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Cosmic Review #12! DC Universe Online #14 and Venom #6!

Hey there fellow comic readers,

    Another long week has come and gone for myself. Between work and prepping for my upcoming trip comic reading and subsequent comic blogging has been severely delayed. Being the stoic and dedicated comic enthusiast I am, I have taken the time to power on through and get the Cosmic Comic Review completed for the week of August 17th 2011. A small note, I am going to attempt to get my last comic review this upcoming Wednesday (August 24) completed before I leave for Italy this Thursday. The review for the week of August 31 will be delayed on account of my vacation and will be made up by a double review the following week (Sept 7). To my fellow Torontonians I am sure this will not be a big deal on account of the fantastic FanExpo 2011 opening next weekend! I am sure there will be many things to do and see that shall keep them content enough to survive my absence. Terrible jokes aside let us continue with this week’s review. The title selection for this week are “DC Universe Online Legends #14” and “Venom #6”. Let us take a quick look at my Pull List and we will begin:

Pull List Aug/17/11

BOOM! Studios

Soldier Zero #11


Batman #713
Flashpoint: Abin Sur the Green Lantern #3
Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #3
Green Lantern Corps #63
DC Universe Online Legends #14


Fear Itself: Journey into Mystery #626
Spider Island: Spider Girl #1
Spider Island: Venom #6
Schism: Generation Hope #10

    One DC and one Marvel title on the review agenda this week, A little more on my “August effect” observation afterwards, for now, let’s begin.

DC Universe Online Legends #14

    This title essentially gives the reader insight into the story behind the DC Universe MMO currently available at your local game retailer or even online. I have been following this title for a while now and I must say it has definitely been taken to dark and interesting places right now. This issue is written by Tony Bedard, with art by Howard Porter. Throughout the series the writing has alternate between Bedard and Wolfman, and to their credit they have managed to take what is essentially a video game story and turn it into something quite entertaining. This issue in particular manages to showcase the cunning and calculated mind of Braniac along with the action-packed battle scenes involving the Justice League. I am very much hoping that this title will continue after the relaunch as I am excited to see how the story leads into the main plot of the videogame.  The art and writing of this series has been a joy to read and whether you play the game or not I would definitely recommend picking up these issues and start enjoying the action.

Cosmic Rating: 3.5/5

Spider Island: Venom #6

    Following the beginning of the Spider Island event, I was delighted to see how the Spider powered invasion of NYC had resonated within the Venom series. The writing of Remender does not disappoint, alongside the stellar art of Tom Fowler. We pick up just after the quarantine of NYC now bustling with wannabe wall crawlers, both good and evil. The government, seeking to contain the mayhem, dispatch our favourite symbiote soldier, Flash “Venom” Thompson. If you have been following the series and you have not picked up this issue, please reconsider. From the very first page it is full of non-stop action and drama. As expected Spider-Island has incorporated Venom perfectly and vice-versa. I had been looking forward to this issue as soon as I had heard about the event, and I am glad to see that Remender has not disappointed my expectations. I generally don’t seek to give any spoilers but let me give you just a tidbit with these two innocent words; Symbiote Dog. That’s the best I can do, if that does not convince you to at least check this issue out then I am afraid my review shall never change your opinion. The conclusion of this issue alone will definitely keep you coming back, I know it has me hooked. Overall, with writing and art this good who would not want to add Venom to their pull list immediately? Don’t try to answer that one, just do so immediately!

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

    That concludes the reviews for the week of August 17th 2011. Outside the Marvel and Boom titles I acquired this week, I cannot help but feel that the DC selection I had this week was very weak and uninteresting reads. I understand that the titles are being concluded in a sense for the upcoming revamp, but I feel like that is a poor excuse for what is being produced. The Flashpoint titles are definitely a disappointment, as they are in my opinion, very repetitive even across various titles. Hopefully the conclusion to Flashpoint does not follow this dismal pattern I have noticed and DC can exit the current universe strongly before entering the relaunch. On that note, I wish you all a good week and hopefully I will have a new CCR written up very soon. Until then, take care and happy reading!

Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra

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