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Cosmic Review #11! ASM #667 and War of the Green Lanterns:Aftermath #2!

Hey there fellow comic readers,

    Yet another week has come and gone. I sincerely hope that it has been enjoyable for all. This weekend I have the pleasure of saying that I shall be enjoying the company of good friends up north at a cottage, where plenty of fun and relaxation will surely be had. I also plan to fit in some light reading as well, but we will see what the weekend allows. This week the comic gods have smiled down upon us unveiling the beginning and conclusion of two series events on my pull list. Before we discuss that let us take a quick look at my “Pull List” for the week of  August 10, 2011.

Pull List Aug/10/11

BOOM! Studios

Starborn #9


Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3
Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #3
Booster Gold #47
Batman and Robin #26
Batman: 80 Page Giant 2011 (One-Shot)
War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #2


The Amazing Spider-Man #667
Fear Itself: The New Avengers #15
Fear Itself: Book Five

    A pretty solid list this week I would say. Between FI5, WoGL, and the latest ASM I was quite satisfied. For this week I decided to split it down the middle and review War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #2 and The Amazing Spider-Man #667. Let us begin by taking a look at the conclusion to the DC event epilogue.

War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #2

    This issue is definitely something to look into if you are curious as to where the series is headed in the upcoming reboot. Written by Tony Bedard with art by Ransom Getty and Andy Smith. As with the first issue this story arc covers the residual effects of the War of the Green Lanterns on the various members of the GLC. Understandably many members are not pleased with the result of the war and feel that the Guardians have for the most part left them in the dark about many important questions. This issue shows us a darker more irritable side of corps members. I enjoyed this issue for many reasons, but seeing as I am limited by spoilers I must keep my explanation painfully brief. Think of the worst week of your life having just happened, and the following week you find yourself so upset and desperate for change that you are willing to take control back into your hands, even if that means hurting people you care about along the way. Bedard creates an exceedingly tense atmosphere throughout the GLC that we rarely see, and the art of Getty and Smith carry that feeling through with great art. My only problem with this book was the lack of explanation for the 4 lanterns of 2814, as I feel all of them should have been covered compared to what was given. Overall I like the direction being taken in this book and am highly anticipating the relaunch to see how this theme is carried over and executed among the various GL titles.

Cosmic Rating: 4/5

The Amazing Spider-Man #667

    The event that Marvel enthusisasts have been waiting for has finally arrived, Spider-Island is here! Written by Dan Slott with art by Humberto Ramos, this issue is the start of something the veteran and newbie Spidey fans should check out without hesitation. As many previews show, imagine a NYC where Parker isn’t the only person with Spider powers. No we aren’t talking Venom or another clone here, though seeing either pop up in the story event would only make it more enjoyable, but rather criminals and normal citizens alike developing Spider powers of their own. Seems like a pretty simple concept, what is the harm in having more Spider-Men/Women in the world? Right? Wrong. Imagine those criminals I mentioned running around in various Spidey outfits (very enjoyable scenes) and friends and allies being put in danger and untrusting towards you. You can see how Spider-Island brings a whole mess of problems to the table. I really like how Slott starts off this event, good dialogue, a little bit of evil inspiration, and straight into an epic fight scene. Speaking of epic fight scenes, the art of Ramos definitely brings it home with some top-notch wall crawling action. I really enjoyed his art, as I felt that it simply jumped off the page at me. As you can plainly see there was very little I did not enjoy about this issue. The only thing I did not like was that it had to end! I will say that if you are new to comics, or curious about current Spider-Man now is definitely the time to jump in. With this kind of action and writing Spider-Island is an event that looks like it will be difficult not to enjoy, and with that I can safely say that I will be grabbing as many titles for this event as I can as it will definitely be an event to remember of this year. I think you can guess the rating for this comic.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

    That wraps up this week for the Cosmic Comic Review. I am going to state now that the week of the 24th I will be heading to Italy for a family event. I will be gone until the 5th of September. Right now I am debating if I will be doing a review that week of postponing a review until I get back, most likely doing a large review summing up the weeks I missed. It really will come down to how much time I find myself with so we shall see what happens. My apologies to anyone who may be upset with this news, rest assured I will come back well rested and ready to rock out some comic reviews, and read about 20 pounds worth of comic pulls. As for this weekend I look forward to the food, friends, and of course alcoholic consumption that will ensue. No worries, I never go overboard, but an intense game of beer-pong is definitely something I see occurring in my near future, don’t need spider-sense for that one. OHHHHH SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! Clever. Alright, enough idiocy for one post, I hope everyone a safe and happy weekend and I shall be back next week. Until then, take care and happy reading!

Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra

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