Thursday, June 2, 2011

COMIC REVIEW #1 -> Pull List June/1/11 : FLASH FACTS and FEAR ITSELF

 Hey there guys and gals,

Just finished reading my pulls for this week and I must say these current events are throwing my mind all sorts of directions. Before I begin let's get some formalities out of the way, here is what I pulled this week:

Flashpoint #2
Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance #1
Flashpoint: Abin Sur The Green Lantern #1
World of Flashpoint
Batman #710
Batman Beyond #6
DC Universe Online Legends #9

Fear Itself #3
The Amazing Spiderman #663

Now that we have taken care of that let us get to my review of Flashpoint(s) and Fear Itself! My biggest problem with Flashpoint seems to have an awful lot of titles attached. Some coverage is fine in my opinion, but the total 22 attached titles just seems a bit absurd. I get that the entire DCU was completely effected by the tampering of Reverse-Flash....but c'mon....I didn't realize the Negative Speed Force found a way to influence my bank account too. All jokes aside, I took a long time to narrow down my list of titles for the Flashpoint pulls I added at my local comic shop, but I may be suckered into grabbing a few more if the people I normally chat up can convince me. All in all, after reading the Flashpoint titles on this pull, I am not too impressed with Johns' work so far.

In Batman Knight of Vengeance I found myself pondering more about the question of "how?" rather than "why?". I mean how is it that Mr.Wayne became Batman, yet could be so different from regular DCU Batman. In Abin Sur, I think my interpretation of Abin, the undisputed greatest Green Lantern BEFORE Hal Jordan, became somewhat twisted. It seems to me that the Abin Sur I came to understand in Johns' run on Green Lantern: Secret Origin, was given a much darker tone if only to fit in with the World of Flashpoint. As for Flashpoint #2, I enjoyed the dialogue between Batman and Barry, but I just wasn't too thrilled by the rest of the issue. Also, I must admit I kind of expected the ending, it just seemed to me as too obvious of a solution to go down smoothly. So what should you take from this? Let me offer some perspective to this overly negative review. This is only the second issue and as such means the story is still in its infancy. As a rule of thumb I like to reserve my definitive judgement to the 5th and 10th issues. By then I feel that if Johns has not done a good enough job to impress me as a reader, then I will have obtained abundant evidence to support that conclusion. So here it is, my review of Flashpoint ladies and gentleman, I am going to slap down the 5/10issue stamp on it and keep my head up high for the next round.

Alright Marvel fans, you've been pretty patient and I thank you for that. Let's get to the golden egg of this review, FEAR ITSELF #3! All I have to say about this issue is, wow...Wow....WOW! What an ending. I literally read this issue twice to make sure I did not miss a single page. However, let's take this back to the ground level. Despite the goosebump inducing panels, this issue was much of the same thing in different places. I must hand it to Marvel though, when they said Fear Itself would change everything they were not kidding. I am definitely looking forward to Issue #4 though I really, really, really hate that we have to wait an entire month to get it. I suppose this is the price we pay for getting suckered into another world changing Marvel event. I still like the new Odin though.

Alright then, that's all I got for this review. I hope I did a good job not giving away too much while providing enough info for your inquisitive minds. Not true you say? POST IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! I am always open to some discussion, criticism, fancy praises/insults, whatever the Internet deems me worthy of this fine week. Don't forget X-Men First Class hits theatres tomorrow, as well for those interested Heroescon 2011 goes down this weekend as well, SO ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

Until next time, Happy Reading!

Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra

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