between cars traveling at break neck speed. Though she appears reckless, inside her mind she is thinking back to a moment in time, where she faced an evil that shook her to her core.

Alejandra <Driving her motorcycle> remembering her fight with Sin (Skadi Form):
“This is the weapon given to me by the Lord of all Terror. The killer of the God of Storms. To touch it…is to touch fear itself. It will change you…

Alejandra (thought): Rambling. Rambling of a sinner. That’s all it was…
<Alejandra hit’s the gas and the motorcycle accelerates into a wheelie and continues down the highway>

[Next Day at the Baxter Building, Morning]

Reed Richards: So it appears tonight there will be some sort of benefit dinner fundraising for the reconstruction of New York. A lot of top officials and professionals will be in attendance.

Spider-Man<Looking over the attendance list>(sarcastic): Aka. New York’s rich and famous, making pretty and noble for all the cameras. Funny, I don’t recall them having the same attitude during the attacks. But hey, when you have access to your own private helicopters why stick around for…

Ben Grimm(visibly distraught): They were scared Spidey. Everyone was. Do you blame ‘em? I mean I…

Reed Richards(concerned): Ben. I can’t imagine what you had to go through during that time, but its over now. You beat it. That “Thing” was not what you are--

Spidey: Soooooooo. What were you saying about security detail? I’m guessing the guests would feel a lot better knowing that they have the FF on security.

Reed Richards: Yes. The head of security has extended an invite to all of us on the team, and has asked if  we would not mind overlooking the security detail and procedures he has in place for the evening.

Ben Grimm(monotone): Sure. Sounds good Reed. If you guys will excuse me, I’m gonna go for a bit, get ready for tonight.
Spidey: Ya me too. How ‘bout we go get some lunch Ben?
Ben Grimm(anger): Alone. I am gonna go, alone.

<Reed and Spidey are taken back by the sudden outburst, as Ben leaves the room and the door closes behind him>

Reed(concerned): Spiderman. What are we going to do about Ben.
Spidey(sad): It’s not what we can do Reed. It’s what is Ben going to do about Ben.

[In a small diner in the city, Johnny Blaze sits at the drinking a cup of coffee and reading through the morning paper.]

Johnny(thought): Not much in the headlines today that I can use. May be that Alejandra’s trail has gone cold. That girl has been heading East for weeks now, how could she just disappea--

Diner Guest, Ricky(loud): I’m telling ya Joe, roasted to a crisp. Like some sort of freakin’ BBQ!
Diner Guest, Joe(skeptical): Right outside St.Pat’s? C’mon Ricky you usually have some pretty stupid stories but who kills someone in front of a church. For Christ’s sake…it ain’t right.
Diner Guest Ricky(angry): Why would I lie about something like that?!
Diner Guest Joe(angry): Why did you lie about paying me that fifty you owe me? Why did you lie about that scratch on my car the other day? Why did you lie about going out with my sister last Thursday?!

[Johnny standing over them]
Johnny(serious): Alright Ricky. What did you say happened? Outside a church?
Ricky(confused): Uh…ya. When I was out for my morning jog I went by the church like I always do and there was a couple of squad cars. They hadn’t even set up the tape yet. I got a look at the body, and it was a freakin massacre. Looked like something out of a movie.
Joe(angry): Please buddy, don’t encourage him.
Ricky(pointing at the TV): Look! Look! That’s it on the TV! Turn it up!

[Johnny and the other Diner patrons/workers all looking at the TV]
Reporter:…at the scene of a grisly murder scene here outside St.Patrick’s Cathedral. Authorities believe it to be the work of rival gangs, but investigations are still on going. It appears that the victims were lit on fire by their assailants, their charred bodies discovered early this morning by the clergyman. All masses have been suspended pending further investigation---

Ricky(triumphant): Who’s a liar now Joe?
Joe(moody): Ya whatever Ricky, you still owe me fifty bucks.
[Johnny leaves change on the counter and walks towards the exit]

Johnny (thought): She’s here. She’s in New York. She has to be.
[Looking at the New York skyline, overwhelmed]
Johnny(thought): But where is she going? Who’s next?

[Later that evening, outside the Rebuild New York benefit dinner]

Security Guard (into his earpiece): Another batch of guests have arrived. Going through security check now.
Ben Grimm (into earpiece): Sounds good. I’m going to make my way over to Sector 3.
Security Guard (into his earpiece): Roger.

[Spidey places a hand on Ben’s shoulder]
Spidey: Hey buddy. You do know that we just had to overlook security. Not BE security. We’re guests, remember?
Ben Grimm: No offence Spidey, but I don’t think I feel very welcome tonight.
Spidey: What makes you say that Ben?

[In the room, groups of people are staring at Ben and Spidey, muttering to themselves. Their eyes narrowed as they look at Ben Grimm.]

Ben(sad): Call it a hunch. (forces a smile)I’m gonna get back to patrolling. I’ll meet up in a bit for a drink?
Spidey(solemn): Sure Ben. Sounds good.

[As Ben walks off towards the balcony doors, Spider-Man looks on]

Ben [looking out at the New York skyline from the balcony view, the streets dotted with construction cranes from the rebuilding efforts] (hears a noise behind him and turns, to see a girl standing behind him)

Alejandra: You. You’re the Thing. Benjamin Grimm correct?
Ben: Ya. That’s me. (looks over her suspiciously)
Alejandra: I sense…great pain. Your soul cries out in anguish. I do not understand.
Ben: Ya uh. Listen lady, can I see some I.D.? You here with anyone?
Alejandra: I have been sent on a mission of great importance. I am here to cleanse New York of sin. I feel your heart weighed down by great sin Benjamin Grimm. [Ignites into Ghost Rider Form]
Alejandra (Ghost Rider Form): Your soul seeks atonement Benjamin Grimm. I offer you Divine Judgement.


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