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Cosmic Comic Review #35! Green Lantern #8 and Wizard World Toronto!

Hey there comic readers,

    This week is a very important week for myself as an indy comic writer. This weekend is the first comic-con I will be attending as an artist. I shall be seated at the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con this weekend alongside many other great artists and writers. As expected I am experiencing a mix of excitement, nervousness, and general euphoria over the prospect of meeting and engaging with those in attendance. I am really hoping to have a great experience overall this weekend. I look forward to meeting people and introducing them to my work. So come and talk to me at Wizard World Toronto BOOTH 822! With that bit of news out the way let’s move onto to this week’s comic review, as always we start with my pulls for this week:

Comic Pull List Apr/11/12

Batman & Robin #8
Deathstroke #8
Green Lantern #8

Dark Horse

Lobster Johnson #4


Bionic Man #8


The Secret Service #1


America’s Got Powers #1
Secret #1
Thief of Thieves #3


Avenging Spider-Man #6
Carnage U.S.A #5
Journey into Mystery #636
Scarlet Spider #4
Winter Soldier #4


Saucer County #2

    This week is definitely the most diverse reading week I think I have ever had the pleasure of having. Lot of #1’s on my list that I had a really awesome time reading. I have been loving Thief of Thieves and just recently found out that AMC plans to produce a TV show based on it. With Kirkman involved, I am not surprised at all. Another great indy was Millar’s “The Secret Service” which had a really surprising start. Moral of the story here? Check out something new people, because good stuff is out there past the big boys, and it is waiting for you. Now as I say that, let’s move to this week’s comic review of Green Lantern #8!

Green Lantern #8 
Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Doug Mahnke
Colours by Alex Sinclair

    This story arc is definitely one that is highly anticipated by anyone who was a fan of Johns’ “Blackest Night” story. During his telling of the War of Light and the resulting prophecy of the Blackest Night, Johns’ introduced the mysterious and elusive Indigo Tribe. After months of waiting, Lantern fans are finally being spoon-fed the answers to their mysteries. Like a fussy toddler, I for one am getting quite impatient but at the same time waiting anxiously as I giggle and smile for more. Yes, I am a big Green Lantern fan, and this issue was a pleasure to read. In fact, I reread it, twice. Every turn paging moment was an adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Johns’ delivers some great story telling with this issue easily immersing the reader in the mystery of the Indigo Tribes’ home world. There were times when events in the pages didn’t seem to make sense to me, and I am sure seasoned Lantern fans may share my confusion, but don’t worry because it just adds to the fun. As always Mahnke’s art compliments the story so well. At this point I can’t imagine GL with a different artist. When I close my eyes and imagine, it’s Mahnke’s pencils all the way. Don’t doubt it, you have to see it to believe it. Bringing colour to that world, we have Alex Sinclair to thank, and thanks he shall receive. In a Lantern book, colour is somewhat important, and Sinclair knows how to make them stand out. This creative team is doing great job on this title, it is definitely something I look forward to each month. Overall, part two of the Indigo Tribe story arc was great. Despite my criticisms over certain situations in the book, I cannot deny that I enjoyed the issue and look forward to the next one indefinitely.


- Johns, Mahnke, Sinclair and the rest of the creative team have been doing a fantastic job on this book. Easily one of the best comics DC is putting out right now.
- With the mystery of the Indigo Tribe becoming gradually clearer, nothing is ever clearly said but LOTS is shown and left to think about.
- That ending. Not unforeseen, but still awesome.


- I can’t get over the ring usage this issue. To me, it is something that is controversial, but I feel it could be argued either way. Essentially, it is something that can be debated and that leaves holes in the story for me.
- Like I stated above, few things were actually clearly explained while many things were revealed. For some people this could be upsetting.

Cosmic Rating: 3.5/5

    That’s it for me this week. Lot’s to do and prepare for this weekend. I will take as many pictures as I can of our booth at the con, and hopefully have awesome stories to share. Until next time, take care and happy reading!

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