Thursday, June 9, 2011

COMIC REVIEW #2 -> Pull List June/8/11 : MORE FLASHPOINT! Emperor Aquaman and Citizen Cold!

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Guess who is back for Comic Review #2! That's right your old pal Joriko is going to give you his magnificent and totally relevant insight on some more Flashpoint comics! First however let me give you some insight into what I picked up yesterday:

Batman and Robin #24
Batman Arkham City #2
Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #1
Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #1
Flashpoint: Booster Gold #45

The New Avengers #13
Fear Itself: Journey into Mystery #624

BOOM! Studios
Starborn #7

Dark Horse Comics
Star Wars: The Old Republic #1

Now that we have that taken care of let us begin with the review of TWO Flashpoint titles, Emperor Aquaman #1 and Citizen Cold #1!

Emperor Aquaman #1

     I am very pleased that I decided to put this title on my pull. Tony Bedard has definitely given me something to look forward to as we are given a look at a very dark and calculating Aquaman. In the world of Flashpoint, the king of the seas is definitely not the person you expect in the regular DCU. Here we see a very aggressive Aquaman dealing with the same problems of global pollution in his ocean kingdom, but with a very different solution. I wish I could say more about this comic without spoiling it but I got to say, if you are thinking about jumping into Flashpoint, I highly recommend this title as it's initial impression has been the best I have read so far. Be advised that this also ties into the Atlantean-Amazonian War taking place in the world of Flashpoint, so if any of you wish to learn more about that story within Flashpoint then this title is a must.

Citizen Cold #1

     This title was quite the opposite experience for me compared to Emperor Aquaman. I was curious to see what relevance "Citizen" Cold would play in the world of Flashpoint. This title is written by Scott Kolins. Obviously as one of Flash's rogues his contribution may prove to be significant to the story of Flashpoint, however as for writing something that served to pull me in by the end of the first issue, I would have to say that Kolins did not produce. It just seems to me that this Cold differs very little from the regular DCU Cold. A change of scenery (or time space?) has not done much for Cold. Though I will say that I will still be moving onto issue #2 as Kolins has setup a somewhat interesting story involving Cold and the other Flash Rogue Gallery, however my hopes are not as high as they could be. All in all, I would say this mini is for the Flash fans, the ones that crave a story starring their favorite Flash Rogues and should be reflected upon by anyone not of this opinion.

Alright everyone! That's the reviews for today, hope you all enjoyed em' and they have served to meet your curiosity for this weeks picks. As always you can let me know what you would like to see reviewed or any comment of questions you may have. Until next week, take care and keep reading!

Luca "Joriko" Baldassarra

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