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Cosmic Comic Review #27! Red Hood and the Outlaws #6 and Shadowlines in stores now!

Hey there comic readers,

    If you do not know already I am there writer of an independently produced comic book called Shadowlines. Shadowlines is my first comic book and has already printed four issues. Today was a big day for my first comic as it premiered for sale on the shelves of Cyber City Comix in Toronto. I am hoping this is the first store of many and it will mark the beginning of my comic writing career. If you want to check out my comic, you can do so at I would love to get some feedback on my work so far as every review helps me grow as a writer. Enough about Shadowlines for now, let’s move onto this weeks comic review. We’ll start by taking a look at my pull list:

Comic Pull List: Feb/15/12


Batman #6
Captain Atom #6
Catwoman #6
Green Lantern Corps #6
Nightwing #6
Red Hood and the Outlaws #6


Amazing Spider-Man #679.1
Avenging Spider-Man #4
Uncanny X-Men #7
Venom 13.2

    I was a bit disappointed with my pulls this week. The only titles I thoroughly enjoyed were Batman, Red Hood, and Venom. As for the others, the stories ranged from O.K. to not particularly interesting. I think the biggest disappointment for me was Captain Atom, which up until issue 5 I was very much enjoying and interested in. A similar pattern is starting to take hold for me on Nightwing and Catwoman. I suppose this is to be expected with a pull list as large as mine, but at the same time it serves to remind me that sometimes consistency is hard to maintain even with good writers like Krul and Higgins. There is also the characters to consider in the equation, as my main motivation to pick up Nightwing was because of how much I enjoyed his time wearing the mantle of Batman. All in all, it was quite hit and miss for me this week, with the three issues I mentioned above standing well above the others in my eyes. Which brings me to my next problem. Which one should I review? It’s definitely a DC title, I am certain of that. But which title? Batman or his former protégée? Let’s not mix things up, they are both great issues, beautifully written and masterfully conveyed in terms of art. Both those creative teams did a FANTASTIC job. I think Snyder and Capullo will be getting enough attention with out the need for my contribution to the fanfare though. That’s right, this week I am taking a look at Red Hood and the Outlaws #6!

Red Hood and the Outlaws #6
Written by Scott Lobdell and Josh Williamson
Pencils by Kenneth Rocafort
Colors by Blond
Letters by Dezi Sienty

    Allow me to be clear on this first point, this issue is a must read. It is probably no secret to most comic readers that this title has been one of the most controversial of the New 52. Most who disliked this title were disappointed or upset with how Lobdell portrayed one of the main characters, Princess Koriand’r, better known as Starfire. Let me just state, that I did not have a problem with this series from the start, as the press releases before Issue #1 suggested that this title would not be child friendly. For me, since the beginning of Red Hood and the Outlaws, I saw past the “bikini-shot” heard around the world, and what I was left with was an unexpected team of former heroes that had come together for reasons unknown. Fast forward to the present, and the reason why I chose this title as my review for this month. This issue is the issue you need to read to understand the Jason-Starfire relationship. This is obviously something Lobdell has been building too since Issue #1. I could not be more pleased. The insight provided by this issue has definitely put to rest the lingering doubts I had while reading through #4 and #5. It is clear to me that Lobdell has weaved together a strong underlying motivation that draws these characters together as a team, and with Williamson on the dialogue you really get a sense of authenticity to these characters that doesn’t feel forced or out of character. Once again Rocafort delivers some beautiful pencils in this title, providing that smooth and polished art that I have come to love. The same can be said about Blond’s colouring on this issue, most notably the final pages which are amazingly done. Overall this is a back story issue, it gives answers to the important questions about the team that readers need to know. With the quality of writing shown to me in this issue, I for one am excited to continue following Jason’s team through the New 52. Check it out for yourself.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

- The writing team shows critics why Starfire is more than just eye candy in this issue, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
- The team’s history is beginning to piece together with this issue, this is the issue you need to read to understand why Jason has Starfire on the Outlaws.
- This issue shows me why Jason deserves his own title. Great Job Lobdell and Williamson
- The art team brings it all home with the best pages I have seen this week from DC. Simply amazing work.

Bad (Just so you know)
- As a back story issue, this issue is not action driven. If that’s what you came for you may come away disappointed.
- It is issue 6, but these events take place before issue 1. Again, it’s a look into the history of the team so don’t lose sight of the BIG picture here.

    That will wrap up this week’s comic review. Hope you had a great week and I will see you back here next week for more reviews and more comics. Until then, take care and happy reading!

Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra

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