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[New Fanfiction] Hands of Fate Issue #2 -Marvel Fanfiction-

Hands of Fate Issue #2
By Luca Baldassarra

In the Throne Room of the All-Mothers, Loki stands in audience explaining to the rulers of Asgard the terrible news he has discovered about the History Tomes in the libraries of Asgard. Ikol is perched high above his young self, shadowed in the highest parts of the room, unnoticed.

Young Loki: Blank. Blank from cover to cover. Entire histories lost to us, knowledge that we may need in this dire time.

All-Mother Gaea: This news is indeed dire Young Loki-
All-Mother Freyja: -but how much knowledge have we lost since you discovered this news?-
All-Mother Idunn: -can you be sure that this is the work of outside forces?

Young Loki: What other forces could want to rewrite Asgardian history?

The All-Mothers pause for a moment, gazing at one another.

All-Mother Gaea: Your predecessor was not one who would have deeds-
All-Mother Freyja: -that would be looked upon most favourably by the students of history-
All-Mother Idunn: -and very few Asgardians have access to these tomes without our knowledge.

Young Loki’s looks at the All-Mothers with growing suspicion

Young Loki: You think I would commit such a crime? Why would you? Why would I?

All-Mother Gaea: It is simply in your nature-
All-Mother Freyja: -mischief is something we simply expect from Asgardia’s most revered trickster-
All-Mother Idunn: -just know that we take care to observe all our children closely.

Young Loki: But I have done nothing wrong, I’ve come to warn you of this foul magic!

Freyja’s eyes glow for an instant, and an image of Loki speaking with Mephisto appears before them, hanging in the air.
All-Mother Freyja: Idunn speaks true Loki. Would you care to do the same?

Young Loki face grows flushed with anger

Young Loki: What I do, I do for the good of Asgardia. For the good of all its inhabitants. In the memory of my brother Thor!

The All-Mothers sit in silence from Loki’s outburst. Then look at one another, confused.

All-Mother Gaea: Who is this Thor you speak of?
Young Loki: Surely you jest All-Mother Gaea. You expect me to believe you know not of the mighty Thor? Son of Odin? He who slayed the Serpent and saved us from certain doom?
All-Mother Idunn: The All-Mothers do not forget their children. We know of no such hero, no matter how great you say his deeds are.

Young Loki is shocked momentarily by what he has just heard. He collects himself and once again addresses the All-Mothers.

Young Loki: Forgive my outburst All-Mothers. I forget myself.

All-Mother Gaea looks over Young Loki suspiciously. She lets out a low sigh.

All-Mother Gaea: We will forgive your actions this time. However, see to it that you stay out of trouble Young Loki. We know not what you spoke of with Mephisto, but know that the eyes of the All-Mother’s remain vigilant, and if we suspect that your schemes threaten Asgardia-
All-Mother Freyja: -you will know our wrath to be most-
All-Mother Idunn: -unpleasant.

Young Loki: If you’ll excuse me All-Mothers.

Young Loki leaves the Asgardia throne room, a flurry of thoughts racing in his mind, but one comment stands out among all that he has heard.
Young Loki (thought): How could they have forgotten Thor?

----Meanwhile in the Nevada Desert----

Damian Hellstorm stands with his trident in his hands. The corpses of several demons lay scattered around him, and in front of him a lone demon pants heavily, blood seeping from several wounds on his body.

Damian: You may be all that remains of Blackheart’s forces from his attempt to bring Hell to Earth, but I’d be willing to bet you still have ties to Mephisto.

Demon: Whoever I serve, I serve loyally to the end. What makes you think I would tell you anything I know Damian Hellstorm?

Damian: Believe me demon….I want nothing more than your utmost resistance. I find the forcing to be much more enjoyable than the learning when it comes to your kind. You’ll be talking soon enough.

Demon: Spoken like a true Demon Lord. *spits blood in the sand* Do your worst Damian Hellstorm.

Damian’s eyes begin to glow red, when suddenly a green portal opens behind the demon.

Demon: What? What kind of trick is this Hellstorm?

A fiery chain lashes out of the portal and wraps around the Demon throat. The Demon claws at the chain in vein, as it begins to glow from red to bright orange to a brilliant white.

Damian: Oh crap….not him. Not yet.

The Demon’s head is severed from his body, the neck charred from the chain. The head and body slowly sear from the burn. Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider Form emerges from the portal.

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze): Damian Hellstorm. Lord Mephisto sends his regards.

Damian picks up his trident, his eyes still glowing red.

Damian: If we do this Rider, controlled by Mephisto or not, I won’t hold back.

Ghost Rider (Blaze) draws his chain back, the Demon’s body now smoldering from its heat. He slowly walks forward spinning the chain at his side.
Damian: Fine then. Let’s get started.

Damian throws off his jacket revealing the pentagram on his chest glowing brightly, and his hair ignites into flame. He raises his trident and charges.

What has happened to the memories of Asgardia? How is Loki immune to the spells? Will Damian survive his fight with Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze? To be CONTINUED in Hands of Fate #3!

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My Interview with Stadium Comics at FCBD this past May

 It's definitely crazy seeing yourself on camera, but when that feeling goes a step forward by being the first video interview you've done for your own comic....that's just a good day. Had a great time at this event, hosted by Stadium Comics of Brampton,Ont. Great staff, great atmosphere, and most importantly great crowd. Whether it was talking shop with the other artists/writers, hanging out with the staff, or talking comics with the crowd, the day was perfect. If you're on the fence about taking the first step into making your own comic book, watch the interview, we discuss it. Trust me this experience is not as far off as you may think.


-Luca Baldassarra