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Cosmic Comic Review #31: Green Lantern #7 and How I fail Time Travel!

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    I was pretty excited today when I realized it was Wednesday. Over the past few days I have started to lose all sense of time because of the recent time change. “Spring Forward” I’ve heard people call it. Completely ruined my perspective of time and space. Yesterday evening I noticed the sun was out and it was past 7pm and I completely lost all comprehension of the world. It really surprised me for some reason. It’s weird how that works. During winter sometimes I feel like my  days are wasted since when I got home in the early evening after school/work/what not, its already dark. Then when the seasons change, I feel like my days are being put into fast forward after work. Regardless, when Wednesday rolls around, I always find time for new comics and this Wednesday was no exception. Let’s take a look at what I picked up this week:

Comic Pull List: Mar/14/12


Batman & Robin #7
Deathstroke #7
Green Lantern #7


Saucer County #1


Carnage U.S.A #4 of 5
Incredible Hulk #6
Journey into Mystery #635
Scarlet Spider #3
Wolverine and the X-Men #7

    This week I had a pretty good time reading my Marvel and DC selection. Scarlet Spider was exceptionally phenomenal of the Marvel books I grabbed. I really love what Yost and Stegman are doing on this title. The best way to describe it would be “Dark Spider-Man”, but check it out and try it for yourself. For now we move on to the weekly comic review, the highly anticipated Green Lantern #7!

Green Lantern #7
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke
Inks by Keith Champagne & Christian Alamy
Colors by Alex Sinclair

    There is a lot to be said about how relevant this issue was to fans of the Blackest Night story. The War of Light brought many new colors to the Green Lantern universe, each bearing its own significance within the emotional spectrum. One corps however, or tribe as they are referred to, was very much steeped in mystery even after the Blackest Night event. The Indigo Tribe, wielders of the Indigo rings of compassion, have not been explored until this issue. Johns described in earlier statements that this story arc would explore the mysterious Indigo Tribe and it’s leader Indigo-1. Now if you are a fan of the Green Lantern series like I am, you know how big the potential is for this story line. There is an array of reasons I can think of that help make this story arc something that could bring about some very crucial information for where Johns is taking Green Lantern in the New 52. Not only do we see the brewing tension among the GL Corps itself, but with the introduction of the Indigo’s we now have a very real threat to not only Sinestro but with the addition of an old nemesis, Hal as well. I must hand it to Johns on this issue, he sets up a lot of suspense for issue 8. In a sense that can be viewed as a negative, since nothing really happens in this issue other than a few bread crumbs being sprinkled in front of the reader, letting your mind wander at the information you have just been presented with. I have a lot of hope that this story arc is going to be great, considering how much demand there has been for insight into this Lantern Corps as well as the characters involved in the story line. True to form, Mahnke brings us more phenomenal GL pencils in this issue. Combine with inks from Champagne and Alamy, add a dash of colors by Sinclair, you my friends have the recipe for a great read that will have you set up nicely for what is to come. It’s hard to imagine that this creative team, who has done nothing to upset me since the relaunch, will have any trouble keeping me entertained moving forward in this story arc. Looking forward to the months ahead.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

- Johns sets up a lot of details in this issue and introduces a good array of plot points to move forward with in this story arc.
- Mahnke’s pencils are just what I expected. I love the scene where the Indigo’s arrive in front of Sinestro. Fantastic work.
- Let’s not forget Champagne, Alamy, and Sinclair. All the credit to them for helping bring life to every alien, construct, and our favourite heroes/villains in this issue.
- As I said before, I am a fan of GL. I had no trouble going through this issue more than once, and highly suggest that others curious about GL jump on here.

- Nothing really HAPPENS in this issue. As I stated earlier, it’s a setup issue, so don’t expect much in the sense of action packed fights.

    That will be all for this week’s review. I plan to pick up a bunch more comics in the coming weeks since I have located a couple of sales going on around the GTA. If you are interested in learning of some sales feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to get you the info you need. Thinking about grabbing some older stories from the Marvel and DC universes, and some Vertigo/Image titles. Any recommendations? Drop it as a comment. Until next week, take care and happy reading!

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