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Cosmic Comic Review #30! Swamp Thing #7 & Toronto Comic Con this weekend!

Hey there comic readers,

    Over the past few weeks I have been pretty upset with myself from a creative perspective. I found myself working 50-60 hours a week between two jobs, one full-time the other part-time. On top of this I also dedicated between 10-20 hours a week working on administrative duties for my comic book. The other day I finally decided I had enough and quit my part-time job. I could not be more pleased with that decision. I feel like I have a lot more time to dedicate towards my creative writing, and just finding inspiration for writing. It feels good. I’m reading more as well, both comics and other works of fiction. If you have any reading suggestions for me, please, do not hesitate to post some. I have started a new goal of expanding my reading selection as I am able, it works with my desire to gain new inspiration. Reading is a big part of writing, so it is a big help to me. With that personal update out of the way, let’s move on to this weeks comic review.

    First I would like to start by saying that I have picked up Green Arrow again with the creative team change that started in Issue #7. I don’t really know what to make of Nocenti’s writing style as it seems very scattered and fast paced. I didn’t really have a great impression with this issue and I am hoping that as it moves forward I will become more interested. Green Arrow is a cool hero, and I really hope that he can find an audience in the New52 before finding himself on the chopping block like those before him. As much as I hate to admit it, Red Lanterns is taking a similar dive in my opinion which is also very disappointing. Red Lanterns was a title I was VERY excited about when it was announced as I love the prospect of exploring the other Lantern Corps in the DC Universe. Milligan has not made any substantial progress however, and we are already at Issue 7. I have been holding out, grasping at what has been given to us, but today I realized that if Milligan can not deliver something to me by Issue 10 I will likely drop the title. Surprisingly interesting comic of this week? Stormwatch. Read it for yourself, especially if you are into the sci-fi. Jenkins is doing a great job. Now let’s take a look at this week’s pull list:

Comic Pull List Mar/7/12

Action Comics #7
Batman Detective Comics #7
Green Arrow #7
Red Lanterns #7
Stormwatch #7
Swamp Thing #7


Amazing Spider-Man #681
Winter Soldier #3
Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #3of5

    This week after reading the title I selected I knew exactly what I wanted to review. This title has been nothing but exceptional since Issue #1 in both art and writing. The creative team is fantastic and I would highly recommend anyone who is even remotely curious about this one to take the chance, you will not be disappointed. This week on the Cosmic Comic Review I look at Swamp Thing #7!

Swamp Thing #7
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Yanick Paquette
Colors by Nathan Fairbairn

    In this issue of Swamp Thing, the battle between the Rot and the Green has climaxed. Dr. Alec Holland at the end of the last issue found himself in a desperate situation. This issue picks up right where that left off, seamlessly. Snyder shows us exactly why he is so highly regarded as a writer in the world of comics. From start to finish this issue was a full on joy ride for me. Snyder really gives us some great insight into the mind of Alec Holland throughout the issue and the struggle he is going through in these crucial moments. When you reach the end of the issue, we reach an inevitable conclusion that leaves you wanting more. A trait I find very common when I read anything by Snyder to be honest. It’s a good kind of hurt. Don’t worry, this issue doesn’t just sell itself off writing alone. Mr. Paquette backs up Snyder’s suspense filled writing with some mind blowing pencils of his own. From the cover art alone, you get a sneak preview of what you are about to experience within this issue. It’s not just the pencils either, even the panels of this issue are brought to you with some incredibly awesome art. Customized to fit with either Rot or Green themes, it’s nothing short of fantastic. Paquette’s art has been stellar since issue #1, and he really deserves all the credit he has earned on this title and more. Near the end of the book there is a one page spread that I sat and stared at for about five whole minutes before continuing to read the issue. You will KNOW what page I am talking about when you flip to it, of that I have no doubt. The colors by Fairbiarn come across with a warmness to them in my opinion. They fit the scenes well shifting from vibrant and earthy tones, to darks and reds, to glowing oranges and yellows. A great pairing by both these artists, delivering some stunning pages throughout the issue. Overall I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this issue. It was entertaining to read, keeping me interested from start to finish, and backed by fantastic art that helped deliver exactly what was going on in the comic seamlessly. There is a reason many comic readers speak highly of this creative team, take the time and find out why by reading it yourself.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

- This is the confrontation Snyder has been building too, Issue 6 had an epic conclusion, and Issue 7 follows up strong.
- Fantastic Art by Paquette and Fairbairn push the envelope on this one, using the ENTIRE page to bring you some stunning work.
- No doubt in my mind about grabbing Issue 8 and beyond with this creative team.

- Nothing. Nothing at all.

    That’s the Cosmic Comic Review for this week. For those living in the Toronto Area this weekend is the Toronto Comic Con. A lot of great guests in attendance at this con, including Dave Keown, Jeff Lemire, Francis Manapul, and Yanick Paquette. Maybe consider tracking down Swamp Thing #1 and getting Mr. Paquette to autograph it? You will not be alone, I’ll be in that line as well. We can talk comics while we wait for 2-3 hours. Until next week, take care and happy reading!

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