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Cosmic Comic Review #21! Red Lanterns #5, first review of 2012!

Hey there comic readers,

    The first Wednesday of the 2012 has arrived, and as expected the first batch of new comics has made its way from my local comic shop to my house for some much anticipated reading and reviewing. So buckle up boys and girls, this is the first Cosmic Comic Review of 2012. Let’s take a quick look at my pull list for Jan 4/12:

Comic Pull List Jan 4/12
Dark Horse

The Goon #37


Action Comics #5
Batman Detective Comics #5
Red Lanterns #5
Stormwatch #5


Uncanny X-Men #4

    I really like the choices I had this week, it was a very tough call. All in all, it was a great way to start my comic reading year. Lots of action and great story in this week’s pull. Sadly, I can only review one comic so this week’s review will be on Red Lanterns #5!

Red Lanterns #5
Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Ed Benes & Diego Bernard
Colors by Nathan Eyring

    If you have read my previous review on Red Lanterns #4, you will see that I was very excited for how Milligan was directing the story. I really love an issue that sheds light on to the history of characters. When it comes to Red Lanterns, who are generally considered mindless, this opens a whole new world of possibilities for what can happen in this book. After this issue, we now see several sentient Red Lanterns. Atrocitus is no longer alone in his mission to enact a crusade of rage fuelled vengeance across the universe. The Red Lantern Corps just got a whole lot more interesting. Milligan definitely raised the bar in this issue, and has me so excited for what is to come. The addition of personal perspective and motivation among the Red Lantern Corps members adds a whole new dimension to Atrocitus’ corps. What were once mindless followers, is slowly becoming a group of cunning and merciless Red ring slingers who will actually question their leader. If you enjoy it when Hal goes A.W.O.L., imagine an A.W.O.L. Red Lantern. Did I mention we see a new Red Lantern too? From a little place in Sector 2814. Dex-Starr just got a partner. Don’t think I have forgot about the art in this issue, Benes and Bernard keep the action rolling with some beautiful pencils. From Ysmault, to flashbacks, to Red Lantern recruits, you are treated to some great panels from page to page. Eyring meets there skill with some impressive colors as well. I especially love Skallox’s flashback, notably the final scene. My only problem with this issue, involves the seemingly ignored member of the Red Lantern trio that was recently enlightened. I hope that Milligan will cover his back story as well soon, though it kind of frustrates me that it was not done this issue. Overall, I am very pleased with this issue and the promise of things to come from this title. Check it out!

Cosmic Rating: 4.5/5

- More Enlightened Lanterns
- A Corps no longer single minded. How will this effect Atrocitus?
- More Lantern Lore! New Red Lantern!

- Somewhat rushed pace, some flashbacks left unexplained. 
- Uneven spotlight.

    That will conclude the Cosmic Comic Review for this week. I hope that everyone had a great holiday and is ready to kickstart 2012 strong. Should be a big year for the Cosmic Comic Review as I have a lot of plans in store for improving the content and quality. I’ll do my best to keep providing enjoyable and informative reviews! Until next week, take care and happy reading.

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