Monday, April 30, 2012

Victory or Death: WoW Fanfiction Part I

 Victory or Death Part I: WoW Fanfiction
(Image by Puly)

The rush of wind. The rustle of the tree branches’ swaying canopies. The clash of steel on steel.

“Who so boldly stands before Lantresor of the Blade?”, his gruff voice unhindered by the conflict.

The young orc stood before him, frozen in his stance, blade held motionless. His chest heaving. “I am Ronakada, survivor of the Burning Blade Clan. I come seeking answers.”

The older orc spit at him. “Survivor? There were no survivors. Just pretenders.”

The wind rises. Before Ronakada can reply the older orc’s body fades and disappears. “Wind-Walker.”

The young orc’s eyes dart from side to side. Panic sets in. “I cannot be defeated here. Not before I find the answers I seek.” His fear is set aside, replaced by anger and determination.

“I will not lose to you Blademaster! I will find the answers I seek! None will keep me from my ancestors and the true knowledge of the Burning Blade! Lok’tar ogar!” He breathes deep, and charges forward.

Thrusting his blade forward, the sword strike cuts through the shifting figure. Lantresor appears from the air, surprise on his face. Blood dripping from his mouth.

“Ronakada. Ronakada of the Burning Blade.” The injured orc places his hand on the blade impaled through his chest and smiles, “Lok’tar Ogar”.

Ronakada’s eyes grow wide as the blade arcs down and slashes across his back. From shoulder to hip, hot fire races across his body. His knees buckle and he can taste the earth on his lips. The clean earth of his ancestors. He lifts his head up, and standing over him is a second orc. Another Lantresor, identical to the one impaled by his blade.

“Another skill of the Blademasters’. Master warriors of the Burning Blade Clan.” Lantresor’s double vanishes into the air, and Ronakada’s blade falls to the ground. Ronakada’s vision begins to blur.

Lantresor smirks as he lifts his blade high into the air. “Victory…or Death?”

Lantresor’s blade bites into the ground.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ghost Rider Shattered Alliance #4 Marvel 2012 Fanfiction

Ghost Rider Shattered Alliance #4
By: Luca Baldassarra

[From the perspective of Johnny Blaze]

Alejandra’s Blade deflects Johnny’s savage chain strikes. She is slowly losing ground.

Johnny (Thought): I feel the heat. I can feel it washing over me. That familiar feeling takes over, and once again I let it take control.

Johnny’s chain wraps around her blade and he pulls it back, wrenching it from her hand.

Johnny (Thought): I stare into a twisted reflection. A young girl who thought she had inherited great power. She was wrong. Dead wrong. There’s nothing great about this power….but it’s mine all the same. Zarathos calls to me.

[From the perspective of Alejandra]

Alejandra is cornered and unarmed. Before her stands Johnny Blaze in Rider Form, and an unfamiliar feeling boils from within her. She is afraid.

Alejandra (Thought): This can’t be happening. It’s not possible. I am the Ghost Rider! Not him! How could this happen?!

She remembers the words of Sin. They echo in her thoughts. “When you touched my hammer, you touched fear itself. You lay there, in human form, because no matter how powerful the Spirit of Vengeance is in the end you are still human. Mortal. Afraid. Unworthy.”
Alejandra (Thought): The rider has chosen another. I have not proven myself to Zarathos. I am unworthy.

Alejandra stares at Thing lying in the distance, he is breathing in slow ragged breaths.

Johnny: It’s over Alejandra. Submit and we can get out of here together. I know a way to get you back to normal. Get your life back, the life you should have.

Alejandra looks at Johnny in Rider Form. He is swinging his chain at his side, ready to strike at a moment’s notice.
Johnny: Don’t make me end this Alejandra. I want to help you.

Alejandra (Thought): [Looking at Thing again] Ben Grimm breathes. He has survived. He has purged Angir from his soul and will live another day. He has faced fear and returned. Reborn. Worthy in the eyes of Zarathos, and the Lord.

Alejandra: No, Johnny. You are not here to help me. You are here to test me.
-Alejandra reaches out her hand and the blade laying behind Johnny rushes towards her. She grasps it in her hand.-

Alejandra: I do not know how you regained your powers Blaze, but know this, only one of us is worthy of the blessing of Zarathos. Only one of us can be the avatar for the Spirit of Vengeance. My whole life I has been spent preparing for that honour. When I defeat you here, Zarathos will know my worth again.

Johnny: Don’t do this Alejandra. Don’t make me do this.

Alejandra: (Rushing towards Johnny with her blade held out) HAAAAAAA!!!!

[From the perspective of Johnny]

Johnny (thought): Every strike sends a wave of pain through my arm. Where did this strength come from?

Johnny looks around and notices the bodies of Reed, Spider-Man, and Thing lying unconscious.

Johnny (Thought): I need to get her away from them, get her outside. There’s only one way…..this is going to hurt.

Johnny lowers his guard as Alejandra swing arcs downwards, the sword bites deep into his shoulder.

Johnny: GAHHHH!
Johnny’s fist clenches around her wrist, his other fist slams into her chest.

Alejandra: Ugh!
Johnny’s chain wraps around her and he slams her through the far wall, into the street outside.

Johnny steps out though the debris into the street, clutching his shoulder he rips the sword from his body and tosses it to the ground. Alejandra is brushing herself off.
Sirens can be heard in the distance. People fleeing away from the scene of a battle between the two.

Alejandra: One cut Blaze. One cut and I have learned all I need to know. You have not earned those powers, you stole them. Stole them from me, with the aid of dark magic. All this time you sought the soul that was stolen from you by that demon…but in the end, when you finally reclaimed it, you sold it off again to the same monster. Why? Why do you taint the righteous power of Zarathos? WHY?!

Johnny stands in silence, absorbing all that was just said. In his mind flashes images of friends and family lost through his life, of his time as the Ghost Rider, and finally of Mephisto smiling his smile of dagger teeth as he presented him with the amulet that gave him his powers back.

Mephisto: Go ahead Blaze. Do the right thing. Save the girl, become the Rider again. I’ll help you…just take this amulet and speak the words after you defeat her. Seal the contract and I’ll give that girl her life back, her soul, the soul of that village, all of it.

Johnny: Why? Why me? Why do all this just to make me a rider again? What do you have to gain from all this Mephisto?

Mephisto: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. You just don’t get it. You never got it. After all these years you never realized how much fun we had together. All the fights, all the demons, all the monsters, all the friends you lost. You never wanted this. Ever. This girl, she’s different, this is her reason for living. This is something she takes gladly. She doesn’t SUFFER quite the same as you, she‘s too stupid to see how bad she has it. In the end Johnny, if she isn’t suffering then she isn’t worth my time. I trust you’ll make the right decision.

-Places the amulet in his hand and fades into the shadows with his dagger toothed smile-

You always make the right decision. 

Johnny: Alejandra. I couldn’t let you make the same mistake I did. I couldn’t let that bastard use and abuse someone else. So I took his offer. I made the deal. To take you down, in exchange for my soul and you to live a normal life again. The chance you never got, that’s my gift to you. I’m sorry but this ends now.

-Johnny stands straight, flaming blood oozing from the wound in his shoulder, swinging his chain-

[Alejandra’s perspective]

Alejandra: You’re right Johnny. This is over, that cut you took at my blade will make sure of that. My blade is filled with the righteous power of Zarathos, the Spirit of Vengeance!

Alejandra holds her hand out, and a flaming chain shoots out of the wound on Johnny’s shoulder.


Alejandra: You never accepted him Johnny. You never learned of all the powers a Rider has. This flaming chain is your guilt. Your pain. Your sorrow. The grief of a man who has willingly turned to the hand of evil in his darkest hour. A desperate man.

Alejandra walking towards Johnny.

Johnny: The…..pain……how?… are you doing this?
Johnny is on his knees, convulsing in agony. The fiery chain slowly enveloping him, constricting him.

Alejandra standing above Johnny, she jerks him upright and slams him into the nearby wall. In the distance she notices Thing, slowly sitting upright. Dazed. She calls the blade from the ground nearby into her outstretched hand.

Alejandra: This blade has cleansed one soul today Johnny Blaze. Cleansed him of an evil taint through a trial of pain and purification. Though your actions are sinful, your motivations are pure. This blade will offer you judgement…..and I will pray that you survive it’s trial. For all you have done for me…for Alejandra….Johnny Blaze I offer you Divine Judgement. Feel my pain and the pain of others you have sacrificed yourself for, a thousand fold.

Alejandra stabs her blade through Johnny’s heart. A pillar of fire engulfs both of them.

Alejandra stands over Johnny’s body in human form. Her clothes are smoking, and there is black stains along the side of the building and the pavement around them.
Alejandra: If you survive Johnny Blaze, I hope we someday meet again. Whatever happens, I won’t forget you and what you’ve shown me. Goodbye.

Alejandra walks away from Johnny as the siren sounds grow louder and louder.
A black shadow forms under Johnny’s body, and he sinks into the ground. Disappearing.

In an office building, Nat Moro sits in an office chair with the outline of another figure sitting at the desk in front of him. A man stands in the corner of the room, shrouded by the shade.

Nat Moro: I did as you asked. I set the trap. I brought the demon girl here.

Mephisto: That you did. You did a good job, I can’t argue that. You fulfilled your end of the bargain to the letter. Quite impressive from a man who once lived in a gutter before the Asgardian invasion.

Nat Moro: That doesn’t matter anymore. I’m never going back to living that low. You told me you would make me rich beyond my wildest dreams if I brought you the girl and the other guy. Now it’s my time! Now I live like a king, and screw everyone who looked down on me like a pathetic beggar. Now I get the respect I deserve.

Mephisto: There is one thing you haven’t given me yet. A little something my friend here will collect from you before we send you on your way to caviar, country clubs, and fine European sports cars.

Nat Moro: What would that be?

-Johnny Blaze steps from the shadows, his eyes black and empty.-

Mephisto: Nat. I’m Mephisto. Lord of Hell. What do you think I mean?

-Johnny Blaze ignites, into the form of the rider-

Johnny: Nat Moro. Your soul belongs to Mephisto. I am his Spirit of Vengeance, and I have come to collect it.


-Mephisto looks on, his dagger teeth showing through his smile-

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #35! Green Lantern #8 and Wizard World Toronto!

Hey there comic readers,

    This week is a very important week for myself as an indy comic writer. This weekend is the first comic-con I will be attending as an artist. I shall be seated at the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con this weekend alongside many other great artists and writers. As expected I am experiencing a mix of excitement, nervousness, and general euphoria over the prospect of meeting and engaging with those in attendance. I am really hoping to have a great experience overall this weekend. I look forward to meeting people and introducing them to my work. So come and talk to me at Wizard World Toronto BOOTH 822! With that bit of news out the way let’s move onto to this week’s comic review, as always we start with my pulls for this week:

Comic Pull List Apr/11/12

Batman & Robin #8
Deathstroke #8
Green Lantern #8

Dark Horse

Lobster Johnson #4


Bionic Man #8


The Secret Service #1


America’s Got Powers #1
Secret #1
Thief of Thieves #3


Avenging Spider-Man #6
Carnage U.S.A #5
Journey into Mystery #636
Scarlet Spider #4
Winter Soldier #4


Saucer County #2

    This week is definitely the most diverse reading week I think I have ever had the pleasure of having. Lot of #1’s on my list that I had a really awesome time reading. I have been loving Thief of Thieves and just recently found out that AMC plans to produce a TV show based on it. With Kirkman involved, I am not surprised at all. Another great indy was Millar’s “The Secret Service” which had a really surprising start. Moral of the story here? Check out something new people, because good stuff is out there past the big boys, and it is waiting for you. Now as I say that, let’s move to this week’s comic review of Green Lantern #8!

Green Lantern #8 
Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Doug Mahnke
Colours by Alex Sinclair

    This story arc is definitely one that is highly anticipated by anyone who was a fan of Johns’ “Blackest Night” story. During his telling of the War of Light and the resulting prophecy of the Blackest Night, Johns’ introduced the mysterious and elusive Indigo Tribe. After months of waiting, Lantern fans are finally being spoon-fed the answers to their mysteries. Like a fussy toddler, I for one am getting quite impatient but at the same time waiting anxiously as I giggle and smile for more. Yes, I am a big Green Lantern fan, and this issue was a pleasure to read. In fact, I reread it, twice. Every turn paging moment was an adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Johns’ delivers some great story telling with this issue easily immersing the reader in the mystery of the Indigo Tribes’ home world. There were times when events in the pages didn’t seem to make sense to me, and I am sure seasoned Lantern fans may share my confusion, but don’t worry because it just adds to the fun. As always Mahnke’s art compliments the story so well. At this point I can’t imagine GL with a different artist. When I close my eyes and imagine, it’s Mahnke’s pencils all the way. Don’t doubt it, you have to see it to believe it. Bringing colour to that world, we have Alex Sinclair to thank, and thanks he shall receive. In a Lantern book, colour is somewhat important, and Sinclair knows how to make them stand out. This creative team is doing great job on this title, it is definitely something I look forward to each month. Overall, part two of the Indigo Tribe story arc was great. Despite my criticisms over certain situations in the book, I cannot deny that I enjoyed the issue and look forward to the next one indefinitely.


- Johns, Mahnke, Sinclair and the rest of the creative team have been doing a fantastic job on this book. Easily one of the best comics DC is putting out right now.
- With the mystery of the Indigo Tribe becoming gradually clearer, nothing is ever clearly said but LOTS is shown and left to think about.
- That ending. Not unforeseen, but still awesome.


- I can’t get over the ring usage this issue. To me, it is something that is controversial, but I feel it could be argued either way. Essentially, it is something that can be debated and that leaves holes in the story for me.
- Like I stated above, few things were actually clearly explained while many things were revealed. For some people this could be upsetting.

Cosmic Rating: 3.5/5

    That’s it for me this week. Lot’s to do and prepare for this weekend. I will take as many pictures as I can of our booth at the con, and hopefully have awesome stories to share. Until next time, take care and happy reading!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cosmic Comic Review #34! Venom #15, easily one of the best Marvel books right now!

Hey there comic readers,

    This week we will be going straight to the good stuff. Instant comic review time, but first let’s look at my pull list:

Comic Pull List: Apr/4/12


Batman Detective Comics #8
Green Arrow #8
Red Lanterns #8
Stormwatch #8
Swamp Thing #8


Hell Yeah #2


AvsX Issue #1
The Amazing Spider-Man #683
Venom #15
Wolverine & the X-Men #8

Comics I enjoyed this week? Swamp Thing #8, Amazing Spider-Man #683. Check em’ out!
Comics I was disappointed with? Red Lanterns #8, Green Arrow #8, Hell Yeah #2. Just felt really choppy and dull.

Moving on to the review, this week we take a look at the work of the talented Rick Remender in Venom #15!

Venom #15
Written by Rick Remender
Pencils by Lan Medina

    This is the issue that brings us out of the “Venom goes to Hell” story and back into the non-mystic story telling that we normally see from a Venom comic. What a time to be reading this comic. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the “Venom goes to Hell” story, but this issue reminded me of why Venom has a solid place on my comic pull list. I would even go as far as saying that Venom is one of the best books Marvel is putting out right now. Rick Remender really gives us a great starting issue to the new story arc. I really love how Remender is able to take the time to flesh out Flash Thompson’s character so well. Flash is a man leading a secret double life. On the one side he is a patriot, serving his country by wearing the Venom suit and fighting it’s enemies. On the other side, we have Flash just being Flash which is not at all easy by any means. What really keeps me interested in this book is seeing how much these two lives overlap and influence each other. Flash is quickly becoming a great character as Venom, something that I can see becoming a lasting character within the Marvel Universe. Oh and did I mention Eddie Brock is back? Ya. Eddie Brock is back. Very pumped for issue 16. On the art side of things, we see Medina bringing us some great pages. I really like how he gives Flash’s face a tired, worn look. Definitely fits well with the events going on in this issue. Overall, I need to stress how much I am enjoying this book. Remender, Medina, and the rest of the Venom creative team are doing such a great job on this book that I feel that they should be getting much more recognition for it. Do yourself a favour and pick up this book now!

Cosmic Rating 5/5


- We see Flash dealing with the challenges of living a double life, real interesting character development in this issue. Remender is doing a great job fleshing out his life inside and outside the suit. Great stuff.
- Medina backs up this rich story with some great panels. Love the scenes involving Eddie Brock and the Avengers. Awesome stuff really kept me absorbed from page to page.
- Literally travelled to Hell and back without missing a beat. This issue is seems like the start of some great story on the way, I for one can’t wait to read it.


- Admittedly, this book ties together the plots from many other books. To get the complete story of what Flash is dealing with, you need to have read Carnage U.S.A, Amazing Spider-Man, and Secret Avengers. YOU CAN GET BY WITHOUT IT, and if all else fails just head for the nearest internet search engine.

    That will be all for this week’s comic review. With Easter and the Wizard World Toronto coming up in the first weeks of April I have been a pretty busy guy so not a lot of interesting stories to tell. Until next time, take care and happy reading!

Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra

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