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Cosmic Comic Review #28! The Flash #6 and Comic Sales this weekend!

Hey there comic readers,

    We have arrived at yet another glorious Wednesday, so to celebrate we shall indulge in the spoils of new comics that were released today. If you went to go check out Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance this past weekend, you have my sincerest apologies. That movie ticket could have been a much more productive evening. Let’s face it though, not many individuals expected that movie to be the break out hit of 2012. But enough about comic movie regrets, lets get to this week’s comic pull list:

Comic Pull List: Feb/22/12


All-Star Western #6
Aquaman #6
Batman The Dark Knight #6
Green Lantern New Guardians #6
The Flash #6
The Ray #3
Teen Titans #6


Secret Avengers #23
Wolverine and the X-Men #6
Venom #13.3

    In my opinion I had a pretty good selection this week. I was fairly disappointed with The Ray. I was interested in trying it out to give the character a shot, but as of right now he hasn’t doing anything that really keeps me interested. The stand out issues this week outside the review choice would have to be Teen Titans #6 and Venom #13.3. Lobdell is pretty consistent when it comes to the Teen Titans, each issue has been progressing well and keeping the action and information flowing perfectly. I am really excited to see the upcoming event involving them and Legion Lost. As for Venom #13.3, I am really surprised with this “Circle of Four” event. I will admit I was initially put off because it was a .1, .2, .3 event numbering. This issue definitely put those doubts to sleep with the ending, I am very excited to see how they will move forward with that development. Check ‘em out when you get a chance! For now we will be moving to this week’s review issue, the highly anticipated debut of Captain Cold in The Flash #6!

The Flash #6
Written by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Francis Manapul

     I have a buddy of mine who is hands down the biggest Flash buff I know. This guy knows EVERYTHING about the Flash. A walking Flash history book, hands down. For some unknown reason he decided that after Flashpoint, he was done with Flash. If you are reading this Mark….I demand you read my issues of the Flash. Demand it. This issue, was not at all what I expected when I envisioned the debut/return of Captain Cold. I absolutely love what Manapul and Buccellato did in this issue. Captain Cold is one of the most interesting villains I have encountered in the DC Universe and for me this issue completely did justice to him for his debut in the New 52. A warning to Flash fans, some changes have been made, but to their defense I think these changes put to rest a lot of debatable questions surrounding the Captain and his powers. If you haven’t seen Manapul’s new look for Captain Cold, you can find it easily online with a simple keyword search. Great new look for the Captain Cold, as the above picture will show. In earlier Flash reviews I have commented that I feel that Manapul's art is well matched with the young Barry Allen we follow in the story. I feel like this new look for Captain Cold further emphasizes this change. I feel like I am looking at a young Captain Cold, as opposed to the same Captain Cold I would have encountered in Flashpoint. The character's authenticity is further emphasized for me in the issue when we get a glimpse at his motivation. Loved it. The issue is paced in a style that shows events that have already happened and then retells them from different points in time. Manapul and Buccellato haven’t forgot about the Speedforce limitations they introduced last issue and assert them in this issue that really sets the mood for the battle to come. The issue comes to an awesome conclusion that had me wanting more. I am very happy with how this title is moving forward and am really excited to see the return of the rest of Flash’s rogues in the coming issues. If you are like my buddy Mark, a huge Flash fan still on the fence about jumping into the New 52, do yourself a favour and take the first step. Flash Fact, you won’t regret it.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5
- Captain Cold returns, still a big player among Flash’s rogue with a few new tricks up his sleeve
- The Speedforce dangers continue, love how the boys are working this threat into the story
- Flash is juggling his social life alongside his superhero life in this issue giving a nice build up moving into the next issue

- If I had to find a problem, it would be the pacing of the issue. Like I said it jumps back and forth in time, some readers may not like that style. 

    That is it for this week’s Cosmic Comic Review. Some quick news for any comic readers who live in the GTA. Cyber City Comix is having its monthly sale this weekend Feb 25/26th, so if you are looking for back issues, collectibles, manga, etc. it’s a great event to check out. Here are the details:

Cyber City Comix (Warehouse Sale)
855 Alness St., Unit 20
(Corner of Dolomite Dr and Alness St, 2 lights SOUTH of Steeles Ave W, off Dufferin St)
Sat Feb 25: 12pm-5pm
Sun Feb 26: 12pm-4pm
Cash Only!!!
416 667 7592

I will try to keep any comic store sales I come across posted on my blog. I will do a helpful reminder on my twitter as well, @Lucacosmic. The sales are for those living in the Toronto or GTA area, unless the stores offer their sales online. Websites will be provided if I know they do. Until next week, take care and happy reading!

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