Monday, April 30, 2012

Victory or Death: WoW Fanfiction Part I

 Victory or Death Part I: WoW Fanfiction
(Image by Puly)

The rush of wind. The rustle of the tree branches’ swaying canopies. The clash of steel on steel.

“Who so boldly stands before Lantresor of the Blade?”, his gruff voice unhindered by the conflict.

The young orc stood before him, frozen in his stance, blade held motionless. His chest heaving. “I am Ronakada, survivor of the Burning Blade Clan. I come seeking answers.”

The older orc spit at him. “Survivor? There were no survivors. Just pretenders.”

The wind rises. Before Ronakada can reply the older orc’s body fades and disappears. “Wind-Walker.”

The young orc’s eyes dart from side to side. Panic sets in. “I cannot be defeated here. Not before I find the answers I seek.” His fear is set aside, replaced by anger and determination.

“I will not lose to you Blademaster! I will find the answers I seek! None will keep me from my ancestors and the true knowledge of the Burning Blade! Lok’tar ogar!” He breathes deep, and charges forward.

Thrusting his blade forward, the sword strike cuts through the shifting figure. Lantresor appears from the air, surprise on his face. Blood dripping from his mouth.

“Ronakada. Ronakada of the Burning Blade.” The injured orc places his hand on the blade impaled through his chest and smiles, “Lok’tar Ogar”.

Ronakada’s eyes grow wide as the blade arcs down and slashes across his back. From shoulder to hip, hot fire races across his body. His knees buckle and he can taste the earth on his lips. The clean earth of his ancestors. He lifts his head up, and standing over him is a second orc. Another Lantresor, identical to the one impaled by his blade.

“Another skill of the Blademasters’. Master warriors of the Burning Blade Clan.” Lantresor’s double vanishes into the air, and Ronakada’s blade falls to the ground. Ronakada’s vision begins to blur.

Lantresor smirks as he lifts his blade high into the air. “Victory…or Death?”

Lantresor’s blade bites into the ground.

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