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Cosmic Comic Review #33! New Guardians #7 and Comic Shop Convos!

Hey there comic readers,

    I had myself an interesting discussion at the local comic shop today. One of the employees at the shop was asking me how things were going with my comic. I told him about the first few weeks of selling my comics to stores, the experience of talking with people about my work and meeting other creators, and how I feel my writing has changed since my debut. The last question really stuck in my mind, and was by far the hardest to answer. I realized that as much as I would like to receive feedback on my writing, I don’t really get as much as I would like. It’s a tough position I find myself in. I have never studied creative writing formally, so all of my writing is based off of my knowledge of comics and story telling that I have interpreted from my own reading selection. So I resolved to search online for more online communities that review or critique writing, whether it be through new short stories or just submitting older work. I definitely am hoping that by doing this I can get some definitive answers to where and how I can improve my writing so that moving forward I can keep getting better at it. I am not saying that I am a bad writer. I have been told by a number of people that they really enjoy my writing and look forward to more of it, I just like to be super critical of myself and not settle easily. Nothing worse than thinking that you can’t improve, what a terrible mindset to embrace. At least that’s my opinion. Anyway, enough of that, time to review some comics. Let’s check out my pulls for this week.

Comic Pull List Mar/28/12:


All-Star Western #7
Aquaman #7
Batman The Dark Knight #7
Green Lantern New Guardians #7
The Flash #7
Teen Titans #7


Avenging Spider-Man #5
Ghost Rider #9


The New Deadwardians #1

    Really enjoyed “The New Deadwardians”. I was surprised how absorbed I became after I started reading it. Didn’t have huge hopes for this one since it was an undead story, but I admit that my doubts have been subdued so far. Leave it to Vertigo to give me some of the good stuff. Speaking of good stuff, Green Lanterns New Guardians #7? Yes indeed. This week’s comic review!

Green Lantern New Guardians #7
Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Tyler Kirkham

    Really happy with what I saw in this month’s issue of New Guardians. As I have stated in the past, I had started to lose interest in this title. Initially I had expected this title to really showcase the “war of light” aspect of the team up. The initial events kind of supported this for me, since we basically saw Kyle Rayner being the unwilling recipient of every color ring. As the issues progressed however we saw this unlikely team of Arkillo, Munk, Fatality, Bleez, Saint Walker, Glommulus, and Kyle form together. It’s been an interesting ride so far leading to this issue. Issue #7 starts out where it left us in Issue #6, straight into the action. Invictus has definitely shown himself to me to be a character I can enjoy. Bedard puts a lot of effort into fleshing out his motivations and back story this issue, all the while connecting him to everyone’s favourite Orange menace. Between the history we get some great fight scenes, awesome pencils provided by Tyler Kirkham. Every Lantern gets their fair share of spotlight, with some great scenes showcasing the might of Invictus as well. Bedard and Kirkham have really opened my eyes to the potential this book carries for Lantern fans as well as comic readers. I would say you would be hard pressed to not find something interesting from this issue. Looking forward to the next issue and seeing what else Bedard has in store for this team.

Cosmic Rating: 4.5/5

- This issue was a great balance of action, history, and drama. Kept me interested throughout the issue.
- The artwork by Kirkham was great. Tons of pages full of action. Really liked looking at the New Guardians squaring off against all Invictus threw at them.

- Like I said, at one point I was disappointed with this title. That being said, for someone who wants to jump on board this title be advised that their will be a few issues of setup in this title. This may not be bad for everyone, but for me I felt that the pace leading up to issue #7 could have been quicker.

    That’s it for this week’s Cosmic Comic Review. Just letting you guys know that lately I have been really pumping out the creative stuff on my blog. I am putting myself through some writing exercises and basically doing my best to come out with as many works that I can every week. Check out whatever I post on my blog and if you feel so inclined give me some of your input. Would love to hear what you have to say. Until next time, take care and happy reading!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fan Fic! Ghost Rider Shattered Alliance Issue 3!

Ghost Rider Issue 3
By Luca Joriko Baldassarra

[On the terrace at the charity event]

Alejandra standing in front of Thing in Rider form, he is surprised at what he has witnessed but standing ready for a fight. Alejandra holds her scythe sword in her right hand, with a molten chain dangling from her left.

Alejandra (Rider Form): Benjamin Grimm. You are corrupted by a dark presence. You have been tainted by the Serpent’s touch. What I do now, I do to save your soul from damnation.

Thing: Listen lady, I don’t know how you got the Rider’s powers but what I do know is that you are not getting any where near those people inside with those weapons. Are we going to do this the hard way, or the easy way.

Alejandra (Rider Form): You know as much as I that there is no easy road to redemption Benjamin Grimm. I am prepared to do what is necessary to purge the evil from your heart.
<Spins the chain in her left hand>

[Inside the charity dinner, Spider-Man walks up to Reed who is talking with some of the guests.]

Spider-Man: (Puts his hands on Reed’s shoulder) Excuse me Ladies and Gentleman, I just need a moment of Reed’s time. (Pulls him away)

Reed: What do you need Spider-Man? Is something wrong?

Spider-Man: Ben doesn’t seem to be enjoying his night on the town Reed. He has pretty much taken over the security detail and doesn’t seem to be getting along as well as we thought with the guests.

Reed: I know what you mean. If I have to answer another question about how Ben has been since turning into that monster I’m going to…..sigh……Where is he? Maybe we can go cheer him up.

Spider-Man: Security told me he has been on the terrace for the last fifteen minutes. I’ll grab some drinks and meet you up there. Let’s see if we can turn ol’Rocky’s frown upside---

CRASHHHHH Thing crashes through the doorway leading to the terrace and falls into a table of food. He is smoking with black marks across his suit and body. His FF suit is patchy with burn marks shaped like chains.

Spider-Man: --down?

Fiery chains lash themselves around Thing. Guests are in a panic and escaping through the exits. Alejandra jumps down from the hole left from the Thing’s entrance, landing in front of him with her Scythe held up.

Alejandra (Rider Form): Benjamin Grimm, I will scour the depths of your soul. The evil that hides within you will be judged.

Thing: Listen, you don’t need to do this. The evil inside me is gone, the hammer is gone. I am not that monster!

Spider-Man: NO ONE IS JUDGING ANYONE! Especially some chick with a flaming skull and a leather jacket. I mean, C’mon, this is a suit and tie event.

Reed: Spider-Man, do you notice something about the Ghost Rider? That isn’t the one we know. We need backup, we can’t deal with this by ourselves.

Spider-Man: I sent the signal to Avenger’s Mansion before Thing hit the floor Reed, but forces are spread pretty thin nowadays searching for Cyclops and his supporters.

Reed: This is not good then, a Ghost Rider is not something we can take lightly. We’re gonna need help…

Johnny Blaze running, almost out of breath.

Johnny: STOP! STOPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

The bus he was chasing disappears down the road. Johnny Blaze is standing in front of a bus stop near the Cathedral. He is angry.

Johnny: HOW DO PEOPLE GET AROUND IN THIS CITY?! I got no Bike, no money, and now there is a young zealot of a Ghost Rider running rampant in New York and I can’t even get a break from a bus driver!

Taxi pulls up instantly near him and stops.

Taxi Driver: Need a ride pal? Just saw you chasing that bus. Figure you need to get somewhere, and I’m just the guy to take ya.

Johnny hops into the car, reaching into his pocket.

Johnny (thought): I don’t have much money on me to pay the guy, but I need to get into midtown. If I have to, I can bust a window and jump out. Hate to do it, but I need to find Alejandra before she strikes again.

Taxi Driver (smirking): Oh don’t worry Johnny boy. I’ll take you straight to your Rider girlfriend. But along the way we have a few things to discuss about our last deal.

Doors Lock and the seatbelts lash Johnny to the seat.

Johnny: Hey! What? What’s goin’ on?! Who are you?!

Taxi driver turns his head around, revealing dagger teeth in his smile.

Mephisto: A bit uncharacteristic of a demon of my position, but I needed a way to get your attention Johnny. You haven’t been fulfilling your end of the bargain since our last meeting. You wouldn’t be trying to get out of it would you?

Johnny (angry): Mephisto…I don’t know what you’re talking about. I stopped Alejandra from turning the world into a bunch of soulless vegetables. I did what you asked. The deal is done.

Mephisto: No Johnny, the deal is not done. I wanted you to stop her, and clearly she has not been stopped. I want you to kill her Johnny Blaze, kill the Rider and take her place. That was the deal. To see that you fulfill your end of the bargain, I will take you to her myself.

Taxi car drives into a nearby tunnel, disappearing into the darkness.

[Back at the charity event, Reed and Spider-Man have finished evacuating the last of the agents. Ghost Rider continues to fight Thing but Thing is now exhausted. Spider-Man and Reed Richards lay motionless, unconscious.]

Alejandra (Rider Form): Your friends. It appears they lack the strength to continue. Somehow you continue to endure, you are strong Ben Grimm. Stronger than you know.
Lashes Thing with fiery chains, binding him.

Thing: AGHHH!
Alejandra (Rider Form): You are ready Ben Grimm.
Thing: Just shutup and do it already.

Alejandra steps up to Thing, her blade held high over her head.

Alejandra (Rider Form): When this blade pierces your heart, you will experience all the pain and fear that your victims felt. My blade will cleanse your soul of the taint. If you survive, you will have atoned for your sins. Please Benjamin Grimm, have faith.

Alejandra drives the blade through Thing's chest.


Half of Thing’s face begins to change, morphing into the Angir Breaker of Souls.

Alejandra (Rider Form): No Demon. This soul has suffered enough, and now you shall endure his suffering a thousand times!
Alejandra twists her blade and rips it from Thing’s chest. Thing begins to glow an eerie deep green. The spirit of Angir, screaming leaves his body and Thing is exorcised. Thing collapses to the floor a gaping hole in his chest where the blade once was.  Alejandra transforms back to human form and stands over Thing. She stares at the blood on her hands.

Alejandra: Your sacrifice will not be forgotten Ben Grimm.
Johnny: No Alejandra. It won’t be forgotten.
Johnny stands behind her in the doorway.

Johnny: I’m gonna stop you. Whatever it takes.
Alejandra: How do you think you are going to do that? You’re human now Johnny Blaze. You gave up the Spirit of Vengeance. You have no chance against me. Just leave. Live the life you wanted so desperately.

A Fiery Chain grabs her bloodstained hand, Burning her skin.

Alejandra: Ahh! (grunting in pain) How? How could you?
Johnny (Transforming into a Rider): What….ever….it……takes!

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Cosmic Comic Review #32: MEGA REVIEW! Batman #7, Nightwing #7, Amazing Spider-Man #682! How a "Night of Owls" goes to the "Ends of the Earth"

Hey there comic readers,

    I found myself extremely conflicted on the matter of which review I would write today. The biggest reason being, a lot of new stuff come out today. In a single Wednesday we had an assault of a lot of my favourite books that I am reading right now all at once. To get some perspective on what I am talking about let’s jump right into my pull list.

Comic Pull List Mar/21/12

Dark Horse

The Goon #38


Batman #7
Batman Beyond #2
Captain Atom #7
Catwoman #7
Green Lantern Corps #7
Justice League #7
Nightwing #7
Red Hood and the Outlaws #7


Smoke and Mirrors #1


The Amazing Spider-Man #682
Supercrooks #1 (Millar World)

    So if you have been following the latest major events coming from Marvel and DC you may be able to see why I was so conflicted this week. In terms of Marvel, this week marked the beginning of “The Ends of the Earth” story from Dan Slott in Amazing Spider-Man. In terms of DC, I witnessed the beginning of the “Night of Owls” story coming out of Batman and Nightwing #7 respectively. I gotta say, all three books were awesome reads. At this moment however, I have an obvious dilemma. Which one do I review?  After much deliberation, I have chosen to discuss BOTH. Yes. I am pulling out all the stops this week and reviewing “Night of Owls” found in both Batman #7 and Nightwing #7 as well as Amazing Spider-Man #682. Hold on to your hats people. We’re going in.

Batman #7
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo

    This is it. Everything that has been building since the beginning of the New 52. Scott Snyder’s epic tale of terror. Snyder’s run at “breaking the bat”. Anyone who is familiar with the phrase knows that it is definitely not a simple task. Batman, a man without any superhuman features, is nothing if not one of the most respected heroes in the history of comics. Bob Kane’s Legacy is very much elevated to a status of near invulnerability. Gotham City. Batman’s city. An avenger fighting for sanity in a place that is shrouded in perpetual nightfall. Now what if you take that city away from him. Turn it against him. Make him doubt everything he has ever known and by doing so, shake his resolve to its core. This is exactly what I feel Snyder has been doing with Batman since issue #1. Taking simple flaws found in the caped crusader, and expanding on them until we have a certifiable weakness. The Court of Owls (his new enemies in the shadows) is entirely prepared to exploit those weaknesses in ways that we have never before seen. Fast forward to issue #7, and the chilling aftermath of Batman’s first real engagement with the Court of Owls has left him changed forever. That is as much as I am willing to tell about this issue. I am entirely happy with everything Snyder has done on Batman since the launch of the New 52. Its bold, refreshing, and gives me an intense feeling of suspense. I can honestly say that this is the most fun I have had reading Batman in a long time. With Capullo on pencils that story is translated word for word in eye absorbing art form. Capullo has a way of showing me a Batman that is visibly distraught and shaken. It’s a Batman I am not normally accustomed to looking at, but one that I would not want to see go anytime soon. A great creative team for one of the best books DC is putting out right now. No question on my mind, this book gets a well-deserved perfect rating from me.

Cosmic Rating 5/5

Nightwing #7
Written by Kyle Higgins
Art by Eddy Barrows & Geraldo Borges

    I am going to be completely honest, I have not been enjoying Nightwing as much as I thought I would. I am not going to say I hate this book, because that would be a gross over reaction to my previous comment. I just have not been able to connect to this Dick Grayson as much as I did when I was reading his time as Batman. This issue was the conclusion of current story line featuring the villain “Saiko” and Dick’s return to Haly’s Circus. Among other things, this issue has revealed many dark secrets about Dick Grayson’s past all of which being completely unknown to him until this issue. This issue also served to connect into the “Night of Owls” story, as well as connecting in small part to the events going on in Batman #7. A nice extra indeed. Higgins time on Nightwing has been, for me at least, somewhat boring. I think it is just that I could not take his villain seriously. Possibly because I was reading Nightwing beside Snyder’s Batman and just hoping that they would cross over eventually. In any case I don’t feel like I have given Nightwing enough credit. I caught myself hoping that Nightwing and Batman crossover more than actually caring about what was happening to Nightwing. It’s in this issue I finally caught myself at fault and took the time to go over all SEVEN issues of Nightwing again to get a better sense of the story going on. You know what I realized? Higgins is doing a great job. The Dick Grayson I am reading is a man torn by responsibilities and missed opportunities in this story. The way this issue ended definitely was something I enjoyed. Love how they interconnect and can’t wait to see how the story will adapt moving forward. Art from Barrows and Borges remains solid, providing a lot of great action in the panels of this issue. A great issue from start to finish, looking forward to seeing how this continues in the upcoming story event.

Cosmic Rating: 4/5

Amazing Spider-Man #682Written by Dan Slott
Art by Stefano Caselli

    Another highly anticipated story event finally arrives in this week’s pages of Amazing Spider-Man. Dan Slott has been giving us a lot of insight into what he is trying to accomplish in this event, and I think it definitely has gotten me pumped up to dive right into this one. In broad strokes, Dr. Octopus has found himself terminally ill. In one last bid for glory, he gathers the Sinister Six for his master plan. Together with their combined forced, this issue marks the beginning of that final plan and has forced Spider-Man to prepare for a final confrontation between himself and some of his greatest foes. Once again, I am supremely pleased with how this first part of the story was delivered. I was worried that the teasers given over the past few weeks would leave me with a feeling of disappointment after the first issue. I had convinced myself that the first issue would not be able to reveal enough to satisfy me. I am so glad at how wrong I was. This issue was great, full of action, suspense, and that Slott styled Peter Parker monologue that I have come to enjoy thoroughly. I must hand it to Dan Slott for making it so enjoyable to read, because it really is a great reading experience that I would highly recommend to any closet Spidey fan that is curious about jumping into comics. Stefano Caselli’s pencils have become another part of this book that just pairs together so nicely. Thoroughly enjoyed this issue from end to end, the art being no small part in that. The new suit was definitely something that I had been very excited to see as well, as I had done my best to avoid spoiling it for myself once I found out that it was coming in this story line. Such a great issue, and a great start to the “Ends of the Earth” event. Can’t wait for the next one!

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

    That was a big review. I can’t believe how much reviewing I got done this week. With story events as big as these just starting, I felt that it was necessary. Hopefully comic readers will enjoy the insight I have offered instead of just thinking TL:DR. Wouldn’t that be funny? Until next week then, take care and happy reading!

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Fan Fiction! Ghost Rider Edition "Shattered Alliance Event Issue #2"

 Long delay between postings, but this is Issue 2 of the fan-fiction Ghost Rider:Shattered Alliance story I wrote for Marvel 2012. Enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment!

Ghost Rider Shattered Alliance Issue 2
By: Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra

Alejandra riding her motorcycle on the FDR Expressway, in human form. She is weaving between cars traveling at break neck speed. Though she appears reckless, inside her mind she is thinking back to a moment in time, where she faced an evil that shook her to her core.

Alejandra <Driving her motorcycle> remembering her fight with Sin (Skadi Form):
“This is the weapon given to me by the Lord of all Terror. The killer of the God of Storms. To touch it…is to touch fear itself. It will change you…

Alejandra (thought): Rambling. Rambling of a sinner. That’s all it was…
<Alejandra hit’s the gas and the motorcycle accelerates into a wheelie and continues down the highway>

[Next Day at the Baxter Building, Morning]

Reed Richards: So it appears tonight there will be some sort of benefit dinner fundraising for the reconstruction of New York. A lot of top officials and professionals will be in attendance.

Spider-Man<Looking over the attendance list>(sarcastic): Aka. New York’s rich and famous, making pretty and noble for all the cameras. Funny, I don’t recall them having the same attitude during the attacks. But hey, when you have access to your own private helicopters why stick around for…

Ben Grimm(visibly distraught): They were scared Spidey. Everyone was. Do you blame ‘em? I mean I…

Reed Richards(concerned): Ben. I can’t imagine what you had to go through during that time, but its over now. You beat it. That “Thing” was not what you are--

Spidey: Soooooooo. What were you saying about security detail? I’m guessing the guests would feel a lot better knowing that they have the FF on security.

Reed Richards: Yes. The head of security has extended an invite to all of us on the team, and has asked if  we would not mind overlooking the security detail and procedures he has in place for the evening.

Ben Grimm(monotone): Sure. Sounds good Reed. If you guys will excuse me, I’m gonna go for a bit, get ready for tonight.
Spidey: Ya me too. How ‘bout we go get some lunch Ben?
Ben Grimm(anger): Alone. I am gonna go, alone.

<Reed and Spidey are taken back by the sudden outburst, as Ben leaves the room and the door closes behind him>

Reed(concerned): Spiderman. What are we going to do about Ben.
Spidey(sad): It’s not what we can do Reed. It’s what is Ben going to do about Ben.

[In a small diner in the city, Johnny Blaze sits at the drinking a cup of coffee and reading through the morning paper.]

Johnny(thought): Not much in the headlines today that I can use. May be that Alejandra’s trail has gone cold. That girl has been heading East for weeks now, how could she just disappea--

Diner Guest, Ricky(loud): I’m telling ya Joe, roasted to a crisp. Like some sort of freakin’ BBQ!
Diner Guest, Joe(skeptical): Right outside St.Pat’s? C’mon Ricky you usually have some pretty stupid stories but who kills someone in front of a church. For Christ’s sake…it ain’t right.
Diner Guest Ricky(angry): Why would I lie about something like that?!
Diner Guest Joe(angry): Why did you lie about paying me that fifty you owe me? Why did you lie about that scratch on my car the other day? Why did you lie about going out with my sister last Thursday?!

[Johnny standing over them]
Johnny(serious): Alright Ricky. What did you say happened? Outside a church?
Ricky(confused): Uh…ya. When I was out for my morning jog I went by the church like I always do and there was a couple of squad cars. They hadn’t even set up the tape yet. I got a look at the body, and it was a freakin massacre. Looked like something out of a movie.
Joe(angry): Please buddy, don’t encourage him.
Ricky(pointing at the TV): Look! Look! That’s it on the TV! Turn it up!

[Johnny and the other Diner patrons/workers all looking at the TV]
Reporter:…at the scene of a grisly murder scene here outside St.Patrick’s Cathedral. Authorities believe it to be the work of rival gangs, but investigations are still on going. It appears that the victims were lit on fire by their assailants, their charred bodies discovered early this morning by the clergyman. All masses have been suspended pending further investigation---

Ricky(triumphant): Who’s a liar now Joe?
Joe(moody): Ya whatever Ricky, you still owe me fifty bucks.
[Johnny leaves change on the counter and walks towards the exit]

Johnny (thought): She’s here. She’s in New York. She has to be.
[Looking at the New York skyline, overwhelmed]
Johnny(thought): But where is she going? Who’s next?

[Later that evening, outside the Rebuild New York benefit dinner]

Security Guard (into his earpiece): Another batch of guests have arrived. Going through security check now.
Ben Grimm (into earpiece): Sounds good. I’m going to make my way over to Sector 3.
Security Guard (into his earpiece): Roger.

[Spidey places a hand on Ben’s shoulder]
Spidey: Hey buddy. You do know that we just had to overlook security. Not BE security. We’re guests, remember?
Ben Grimm: No offence Spidey, but I don’t think I feel very welcome tonight.
Spidey: What makes you say that Ben?

[In the room, groups of people are staring at Ben and Spidey, muttering to themselves. Their eyes narrowed as they look at Ben Grimm.]

Ben(sad): Call it a hunch. (forces a smile)I’m gonna get back to patrolling. I’ll meet up in a bit for a drink?
Spidey(solemn): Sure Ben. Sounds good.

[As Ben walks off towards the balcony doors, Spider-Man looks on]

Ben [looking out at the New York skyline from the balcony view, the streets dotted with construction cranes from the rebuilding efforts] (hears a noise behind him and turns, to see a girl standing behind him)

Alejandra: You. You’re the Thing. Benjamin Grimm correct?
Ben: Ya. That’s me. (looks over her suspiciously)
Alejandra: I sense…great pain. Your soul cries out in anguish. I do not understand.
Ben: Ya uh. Listen lady, can I see some I.D.? You here with anyone?
Alejandra: I have been sent on a mission of great importance. I am here to cleanse New York of sin. I feel your heart weighed down by great sin Benjamin Grimm. [Ignites into Ghost Rider Form]
Alejandra (Ghost Rider Form): Your soul seeks atonement Benjamin Grimm. I offer you Divine Judgement.


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Cosmic Comic Review #31: Green Lantern #7 and How I fail Time Travel!

Hey there comic readers,

    I was pretty excited today when I realized it was Wednesday. Over the past few days I have started to lose all sense of time because of the recent time change. “Spring Forward” I’ve heard people call it. Completely ruined my perspective of time and space. Yesterday evening I noticed the sun was out and it was past 7pm and I completely lost all comprehension of the world. It really surprised me for some reason. It’s weird how that works. During winter sometimes I feel like my  days are wasted since when I got home in the early evening after school/work/what not, its already dark. Then when the seasons change, I feel like my days are being put into fast forward after work. Regardless, when Wednesday rolls around, I always find time for new comics and this Wednesday was no exception. Let’s take a look at what I picked up this week:

Comic Pull List: Mar/14/12


Batman & Robin #7
Deathstroke #7
Green Lantern #7


Saucer County #1


Carnage U.S.A #4 of 5
Incredible Hulk #6
Journey into Mystery #635
Scarlet Spider #3
Wolverine and the X-Men #7

    This week I had a pretty good time reading my Marvel and DC selection. Scarlet Spider was exceptionally phenomenal of the Marvel books I grabbed. I really love what Yost and Stegman are doing on this title. The best way to describe it would be “Dark Spider-Man”, but check it out and try it for yourself. For now we move on to the weekly comic review, the highly anticipated Green Lantern #7!

Green Lantern #7
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke
Inks by Keith Champagne & Christian Alamy
Colors by Alex Sinclair

    There is a lot to be said about how relevant this issue was to fans of the Blackest Night story. The War of Light brought many new colors to the Green Lantern universe, each bearing its own significance within the emotional spectrum. One corps however, or tribe as they are referred to, was very much steeped in mystery even after the Blackest Night event. The Indigo Tribe, wielders of the Indigo rings of compassion, have not been explored until this issue. Johns described in earlier statements that this story arc would explore the mysterious Indigo Tribe and it’s leader Indigo-1. Now if you are a fan of the Green Lantern series like I am, you know how big the potential is for this story line. There is an array of reasons I can think of that help make this story arc something that could bring about some very crucial information for where Johns is taking Green Lantern in the New 52. Not only do we see the brewing tension among the GL Corps itself, but with the introduction of the Indigo’s we now have a very real threat to not only Sinestro but with the addition of an old nemesis, Hal as well. I must hand it to Johns on this issue, he sets up a lot of suspense for issue 8. In a sense that can be viewed as a negative, since nothing really happens in this issue other than a few bread crumbs being sprinkled in front of the reader, letting your mind wander at the information you have just been presented with. I have a lot of hope that this story arc is going to be great, considering how much demand there has been for insight into this Lantern Corps as well as the characters involved in the story line. True to form, Mahnke brings us more phenomenal GL pencils in this issue. Combine with inks from Champagne and Alamy, add a dash of colors by Sinclair, you my friends have the recipe for a great read that will have you set up nicely for what is to come. It’s hard to imagine that this creative team, who has done nothing to upset me since the relaunch, will have any trouble keeping me entertained moving forward in this story arc. Looking forward to the months ahead.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

- Johns sets up a lot of details in this issue and introduces a good array of plot points to move forward with in this story arc.
- Mahnke’s pencils are just what I expected. I love the scene where the Indigo’s arrive in front of Sinestro. Fantastic work.
- Let’s not forget Champagne, Alamy, and Sinclair. All the credit to them for helping bring life to every alien, construct, and our favourite heroes/villains in this issue.
- As I said before, I am a fan of GL. I had no trouble going through this issue more than once, and highly suggest that others curious about GL jump on here.

- Nothing really HAPPENS in this issue. As I stated earlier, it’s a setup issue, so don’t expect much in the sense of action packed fights.

    That will be all for this week’s review. I plan to pick up a bunch more comics in the coming weeks since I have located a couple of sales going on around the GTA. If you are interested in learning of some sales feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to get you the info you need. Thinking about grabbing some older stories from the Marvel and DC universes, and some Vertigo/Image titles. Any recommendations? Drop it as a comment. Until next week, take care and happy reading!

 Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #30! Swamp Thing #7 & Toronto Comic Con this weekend!

Hey there comic readers,

    Over the past few weeks I have been pretty upset with myself from a creative perspective. I found myself working 50-60 hours a week between two jobs, one full-time the other part-time. On top of this I also dedicated between 10-20 hours a week working on administrative duties for my comic book. The other day I finally decided I had enough and quit my part-time job. I could not be more pleased with that decision. I feel like I have a lot more time to dedicate towards my creative writing, and just finding inspiration for writing. It feels good. I’m reading more as well, both comics and other works of fiction. If you have any reading suggestions for me, please, do not hesitate to post some. I have started a new goal of expanding my reading selection as I am able, it works with my desire to gain new inspiration. Reading is a big part of writing, so it is a big help to me. With that personal update out of the way, let’s move on to this weeks comic review.

    First I would like to start by saying that I have picked up Green Arrow again with the creative team change that started in Issue #7. I don’t really know what to make of Nocenti’s writing style as it seems very scattered and fast paced. I didn’t really have a great impression with this issue and I am hoping that as it moves forward I will become more interested. Green Arrow is a cool hero, and I really hope that he can find an audience in the New52 before finding himself on the chopping block like those before him. As much as I hate to admit it, Red Lanterns is taking a similar dive in my opinion which is also very disappointing. Red Lanterns was a title I was VERY excited about when it was announced as I love the prospect of exploring the other Lantern Corps in the DC Universe. Milligan has not made any substantial progress however, and we are already at Issue 7. I have been holding out, grasping at what has been given to us, but today I realized that if Milligan can not deliver something to me by Issue 10 I will likely drop the title. Surprisingly interesting comic of this week? Stormwatch. Read it for yourself, especially if you are into the sci-fi. Jenkins is doing a great job. Now let’s take a look at this week’s pull list:

Comic Pull List Mar/7/12

Action Comics #7
Batman Detective Comics #7
Green Arrow #7
Red Lanterns #7
Stormwatch #7
Swamp Thing #7


Amazing Spider-Man #681
Winter Soldier #3
Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #3of5

    This week after reading the title I selected I knew exactly what I wanted to review. This title has been nothing but exceptional since Issue #1 in both art and writing. The creative team is fantastic and I would highly recommend anyone who is even remotely curious about this one to take the chance, you will not be disappointed. This week on the Cosmic Comic Review I look at Swamp Thing #7!

Swamp Thing #7
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Yanick Paquette
Colors by Nathan Fairbairn

    In this issue of Swamp Thing, the battle between the Rot and the Green has climaxed. Dr. Alec Holland at the end of the last issue found himself in a desperate situation. This issue picks up right where that left off, seamlessly. Snyder shows us exactly why he is so highly regarded as a writer in the world of comics. From start to finish this issue was a full on joy ride for me. Snyder really gives us some great insight into the mind of Alec Holland throughout the issue and the struggle he is going through in these crucial moments. When you reach the end of the issue, we reach an inevitable conclusion that leaves you wanting more. A trait I find very common when I read anything by Snyder to be honest. It’s a good kind of hurt. Don’t worry, this issue doesn’t just sell itself off writing alone. Mr. Paquette backs up Snyder’s suspense filled writing with some mind blowing pencils of his own. From the cover art alone, you get a sneak preview of what you are about to experience within this issue. It’s not just the pencils either, even the panels of this issue are brought to you with some incredibly awesome art. Customized to fit with either Rot or Green themes, it’s nothing short of fantastic. Paquette’s art has been stellar since issue #1, and he really deserves all the credit he has earned on this title and more. Near the end of the book there is a one page spread that I sat and stared at for about five whole minutes before continuing to read the issue. You will KNOW what page I am talking about when you flip to it, of that I have no doubt. The colors by Fairbiarn come across with a warmness to them in my opinion. They fit the scenes well shifting from vibrant and earthy tones, to darks and reds, to glowing oranges and yellows. A great pairing by both these artists, delivering some stunning pages throughout the issue. Overall I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this issue. It was entertaining to read, keeping me interested from start to finish, and backed by fantastic art that helped deliver exactly what was going on in the comic seamlessly. There is a reason many comic readers speak highly of this creative team, take the time and find out why by reading it yourself.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

- This is the confrontation Snyder has been building too, Issue 6 had an epic conclusion, and Issue 7 follows up strong.
- Fantastic Art by Paquette and Fairbairn push the envelope on this one, using the ENTIRE page to bring you some stunning work.
- No doubt in my mind about grabbing Issue 8 and beyond with this creative team.

- Nothing. Nothing at all.

    That’s the Cosmic Comic Review for this week. For those living in the Toronto Area this weekend is the Toronto Comic Con. A lot of great guests in attendance at this con, including Dave Keown, Jeff Lemire, Francis Manapul, and Yanick Paquette. Maybe consider tracking down Swamp Thing #1 and getting Mr. Paquette to autograph it? You will not be alone, I’ll be in that line as well. We can talk comics while we wait for 2-3 hours. Until next week, take care and happy reading!

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