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Cosmic Comic Review #23! Batman #5, & Shadowlines News!

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    A quick personal blog this week then straight into the comic review. I am currently finalizing the acquisition of tables for the Toronto Comic Cons on March 10-11 and April 14-15. At this comic-con I will be debuting the comic I have written known as Shadowlines. Other Shadowlines merch will be available as well, on top of the four issues that have been released so far. The Shadowlines Iphone game, should be available in the next few weeks on the Apple Store. The first version of the game is absolutely 100% FREE! A paid version will debut in the Spring. If Shadowlines interests you, and you live in the Toronto area, more information will be provided as I am informed. With that out of the way let’s check out my Pull List for the week of Jan/18/12:

Comic Pull List Jan/18/12


Batman #5
Captain Atom #5
Catwoman #5
Diablo #2
Green Lantern Corps #5
Nightwing #5
Red Hood and the Outlaws #5


Amazing Spider-Man #678
Avenging Spider-Man #3
Carnage U.S.A 2of5
Ghost Rider #8
Uncanny X-Men #5

    This week my choice for what to review was very much not debatable. This is not to say that the other comics were bad. I was pretty satisfied with my pulls this week, but this comic just made me completely rethink how a story can be delivered to the reader. Without further delay, this week I will be reviewing Batman #5.

Batman #5
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo

    It is not often that we get to see a vulnerable Batman. Over the years Batman has proven himself to be a master tactician, incredibly well organized, and someone who is capable of defeating even those who greatly outmatch him, mortal or immortal. In this issue we not only see Batman in a vulnerable situation, but we see him in a pathetic state that completely goes against this image of “Batman the Badass“. Scott Snyder breaks down the bat in a way that completely surpassed my expectations. Not only does he establish just how big a threat the “Court of Owls” is, but also how overwhelming they can be on their victims both mentally and physically. Batman is driven to depths we rarely see, and the comic portrays this desperate behaviour in a way that is not only believable but uses the art to place that dread on you, the reader. Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder have definitely proven that they are a formidable duo and deserve to be on this title. It is one thing to draw a character that is vulnerable and weak, but to use the comic medium in a way that the reader actually feels the confusion the character is experiencing, it is just another level of story telling. This issue is a visual experience. I have complete confidence that this issue is the best issue of 2012 to date to come out of DC. Batman #5 deserves to be read by comic fans, even if they have not been following this run. I very much look forward to what Snyder and Capullo have in store for us with issue 6 and beyond.

Cosmic Rating 5/5


- Snyder writes a Batman that is not only vulnerable, but broken down into the man that he really is. A Batman we rarely experience, done extremely well.

- Capullo sets the bar by making using the pages themselves to bring the reader into the story. A fantastic collaborative effort, worthy of praise and respect.

- This is an issue to read if you truly appreciate comic books. I would recommend that those not currently following Batman do so now, this issue will sell you on it.


- I honestly don’t know how issue 6 will be able to top this.

    That is it for this weeks review, thanks for reading and I will be back next week. If you have any comments or questions feel free to post them on my Facebook page or Twitter, both posted below. Until then, take care and happy reading!   

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