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Cosmic Review #7! X-Men Schism #1 & Green Lantern #67! Jul/13/11

Hey there fellow comic readers!

    I hope you are all having a fantastic week and nice and pumped for the weekend. Personally where I live the weather has been quite awesome for the past week and hoping it will continue to be great throughout the weekend. Late last week my transmission once again needed to be repaired, but to balance out that bit of bad luck I got a FULL-TIME job for the summer! Fantastic bit of luck indeed. Even though I am fortunate to be working full days once again, the comic review must be more punctual than this week I am afraid. I apologize for those awaiting my review, I have resolved to make sure that my reviews are posted every THURSDAY so as to give my followers insight into anything they may wish to pick up over the weekend that they did not the previous Wednesday. So that is my reasoning behind it, among other things, so let us remember to yell and scream at me should it be late in the future. Excellent. As for this week (July13/2011), I received a massive amount of books on my pull. I can not remember the last time I had so much to read in one sitting. Despite the seemingly impossible task, read them I did, and a good read it was. Let us get this review started by first looking over my PULL LIST for this week:

Pull List July/13/11

Batman: The Dark Knight #3
Flashpoint: Booster Gold #46
Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #2
Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #2
Green Lantern #67
Green Lantern Corps #61


The Amazing Spider Man #665
FF #6
Fear Itself: Journey Into Mystery # 625
Fear Itself: The New Avengers # 14
X-Men Schism #1

BOOM! Studios

Starborn #8

As I said earlier, this week’s pull was quite the haul. Despite the treasure trove of comic panel goodness, I must regrettably select only two titles off the available selection. For the review this week I shall be covering X-MEN SCHISM #1 and GREEN LANTERN #67.

X-Men Schism #1

    I have been highly anticipating this issue to hit the shelves. As you may or may not know, this “Schism” event has been referred to as the next phase of X-Men history. As the word suggests, this story line will end with the X-men team divided into two separate teams one led by Wolverine, and the other by Cyclops. Knowing this going in, the first issue was quite confusing in my opinion. This issue is written by Jason Aaron with art from Carlos Pacheco, Cam Smith, and Frank D’Armata. The first issue seemed to be somewhat slower than I would have liked. Though by the end of the issue we definitely are left with the ominous feeling expected of this story arc, I am also left with quite a bit of questions regarding how exactly the team or teams will react to it. I am very much anticipating how Schism will showcase the relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops, along with their respective influence over the mutants of Utopia. Page for page I really enjoy the art from Pacheco, and I look forward to some massive battle art from him in the future of this story. As stated, the direction Aaron is taking with issue #1 left me somewhat confused and quite curious, but given the introduction I feel that Schism will definitely offer something intriguing to even the most resolute skeptic. The X-Men are no strangers to “hate” but I think it is interesting to see how the resolve of a team is tested in moments of high tension and life or death decisions. I think “Schism” will have plenty of that to offer it’s readers and I look forward to seeing it play out.

Cosmic Rating: 4/5

Green Lantern #67

    This issue was the conclusion to the “War of the Green Lanterns” story arc, and I think the best way to explain my reaction to this issue is through sequence: Excitement -> Confusion -> Disappointment -> Excitement -> Stunned. Written by none other than Geoff Johns, with art by Doug Mahnke, along with a large host of others. When we left issue #66 we see Krona along with the Entity possessed Guardians engaging in an “end it all” brawl with Hal, Guy, Kyle, John and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. You can see why I was pumped to get started on this issue. As anticipated, Mahnke’s art brings this Technicolor filled battle for the universe to life in a way that is nothing short of spectacular. Page for page I was treated to some fantastic images. As for the writing, I feel like this fight could have been stretched across another issue. Call me selfish if you wish, but I feel that the confrontation of this issue was rushed. But as the sequence suggest my confusion and disappointed quickly melted away with the page turning stunner that hit me head on. The last few pages of the issue was quite the shocker, and definitely leaves me wondering  what direction Johns will decide to take not only in issue #68, but into the last issues before the DCU revamp this September. All in all, I must say that this issue is a definite pick up for GL fans who have not yet. This is not an issue you will want to leave sitting on the shelf for long.

Cosmic Rating: 5/5

    That concludes the reviews for this week. All in all, good week and good reads. I could not be more satisfied, though I do hope next week will be just as spectacular. Here is hoping that everyone reading has a similar attitude and until next week, take care and happy reading!

Luca “Joriko” Baldassarra

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