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Fan Fiction!!!! Ghost Rider Edition "Shattered Alliance Event Issue #1"

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     I was debating posting this on my blog for the last couple days and I finally decided today that I would. This is fan-fiction I wrote for a website "Marvel 2012". The website itself hosts a bunch of fan-fiction featuring various characters from the Marvel Universe, all written by comic fans. Here is the site if you would like to check it out:

All of my work that you will find there, will be posted here on my blog eventually. Hope you all enjoy it. Here is Issue One of my Ghost Rider story arc, which takes place immediately after the Fear Itself Ghost Rider mini. Enjoy!

Reference for Readers:
ITALICS: Set up the scene for you
[bolded]: ACTIONS!
(thought): This is not being said outloud or to anyone
(transformed state): Will distinguish if the character is using their superpowers or not, e.g Rider Form


Ghost Rider : Shattered Alliance #1
“Snuffed Out”
Written by: Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra
Cover Art by: Josh “Jawsh” Moniz

>Johnny is sitting, staring at the ground. Pensive. Johnny is visibly upset, and his face is smudged with dirt.<
Johnny Blaze [narration]: For years I suffered from a curse. I ain’t talking bad luck, or gambling, or liquor either….though I guess in some ways you’d be inclined to think differently. No, I am talking about an honest to God curse. But those days are over….

Foreman: Alright new guy, back to work! We gotta’ schedule to keep, this rubble ain’t gonna clear itself.
Johnny: Sure thing boss….not like I need to rest or anything.
Johnny (thought): Just gotta’ work till I can buy a ticket outta this city.
[Johnny is clearing out debris alongside another worker]
Worker: So Johnny was it? What brings you to New York? I mean….there isn’t much left after those robot Nazi’s smashed up the place.

Johnny: I’m looking for a girl.
Worker: A girl? Your Ex I’m guessin’?
Johnny: Somethin’ like that.
Worker: Well, take my advice friend. No gal is worth wasting your time over, plenty of others out there for a good lookin’ guy like you. Besides, if you don’t know where she is chances are she took off like the rest of the people when the crazy Nazi’s showed up.
Johnny: Ya…thanks for the advice….[Thought:] That I didn’t ask for….

[Johnny is struggling to lift a fragment of a wall, that is stuck in the ground, worker look over after hearing him struggle]
Johnny: C’mon you stupid….Ugh!
Worker: That looks like it’s pretty deep, I’ll go grab the backhoe. [Worker reaches behind him][Worker arms extended handing a chain to Johnny]
Worker: Wrap this around it as best you can. Think you handle that?
[Johnny holding the chain in his hand, with a smirk on his face]
Johnny: Ya. I think I can manage.

[A limousine pulls up to the construction site. Johnny holding a wheel barrow full of debris looks over and notices it. Three men in suits step out the limo and survey the site.]
Johnny: What’s with the limo? They here to help out too?
Worker: Very funny. Those are the suits that bought up this land from the old owners. They are putting up new buildings and giving the people who lived here a new place to live. If you ask me, just goes to show there are still good people out there.
[Johnny looks at them suspiciously]
Johnny (thought): Free housing? No strings attached? I don’t buy it…
Johnny: I didn’t ask you. Let’s get back to work.
Johnny (thought): …there is no such thing as a fair deal.
[The men from the limousine stand in front of the site foreman. The foreman is nervous.]
Foreman: Mr. Moro?! What a pleasant surprise. What brings you and your colleagues here?
Mr. Moro: Just showing these prospective investors the site of the first of many housing projects throughout the city. Those Asgard folks really did a number on the housing of New York citizens, these men share my vision of bringing new affordable housing to the less fortunate members of our fair city.
Foreman: That is certainly a very noble project sir, and I am happy to be a part of supervising this site.
Mr.Moro: Let’s see if we can motivate these workers to get things done ahead of schedule. I’m sure someone who can manage that will find the people of New York to be very thankful.
Foreman: Y-Yes sir Mr. Moro! I won’t let them down!
Mr. Moro: Good man.

[The three businessman walk away from the site towards the limousine.]
[The three men sit in the limo, as it is driving.]
Mr. Moro: As you can see gentleman, the sites are more than able to accommodate the proposed building plans. We can have the first of the buildings completed within a few weeks time. The beauty of underpaid labour, and ridiculous pricing cuts from Uncle Sam.
First Investor: That’s all fine and well Mr.Moro, but how is it that I am going to be able to get the returns you’re proposing. Real Estate is fine and well, but the people who originally lived here have nothing. They’ll likely be back on the streets in a few months, leaving us with empty buildings to pay for.
Second Investor: Not to mention this city has been invaded, levelled, and threatened more times in one year than I can remember. These insurance quotes are absolutely insane!
Mr. Moro: Friends in high places gentleman,  friends in high places. I’ll have all the details at the meeting next week. You just come with your chequebooks ready. Now, let’s look into some lunch.

Johnny sitting at a table in a bar. Drinking. Newspapers are strewn across the table in front of him, from different cities across the United States.
Johnny(thought): Eighteen. Eighteen deaths. All of them the same way. Fire.
Johnny: Alejandra…
Johnny (thought): I have to hurry, get back on her trail. I have to talk to her, convince her there is a better way to use the curse. Before it’s too late…
Johnny gets up from the table, and begins to gather his things. The TV at the bar, is the only sound in the almost empty bar.
TV: …plans for reconstruction have been estimated in the range of $50-$100million dollars, a sum the taxpayers would be hard pressed to meet in these trying times. However, the actions of one New York businessman, Mr. Nathaniel Moro may be the glimmer of hope for many now homeless New Yorkers.
Johnny (thought): Glimmer of hope? More like glimmer of gold. I don’t need to be a Rider to figure out this guys angle.

Mr. Moro is on the TV being interviewed
TV: I wanted to provide the people who have suffered during the Asgardian attack a chance to get their homes back, better than they were before. In this great city, everyone deserves a home they can be proud of. My investors and I want to give back to this city that has given us so much, especially in this time of need.
[Johnny looks at the TV disgusted.]
Johnny (thought): More like kick these people while they're down. Bunch of suited vultures moving in to clean up the mess. City is on it’s knees, and people like you know how to keep it there.
[Johnny throws the money he owes on the counter, and heads for the door. The TV still playing on his way out. Mr. Moro is still talking on the TV interview.]
TV: After everything that’s happened we’re all lost, we’re all trying to cope with what we have been through. Now is the time to figure out who we are, and figure out where we want to go from here.
Thank you for those inspiring words Mr. Moro. For Channel 5 News I’m---
Johnny (thought): I need to get back on her trail. I need to find her…

Alejandra is sitting on her bike in front of the St.Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. She is holding a newspaper in her hands. The headline reads “Nat Moro, New York’s Hero!”
Johnny (thought): ….before she finds someone else.
Alejandra(thought): I will find them all. All the sinners will be judged, the sinners…
[Alejandra transforms into the rider, the newspaper ignites in her hands.]
Alejandra(Rider Form): …SHALL BURN!


    That's the end of Issue 1. I really enjoy writing these fan-fiction's more than I originally thought i would. It is nice to have characters with ample history behind them to work with. I have started Issue 2, and should have it in a week or two. I write the fan-fiction in my spare time so releases of newer issues will vary. I will do my best to be as frequent as possible. Hope you guys enjoy it! Comment!

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